Monday, October 23, 2017

Fall Fun

This fall has been lovely!  And what has been lovely about it....warm weather! I have been LOVING it! 

A weekend in October our town had a craft fair on one of the main streets.  We went down to walk around and see the wares.  I loved this "Love" sign they made.  Very fitting for Virginia is for Lovers.
Oct 21 2017 (2)

Oct 21 2017 (3)

Oct 21 2017 (4)

Oct 21 2017 (5)

No more am I holding jackets or blankets....but bikes.
Oct 21 2017 (6)

That afternoon after Lee was done with work we drove down to Greenville, North Carolina for a BYU game.  We met up with our friends, the Petersons.  We first went to a fun BBQ restaurant, then headed to the game.  Clark didn't come as he decided to go to a band competition instead.  I wish he would have come with us, but we let him decide which event to go to.
Oct 21 2017 (7)

There were lots of grasshoppers in the stadium.  Shanna found one and held it for a long time.
Oct 21 2017 (8)

And Elden liked holding the big pinecone.
Oct 21 2017 (9)

It was fun for all of us all around that we had friends at the game.
Oct 21 2017 BYU vs ECU Greenville NC (2)

Oct 21 2017 BYU vs ECU Greenville NC (3)

Oct 21 2017 BYU vs ECU Greenville NC (5)

Me and my friend Katherine.
Oct 21 2017 BYU vs ECU Greenville NC (6)

Oct 21 2017 BYU vs ECU Greenville NC (7)

Oct 21 2017 BYU vs ECU Greenville NC (8)

Oct 21 2017 BYU vs ECU Greenville NC (10)

We went to Wendy's afterwards.  The inside was closed so we went through the drive through and headed home.  Lee drove till about 12:30, then I drove the rest of the way home.  I was hooked into the Harry Potty story, #5.  We got home about 4am.  The bishop wanted to meet with me at 7am at my house as he was on his way out of town.  We didn't get much sleep that night!  After church we didn't take naps either.  I don't do well with naps.  I sleep too long and then just want to keep sleeping so I try to avoid them. It was a fun trip though down to NC!  Sadly, BYU lost.  Rats.
Oct 21 2017 BYU vs ECU Greenville NC (13)

Haley has some inches on Shanna!
Oct 21 2017

I was the old Cubmaster, and am now in Primary and the Scout Committee Chair.  Elden's new cubmaster is awesome!  Look at this cool pack meeting.  And they made a bow and arrows for each boy.  So cool
Oct 25 2017 (2)

Oct 25 2017 (3)

Oct 25 2017 (4)

Oct 25 2017

We went to Clark's last marching band performance.  They did a great job.  I went to all of his home game performances.  It was pretty funny...we would walk in, watch the performance, then leave.  Lee stayed for the first game.  This last game we actually got in for free which was awesome!
Oct 27 2017 (2)

Clark is front and center-ish.
Oct 27 2017 (3)

Oct 27 2017 (5)

Oct 27 2017 (6)

It's been a busy, fun filled fall.  I also made new pillows covers.  I love the pattern! 
Oct 28 2017 (3)

And this is the same room...different shot, haha.  You never know the full story. The dining area was even worse.  Such a mess.  Lee had already cleaned up some. And we actually carved pumpkins this year AND before Halloween!  The pumpkins were only $1 each.  Sweet! 
Oct 28 2017 (2)

Saturday, October 21, 2017

New Babies

We had some new babies join the family!  Two of my sisters had little boys recently.  And get this, my parents now have 20 grandsons and 20 granddaughters!  Isn't that so cool?!  I haven't met one of my nephews, but will next week at Thanksgiving.  Super excited! I was able to meet the other nephew, which was really fun. 

But as always, first are the random happenings.  Field trip season started up!  I went with Elden to the Creative Works Farm.  It was a warm, muggy day and I wish the weather was still like that!
Oct 11 2017 (2)

One fun part was looking for clues in a corn maze.
Oct 11 2017 (3)

Oct 11 2017 (4)
Once you found all the clues it gave you a key word so you could open the treasure box and get a prize.
Oct 11 2017 (5)

Oct 11 2017 (6)

Oct 11 2017 (7)

Oct 11 2017 (8)

One of our many eat-dinner-in-the-parking-lot dinners.
Oct 11 2017 (10)

Haley created this beauty.  She told me, "This is how I look when I am sleeping."  Haha, love it!
Oct 11 2017

