Friday, August 1, 2014

End of July

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Summer is passing TOO quickly.  This weekend we'll be shopping for school supplies (and maybe clothes too), and then next week we'll be filling out paper work for the start of school.  Boo hoo.  I wish summer break was from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  And double boo hoo that my baby is going to school!  Though from my track record I have not done a good job getting him "ready" for kindergarten and he will benefit from the great teachers at our awesome elementary school.  He can basically write his name (he can write all the letters in his name, but I am not sure if he can always put them in the correct order though he will if I write his name, and then have him write his name next to it), identifies a few letters and I think no numbers.  He can do some counting though and count objects, and he's known colors for a long time.  Not that you wanted to know all of this, but that is where we are at.  I definitely slacked on this! There is my bad mom moment for you. Moving are some happenings of this and that from the end of July.

We went to the pet store one day.  This is one of the few places my kids get to interact with animals as Lee and I have no desires to have animals.  We don't mind interacting with them outside our home, just not inside our home or yard.  Not even a goldfish!  Another tidbit you probably didn't want to know...
July 22 2014

July 22 2014 (2)

After swimming we went to the library and a lady had brought a dog in for the kids to read to.  I guess she couldn't get any of my kids to read to the dog since she was doing the reading.  But my kids enjoyed petting the dog!
July 22 2014 (3)

For a young women's activity we went around to drop off cookies to people in our ward and say hello.
July 23 2014 Young Women Visits

Only one family was home!  These ladies, Jen, and her mom Ann behind her, are amazing.  I love hearing Jen's testimony of the gospel and of Jesus Christ. 
July 23 2014 Young Women Visits (2)

The Young Women Presidency with Ann and Jen!
July 23 2014 Young Women Visits (3)

On Monday this week there was a blood drive at our church building.  We met Lee after work and went over to donate blood before Family Home Evening.  We both haven't donated in about 14 years!  Wow!  I do need to give more often and I think I will.  While I was in the operating room for Elden's birth I received three pints of blood.  I had to have a hysterectomy but before they could remove my uterus there was some scar tissue adhered to my abdomen wall (as far as I know).  They couldn't stop the bleeding till the scare tissue was gone and then do the hysterectomy.  I would have bled to death otherwise.  I am grateful for that blood!  I almost had to have another transfusion the next day, but thankfully I didn't have to.  Elden received a few blood transfusions while in the NICU too.  He would always perk up after receiving that blood.  He would look better and eat better.
July 28 2014 (2)

July 28 2014 (3)

High time I finally donated again.  I can make another donation the day after my anniversary, and I think I will.
July 28 2014 (4)

July 28 2014

The other day I had the kids come with me to do a couple errands around town. Something I love about living in a small town is that everything is so close! 
July 29 2014 (2)

I posted this color filtered picture on Instagram--same one as above.
July 29 2014 (4)

In order to save a little bit of money at least, and in preparation for the upcoming school shopping trip, I scrounged around for school supplies at home.  I found a few which was great.  I don't need to buy scissors or headphones, or pencil boxes, or colored pencils.  I also have other things together for a couple kids that I won't have to buy either, like binders and highlighters. Though we have oodles of crayons, I will get them all a new box.  At $0.50 a box, why not?!
July 29 2014

I plan on posting soon again, so stay tuned.  This summer has been great thus far.  Wish it could last till the end of September!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Clark's 11th Birthday

For some reason this birthday wasn't "weird", as in, I can't believe how old they are getting.  But Clark turned 11 and it just seemed to fit.  My sister Stephanie was up visiting Lois and they all came down for the weekend to visit and join in on the party.  It was so fun having them here!

