Thursday, November 14, 2019

Jake's Baby Blessing

We headed to Indiana for Jake's baby blessing.  But of course first, random photos!

Shanna and Haley entered a poster contest for a peace around the world poster.  Or something like that.  Shanna's around the world.

Haley's won 3rd place at the school!  She will receive $50! Haley's poster and timeline.

I made it to Indiana about 4 in the morning.  Lee and Clark didn't come as Lee was in South Carolina and Clark had a marching band competition.  The rest of us headed out to be with family.  I loved seeing everyone! I went on a short run that morning.

That afternoon I went to the temple with the kids except Elden.  Darrell and Stacie and kids were there, along with the Bunkers.  So fun.  We all got to be together to do baptisms.  After baptisms we later went to Hobby Lobby, then IKEA and visited.  Oh we also went to a park as well.  It was fast Sunday so the kids and I fasted.  It was also the end of day light saving.  We ended up fasting technically 25 hours.  But we made it! 

Painting our nails before church. Sam and Shawna's kids were with us on Saturday and then they met up with us Sunday morning. 

I love this cute flyer Stephanie made.

My kids love to play with the duplos there.

James and Darrell are buddies.

Sunday afternoon everyone headed home.  We stayed the night.  We helped clean up and I had a good visit with Steph.  We all went to bed fairly early.  We left about 4:20 am to go back home.  We arrived about 1:45 or so.  Thanks Steph for the great weekend! 

Since it's now November the Christmas shopping begins!!!  Last year I made sure to have all Christmas money saved up for November.  I did that again this year (thankfully it worked out to do so!) and I love it.  I can shop at will here and there and get it done.  I actually have all the family gifts done.  Just need to mail off one come December.  The Christmas cards are done as well, just need to wait for them to arrive!  I feel sad when people say they hate the holidays, or that they are so stressful.  I just think to myself....they are your holidays!  Make them fun.  Make them not stressful.  Make them peaceful.  That power is within them and it's UP to them! I hear that the gifting part is stressful.  Well, tell people no gifts!  Even if it's your kids! We have all of our plans pretty much set for the holidays.  I do get it.  Life in general is busy.  And then throw in the holidays on top of an already busy schedule...yep. That's hard.  But there are always things popping up.  Halloween, school trips and performances, concerts, test, etc.  Life is just going to be busy.  People should make the holidays what they want them to be and not let other people's expectations drive their spending or other things that aren't enjoyable. For example, if people get all mad about you not wanting to participate in a gift exchange, well too bad!  It's not THEIR money.  It's yours! Have healthy boundaries and just stick to them.  This year we aren't buying our kids presents at all and they in turn are going to do service projects for people that they themselves decide on.  Lee and I actually decided as well not to give each other Christmas presents anymore.  Well, for sure this year.  We've done this a couple times already.  And I think we will continue to not gift each other presents.  There's my holiday rant for you! 

But, I'm SO excited for the holidays!  We are going to see a lot of family and I am going to turn 40 before the new year! AHHH!!!!

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween Fun

We had a fun Halloween, like always!  We invited some people over to eat dinner with us and decorate sugar cookies.

We went to Powhatan to see Clark perform.  Wow, they did a great job!!!  I also helped with food for the lunch afterwards.  We stopped for ice cream bars on the way home.  What a gorgeous WARM fall day.

We loved going up to Maryland to celebrate Luke's birthday!!!

The day we've been waiting for......Clark can drive! WOO HOO!!  Bad picture through a screen window, but he drove to seminary with Cal!  It's been great!  Is it bad that I am not worried when he's off driving? He drives to seminary most of the time but since it's so early in the morning Lee has driven a couple of times when Clark doesn't get enough sleep.

He will drive the car to seminary (seminary is 15 minutes away), then the truck to school.  School is only about 4 minutes away. That way I can have the car during the day as I run all over the place.

This is by a golf course in Harrisonburg.  I thought it was so funny.  Had to get a picture.

Pumpkin carving time! I invited Angie and Rachel over as well. 

Cal didn't realize that his pumpkin up top was the perfect facial expression for Haley's pumpkin on the bottom.  Too funny.

Shanna got in on the gross action as well.  I don't think the girls enjoyed cleaning it up a few days late.  Oh well!

Cal is now cleaning Lee's office.  So cute what he did on the velvety chairs!

There is a fun cookbook, Cook Once, Eat All Week that I wanted to try some recipes from.  This one was smashed cauliflower, with sour cream and spices, then cheese and bacon on top.  I thought it would be great, was a flop.

Halloween came and there was some nasty weather forecasted so our town moved trick-or-treating to Friday.  A lot of towns in the area did that.  We still had friends over Thursday night for Halloween.  They watched Race to Witch Mountain.  We had dinner as well and some goodies!

Friday night was trick-or-treat time!  Our friends the Petersons came over again and we trick-or-treated downtown.  Sadly Lee was already scheduled to be in South Carolina for continuing education.  So Clark handed out candy at his office. We did full size candy bars this year.  About 550?  I bought over 700 but we handed some out at the office and I gave some out to the kids and friends on Halloween.  Clark ran out in an hour.

Fun times trick-or-treating!

Three places gave out ice cream for free!!!  So yummy!

The marshmello guy was jamming to music.  It was fun.

Clark did a great job handing out candy. Future eye doctor?

I love seeing at the people out.  It was a bit chilly, but a fun evening!

More ice cream.

We even got to see a train.  Which happens a lot here actually.

We ended the night at the Garden Spot roasting marshmallows.  Love this part!

We headed over to Dairy Queen for candy, and they got ice cream!

That night we took off for Indiana! I had a good drive.  Happy Halloween!  A fun night of the year!