We've bought glasses for Lee to hand out at Halloween.  Clark's seminary teacher gave them all some and that's where I go the idea.  The kids are part of the Dobby fan club...
Oct 12 2017

We hand out 600 "pieces" at Halloween--well Lee does at his office for the downtown Trick-or-Treating.  That's 75 packages of glasses!  I found about 30ish, and my friend Katherine's mom found about 38!!!!  She mailed them from Arizona and saved the day.
Oct 14 2017 (13)

One night there was a potluck for band members and families before the Homecoming game.
Oct 13 2017 (2)

Clark had a great marching band season.  Their them was Pirates this year.
Oct 13 2017

Haley finished off her soccer season.  I think she really enjoyed it.  I loved that it was so convenient.  Many times she just took herself to and from practice.
Oct 14 2017

Oct 14 2017 (2)

Red and sweaty! 
Oct 14 2017 (3)

My parents stopped for a brief visit.  They were on their way back home from...somewhere!  Can't keep up with their many travels!
Oct 14 2017 (5)

Cal moved the trampoline by the juniper bush.  The kids had tons of fun jumping off of it.  The creativity when the yard is tiny.
Oct 14 2017 (6)

I posted some pictures of these and Lee commented: "Looks dangerous.  Nice!"  Ha ha. Trying to let boys be boys!

Oct 14 2017 (7)

Oct 14 2017 (8)

My parents sweet ride!  My dad let me drive their new Subaru to pick up Clark from the high school.
Oct 14 2017 (9)

Oct 14 2017 (11)

Shanna and Haley got in on the fun as well.  Sadly no pictures of Haley.
Oct 14 2017 (12)

See that big, white freezer?  Well we bought an upright freezer!  Pretty exciting!  But that meant getting rid of the old one and rearranging the laundry room.  Our friends generously gave it to us for free.  We had it for several years and a few months back the lid broke.  Not sure how to explain it properly but anyway, time for a new freezer.  And we wanted a stand-up one.  It's funny, I remember when we got the chest freezer that I was worried about our utility bill going up with another appliance.  Ahhh...the days when we first moved here and I was stressed about money...and the lack of it. Back to the freezer.  Even before the freezer came the laundry room was a big mess.  Moving stuff around made it messier.  Like most organizing projects I thought about it for weeks.  No joke.  Finally when Lee was at a vision conference one weekend I surprised him and cleaned it.  I started at 8pm and finished around 1:30am. 
Oct 14 2017 (14)

It was fun finding treasures.  This is "Frosty".  My grandma Ruth made it for me. Seems like there was something else I found, but not sure where that picture is.
Oct 14 2017 (15)

It doesn't look all that great in these photos...but it's clean!!!  This is the room I never want to redo.  We'll have it listed as the utility room whenever we move, ha ha.
Oct 15 2017 (2)

Oct 15 2017 (3)

Not very many pictures from Lee's trip.  He was eating out one night and ordered Scotch Eggs.  Something we eat every New Year's Day for breakfast.  Too funny.  The other people Lee was with had never had them before. 
Oct 14 2017 (16)

Pretty night!  I think this was taken the night Lee and I went to the Brady's for a date, then to Clark's marching band performance at half-time.
Oct 19 2017 (8)

Back to the babes.  I went up with Elden to Lois' house for a few days to help out.  It was so fun meeting little Luke!  What a cutie. 
Oct 17 2017 (2)

Elden and Rhett and I went to Trader Joe's.  Always fun to find the bear.
Oct 18 2017

Elden loved holding Luke.
Oct 19 2017 (2)

Oct 19 2017 (3)

I bought the boys these stretchy skeletons.
Oct 19 2017 (4)

I thought it was funny how Rhett kept taking them apart.  The best was when he had taken the all apart and reassembled them with different colored body parts.
Oct 19 2017 (5)

Oct 19 2017 (6)

Oct 19 2017 (7)

Oct 19 2017

Glad we could come for a little bit!  Funny bit to remember....Rhett's shorts have a hole in the front.  I disguised it by having him stand a certain way.
Oct 20 2017 (2)

Lee and I went on another date (surprise!...not really) and we hit up five different restaurants to try and find some good dessert.  We were at an earlier place but they were out of what we wanted.  It's kind of hard finding a good dessert place that's open late.  Especially we when make pretty amazing desserts here at home it's hard to find ones that sound yummy for $6 each!
Oct 20 2017 (3)