Sunday, October 24, 2010

Parent Teacher Conferences

It was a short school week last week due to parent teacher conferences.  The night of conferences we all went to the school playground and Lee took Cal in first, then Clark.  The boys are doing well in school!  Clark is reading 100 words per minute and Cal is doing well with the first reader-type books. And for the record Shanna and Haley love the preschool they attend.  I switch with four other moms in my church.  We take turns teaching twice a week at our homes.  I will be teaching this week.  I love this paper Clark wrote at school a couple of weeks ago:

October 2010 Clark Paper

I am glad he likes math!

Last week I somehow got strep throat and now Haley and Clark have it too. I was hoping that just I would have it and no one else since I was able to get started on some medicine fairly soon.  Well, now I hope the other kids get it right away so we can just treat them and get it over with.  Last year we all got strep, but over a course of 2-3 weeks. 

On Monday we were Boo'ed twice.  Some people rang our doorbell and left treats.  Thanks!

On Thursday we had an exciting time at our house.  Check out Lee's blog for the details.

Friday night we had some friends over to play games, Craig & Tami and kids. We had a great time with them and played three different games. (We didn't know that anyone else had strep till Saturday. Hope you guys don't get sick!) Saturday night we were going to have some neighbors over for a marshmallow roast, but with Haley sick, and possibly other children unknowingly sick, we canceled (we found out Sunday morning about Clark). We went ahead and did our own.   
Oct 23 2010 Fire Lee Clark

Oct 23 2010 Clark Lee Shanna

Oct 23 2010 Haley

Oct 23 2010 Cal Haley Elden

Oct 23 2010 Elden

Oct 23 2010 Elden (2)

Oct 23 2010 Clark

Monday, October 18, 2010


We finished our personal finance class yesterday at church.  We will probably teach it again in February or so. Lee and I really enjoyed it and I am glad I had him teach with me.  He did a great job. We really enjoyed hearing a few things from class members about how they started a budget, or canceled cable, or whatever.  VERY FUN! 

I have been thinking about Christmas lately and strangely have a desire to get started on some gifts and Christmas cards! Hopefully December will be a fairly calm month this year!

Today Elden went in for a well baby check-up.  He got his 15-18 month immunizations and flu shot, and I completed my Hep A (I believe) series, plus took the flu nasal spray.  I need to remember that the middle of January I need to go in to complete my Hep B series. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Home again, home again

We are all settled back in to "normal" life after our trip.  It was very nice that Lee had Monday off because of Columbus Day (thanks Columbus!).  I think we are caught up on homework for the kids....

Friday night we had an outdoor dinner and movie.  I think we'll do this a few more times before Winter settles in.
Oct 15 2010 Family Movie Night

We have been having great weather lately.  Yesterday was no exception.  SO GORGEOUS!
Oct 16 2010 Shanna Elden Clark Ana Cal Sam Player

Oct 16 2010 Shanna Cal Elden

Oct 16 2010 Shanna Elden

Oct 16 2010 Shanna

Though he may not look it, Elden is a little underweight.  Well, quite a bit under weight.  He's gained about a pound in 2-3 months.  Not good.  Our pediatrician gave him some Pediasure samples.  He liked the strawberry one okay, but doesn't care for the vanilla or chocolate.  I bought some Carnation Instant Breakfast powder stuff (chocolate) and he likes that pretty well.  We are also trying out some other high fat/healthy stuff with him.  We know he doesn't like cottage cheese!  He does like avacados fairly well, though he had them at Grandma Robertson's house, and not here. Anyway, we're hoping he can pack on a few pounds! (We'll have to throw in some ice cream too!) I am also going to have to make sure that he stays nice and warm this winter so he doesn't waste calories trying to keep himself warm. And since I am on an Elden update, he is walking more and more.  He still prefers crawling, but practices walking fairly often.  Go ELDEN!  He could have gone to nursery a month ago!  But since he isn't walking yet, we decided to wait to put him in. But I think come November 11th, we'll put him in no matter his mobility status.
Oct 16 2010 Elden

Haley is getting really good at riding a scooter.  She loves it!!! She may be getting a pink one for Christmas...
Oct 16 2010 Haley

Oct 16 2010 Haley (2)

Oct 16 2010 Haley (3)

Oct 16 2010 Cal Clark

Our kids are lucky...they have a dad that can fix bikes, touch his nose with his tongue, play pretend eating bull and......has roller blades!
Oct 16 2010 Haley Lee

I think Shanna is missing Kirsten...
Oct 16 2010 Shanna (2)

Oct 16 2010 Elden (2)

No better thing: a good book on a nice day....
Oct 16 2010 Cal

Yet again, have a wonderful week!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

The kindergartners went on their annual pumpkin patch trip this Tuesday.  With some arranging, I was able to go with Cal.  We both had a great time.  Thanks Sarah for letting me ride with you, and thanks Andrea, Christina, Kristi, Sam and Jenny for watching my kids!  You'd think I had 12 kids with all the babysitters.

