Friday, November 28, 2008

Sheldon's Mission Call

Well, today was the big opening of Sheldon's mission call. He is my youngest brother and the youngest sibling of ten of us kids. All of my brothers served missions, either foreign or foreign speaking. I served in Los Angeles and was also at the Visitors' Center there. Darrell went to the Dominican Republic, Daniel to Arcadia, California Mandarin speaking, Sam to Australia, and Roger to Guatemala. And my brothers who went overseas all got sick too. SO, hopefully Sheldon won't follow suit there.

BUT he did follow suit as to going foreign and foreign speaking. Sheldon is going to: Milan, Italy! Yeah! He will serve for two years as a missionary and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the people there. In February, he will go to the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah for a couple of months to get a jump on Italian and to refine his skills in sharing the gospel. We are so excited for him! Congratulations Sheldon!


Lisa and company said...

Very cool!!!! Eric Durrant served his mission in Italy too.
I am sure Sheldon will be a fantastic missionary.

Kelly said...

Yeah for new missionaries! I wanted to serve in Europe - but then I wouldn't have met you :)

Millie said...

Hello my dear!!!! Thanks so much for posting comments on my blog. I am so bad about updating and checking. =) My cousin, Kathy, served in Milan. That's so exciting about Sheldon. Like Kelly, I too wanted to go to Europe, but again, I have to agree with her, I'm grateful I didn't. I wouldn't trade the CLAM for the world!!! Love you!

Kelly said...

Good old Kathy! I"m so excited she's getting married. are you going to the reception Millie?