Cal's first school bus ride!
Oct 12 2010 Cal Pumpkin Patch Licking, MO

The play area at the pumpkin patch.
Oct 12 2010 Cal Pumpkin Patch Licking, MO & Jacob G

Cal LOVED the "corn" pit.
Oct 12 2010 Cal Pumpkin Patch Licking, MO (2)

Oct 12 2010 Cal Pumpkin Patch Licking, MO (3)

Oct 12 2010 Cal Pumpkin Patch Licking, MO (4)

Oct 12 2010 Cal Pumpkin Patch Licking, MO (5)

The kids got to choose two small pumpkins or one big one.  It was fun that it was an actual "patch" that we visited.  Some of the pumpkins were still on their "vine".  And something else I loved, I got to go for free.  I only had to pay if I bought a pumpkin.  Yay for an extra $5 in the budget that I wasn't planning on!
Oct 12 2010 Cal Pumpkin Patch Licking, MO (6)

Oct 12 2010 Cal Pumpkin Patch Licking, MO (7), with kindergarten class, Ms. Buettner

Oct 12 2010 Cal Pumpkin Patch Licking, MO (8)

Oct 12 2010 Cal Pumpkin Patch Licking, MO (9)

Oct 12 2010 Cal Pumpkin Patch Licking, MO (10)

Oct 12 2010 Cal Pumpkin Patch Licking, MO (11)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We recently got back from a wonderful West trip.  We hadn't been to Nevada for two years and wanted to see Lee's family.  For the big Bartholomew reunion this year it centered around my Grandma's 90th birthday.  We decided to make it all one big trip, going to the reunion and to Nevada.

We were off on our trip at 3:31am and stopped first in Colorado to visit Lee's brother Keith and his family.  We enjoyed our visit and Maddy made some amazing brownies!

They have two dogs.  Elden loved them both! 
Sept 30 2010 Elden and Chloe

Sept 30 2010 Emma Cal Clark

Oct 30 2010 Elden in toy box

The next day we were early again (though not as early as the previous day) and headed into good ol' Utah.
Oct 1 2010 Elden in Utah

Oct 1 2010 hike up mountain

Oct 1 2010

Oct 1 2010 Clark Elden

I love the desert canyon views.  Breathtaking!
Oct 1 2010 Utah 

Oct 1 2010 Utah views

We stopped at Cove Fort, Utah.  Ira Hinckely, grandfather of Gordon B. Hinckley's (former prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) was asked to go and build/settle Cove Fort.  My mom told me (which I told my kids at Cove Fort) that my great-grandpa would go to Cove Fort when he was 10.  He was on his way to sell/trade vegetables and would spend the night there.  Only 10.  All by himself.  I don't think my kids fully took in the story.

Cal in the house Ira Hinckley lived in.  The house was somewhere else in Utah, but they moved it down to Cove Fort for display.
Oct 1 2010 Cove Fort Cal in Ira Hinkley house

The Fort!
Oct 1 2010 Cove Fort

Oct 1 2010 Cove Fort (2)

Oct 1 2010 Cove Fort (3)

Oct 1 2010 Cove Fort (4)

The senior missionary gave us some apples from the apple trees.
Oct 1 2010 apples from Cove Fort

Ira Hinckley's house in the background.
Oct 1 2010 Shanna Haley

The next day was the Bartholomew Reunion.  Her is my lovely grandma.  Happy 90th birthday Grandma!
Oct 2 2010 Ruth Elden Grandma Lena Bartholomew

Family meeting, my cousin Greg and my amazing Aunt Anna Lee.  She cares for my grandma right now and she does a fabulous job!  My siblings would be proud...the meeting started a 1/2 hour late.
Oct 2 2010 Greg Bartholomew, Anna Lee Chamberlain

Oct 2 2010 family reunions

The oh-so-cool Gerlas!
Oct 2 2010 Steph and Andy Gerla

We had a silent shoe box auction.  We have a family fund and just about every year there is some sort of auction to raise money for the fund (which is used for missionaries, weddings, etc.) This year it was a shoebox auction...put together some items in a shoebox.  Darrell and I (mainly Darrell!) did a travel shoebox, complete with a GPS, pocket atlas, Hot Wheel cars, goodies, and a word find.  There was actually something else or two in it but I can't remember.

My bro Sam with Kent and Cindy.  We spent the night at Kent and Cindy's prior to the reunion.  They have such a great yard and a cute house.  They went all out to make us feel like PAMPERED guests. What a great couple they are!
Oct 2 2010 Sam, Kent & Cindy Chamberlain

I need to work on my posture.  Shawna's is great!
Oct 2 2010 Ruth Shawna, Grandma, Darrell, etc.

The wonderful new couple!
Oct 2 2010 Shawna Sam

My cousin Stacey thought of the neatest activity.  She had clothespins hid all over the park/clubhouse area.  When a child found a clothespin he/she could redeem it for a prize.  They loved it!
Oct 2 2010 Haley Shanna

Oct 2 2010 Cal

Lee couldn't resist. 
Oct 2 2010 Lee

Actually, Haley was really hungry and wanted something to eat.  Awww..what dad's will do for their girls.
Oct 2 2010 Lee (2)

Cal got one too...though I am not sure how, exactly.
Oct 2 2010 Cal (2)

Oct 2 2010 Shanna

Water balloon toss.  We definitely lost.
Oct 2 2010 water balloon toss

The weather was gorgeous and we had such a great time!  Linda, Stacey, Dana, Sylvia and anyone else did such a great job with everything and the lunch was so good! 

After the reunion, yep--on the road again, we drove up to Ely, Nevada.  We caught basically the last half of the 2nd session of conference on our drive.  As soon as we got there we dropped Lee off at the church so he could go to the Priesthood session of general conference.  I needed to get some milk for Elden so we swung over to the grocery store.  Cal had to go to the bathroom so I just made it a family affair.  Right after Cal was done he conveniently threw up in the toilet.  Poor kid.  I am glad he timed it right! When we arrived at Lee's parents' house, a yummy dinner was awaiting us.  Lee's sister Sue drove five hours to say hello to us, and she of course was already there.  Our kids had a great time together!!!  We enjoyed a few family dinners and conversations together with Kent, Saundra, Nathan and Seth.  It was great seeing all of you!

The much loved cousin Nathan works at the Nevada Northern Railway and gave us and then the guys a great tour.

Nathan's biggest fan. 
Oct 4 2010 Shanna train

Oct 4 2010 Haley train

Oct 4 2010 with Nathan Robertson

Oct 4 2010 with Nathan

Oct 4 2010 Ruth Elden Don Robertson

They do haunted trainrides every weekend in October.  That sounds like a lot of fun!  Check it out:
Oct 4 2010 on passenger car

The private tour....
Oct 4 2010 Clark Cal

Oct 4 2010 Clark Cal again

From what I heard, this is a big snow blower-remover type thing.  It's huge!
Oct 4 2010 Cal Clark snowblower

Oct 4 2010 railroad

Oct 4 2010 Lee Cal

Oct 4 2010 Train gift shop

Oct 4 2010 Northern Nevada Train

That night Lee took me and then Clark and Shanna on rides around the neighborhood.  Clark LOVED it.
Oct 4 2010 Clark Lee

Oct 4 2010 Clark Lee in Ely

Oct 4 2010 Clark and Lee

We wished we could have seen more people in Ely, but our biggest regret was not seeing the Jacobsons.  Hopefully next time!

After a couple of days in Ely we headed over to Utah again. 
Oct 5 2010 Cal Clark salt on the salt flats

Oct 5 2010 Haley Cal Clark

We met up with my friend--the first sister I trained on my mission at Temple Square.
Oct 5 2010 Clark Cal Haley Shanna Kelsey Ann, Temple Square

Oct 5 2010 Temple Square

Cal in front of the Salt Lake Temple
Oct 5 2010 Cal

Cal in front of the replica of the Salt Lake Temple.  Wow, that replica is amazing!
Oct 5 2010 Cal in front on Salt Lake Temple replica

All of us in front of the beautiful Salt Lake Temple. Check out temples here:  Click on Temples on the side bar, then click to the 2nd page of movies for a clip on "Blessings of the Temple".
Oct 5 2010 Salt Lake Temple

My first hija!  She survived me!  I loved seeing you Kristin!

Oct 5 2010 Kristin Jaussi and Ruth Temple Square

The Conference Center where many functions are held, such as General Conference.
Oct 5 2010 Conference Center

Oct 5 2010 Cal Haley

Next stop, Provo.  We had a great time visiting with Steph and Andy. Steph even used precious vacation time and took a day off to spend with us! They spoiled us!
Oct 6 2010 Park in Provo

Oct 6 2010 Clark Elden Steph Shanna

Oct 6 2010 Shanna

Oct 6 2010 Clark Cal

YUM...the Creamery on 9th!
Oct 6 2010 BYU Creamery Lee Elden

Oct 6 2010 BYU Creamery Haley

BYU Bookstore.  Oh so fun!
Oct 6 2010 Haley Steph Shanna, BYU Bookstore

Our second full day (and last) in Provo we ran into Damon while we were out on campus. He tagged along with us to the Cougareat while we ate our lunch (thanks for the yummy food Steph!) and then we walked over with him to see where his upcoming class was located. We had a fun visit.
Oct 7 2010 Damon Robertson Clark Haley Lee BYU Campus

Oct 7 2010 Lee Damon Clark

Oct 7 2010 Haley Cal Shanna

A picture for my friend Kristi.  I was nice and didn't get one, ha ha.
Oct 7 2010 Ruth and Wilk

A cute landscaped area close to the bell tower. BYU is one of our favorite places to visit.  We loved just being there. Besides, we need to show our kids their future university, right?!
Oct 7 2010 Cal by BYU bell tower

Oct 7 2010 BYU

Oct 7 2010

Oct 7 2010 Elden

Steph and Andy opened their home (one very cute apartment, by the way) to some of Lee's nieces and nephews.  We invited them over for dinner and enjoyed more great family time!
Oct 7 2010 Collin & Sara Dean, Eric & Hanna Caldwell, Lee Ruth Elden, Chelsie & Damon Robertson

Lee and I swapped turns and went to the Provo Temple.  Lee got to walk by the room where we were married!  After I went to the temple, I realized I forgot my earrings in a locker.  While I was waiting for a sister to get a master key (the current locker occupant was off doing temple work somewhere) I saw some sister missionaries.  Not a big surprise as a big Missionary Training Center is across the street from the Provo Temple.  Two of them were going to Kirtland, Ohio to be missionaries at a visitors' center there, and the other two were going to be missionaries in Los Angeles and at the LA Temple visitors' center!!! How fun!  That is where I served my mission!

This temple has a special place in our hearts!
Oct 8 2010 Provo Temple

Time in Provo, and everywhere else for that matter, was too short.  I wish we could have seen more family and friends. Hopefully next time we can see you! The only thing that was long was Clark and Cal missing seven days of school....

We stopped at Little America in Cheyenne, Wyoming for an ice cream cone.  I stopped here many times as a child as we journeyed in our 15 passenger van from Wisconsin or Minnesota for the yearly Utah trip to see family.  Cones way back when were only $0.25. 
Oct 8 2010 Lee Shanna Haley Clark Cal Little America Chyenne, WY

The bathrooms.  I wished they still had the powdered soap.  Oh well.
Oct 8 2010 Little America

Remember how you walked in and then to your right the short hallway led to a cafe type place? No more. Unless I am remembering the other Little America on the other side of Wyoming...
Oct 8 2010 Little America (2)

Our last stop was Sam and Shawn's in Colorado. We've never been to their condo, until now of course.  Shawna had a great dinner waiting for us and Sam spoiled the kids.  We had a great time there!
Oct 8 2010 Elden Clark Cal, at Sam's Westminster CO

Clark loves the wii.  Not sure if we should get one because of that!
Oct 8 2010 Cal and Clark and wii

Shanna loves Uncle Sam and Aunt Shawna!
Oct 8 2010 Shawna Shanna Sam

We had a great trip back and forth and arrived home safely.  Our van has several thousand more miles and our family has more great memories and pictures to look back on.

We didn't know that Knob Noster existed in Missouri.  Too cool.
Oct 9 2010

We wish the trip could have been longer.........