Saturday afternoon we went to the pool. 
July 26 2014 (2)

July 26 2014 (3)

July 26 2014 (4)

July 26 2014 (6)

Of course I had to take them to Sharp Shopper.  It was so fun having Steph go there for the first time with us! 
July 26 2014 (7)

Each birthday I let the kids pick out a treat at the grocery store, anything they want, for under $5.  I rarely buy them things they ask for at the store, so I think it's fun that once a year they can pick something with Lee and I footing the bill.  After Sharp Shopper we stopped at another grocery store to buy a roast for Clark's birthday dinner the next day.  Clark came inside with me so he could buy his treat. First Clark walked down the bulk candy isle. But nothing caught his eye. Then he grabbed three cans of sardines...yes, he loves sardines.  Then at the meat counter he decided he wanted a seasoned split chicken.  He was able to get two pieces coming in at $4.20.  He was very pleased with what he picked out, no regrets.  Lee grilled some yummy hamburgers that night for dinner and put one piece of Clark's chicken on the grill. 
July 26 2014 (8)

That night I started working on his cake....the last kid cake of the year! 
July 26 2014 (9)

Clark's chicken.  The burgers Lee grilled were so good!
July 26 2014

That night Lois, Steph headed out with us to Dairy Queen.  The kids had coupons for free ice cream cones from the summer reading program that I wanted them to use.  And Steph bought Lois and I a blizzard. YUM!  Thanks Steph! 
July 26 2014 Ice Cream

We drove over to the McGaheysville (pronounce Mc-gack-ee-s-ville) fire department where they were holding a summer carnival of sorts.  Fireworks were scheduled that night but it was raining.  We did see 4 fireworks go off, but then headed home after waiting awhile.
July 26 2014 Ice Cream (2)

I stayed up way too late...It was Sunday morning when I went to bed.  I did a creeper head for Clark's cake.  It's a character on a computer game, Minecraft.
July 27 2014 Clark 11th birthday cake (2)

I wasn't pleased with the edges on the bottom.  Oh well.
July 27 2014 Clark 11th birthday cake (4)

Clark had a good birthday.  We were talking about a friend party, which we never had.  When I asked him about it the day after his birthday, he said he was fine with not having one because cousins and family were there for his birthday.  How sweet!  Our friends the Franke's came too to help celebrate.

Three sisters!!!  Too bad Deb, Lena and our sisters-in-law couldn't have been there! 
July 27 2014 Clark 11th birthday cake (11)

Clark with his cake!
July 27 2014 Clark 11th birthday cake (12)

July 27 2014 Clark 11th birthday cake (15)

Party time!
July 27 2014 Clark 11th birthday

July 27 2014 Clark 11th birthday (2)

I love Blake's face...Elden too.  They are blowing out the candles, ha ha.
July 27 2014 Clark 11th birthday (4)

Clark received some fun gifts.  Candy from the Franke's, $5 from Lois and Jeff (who doesn't love getting money?!) a Pokeman card set and Lego set from us.  I hid the Lego set and Clark didn't see it till right when it was time to open his presents.  I knew that as soon as he picked it up he would know what it was. He received birthday cards-with money-from each of the grandparents this week too, and he loved that. 
July 27 2014 Clark 11th birthday (5)

Happy Birthday Clark!  We're blessed to have a creative, kind, responsible young man in our home.  And you are sounding great on the piano too! We love you!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pioneer Day

July 24th is somewhat of a holiday in my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  After a long exodus from the Missouri/Iowa/Illinois area because of horrible persecution, the first pioneers of my church made it to the Salt Lake Valley, in Utah, on July 24th, 1847.  In fact it is a holiday in Utah and towns have parades and such.  And it happens to be my sister Lena's birthday. 

My ward (church congregation) had a fun Pioneer Day celebration of our own a few days before the 24th.

After a dinner there were different activities and games. One was a watermelon seed spitting contest.  Clark spit his seed the farthest, though you only got one try and that was his 2nd or 3rd try. There was also a watermelon eating contest. Yeah, I couldn't pass that up!

Cal did one too with his friends.
July 19 2014 Ward Pioneer Day Activity

Clark, Lee, Jarom and I had a contest.
July 19 2014 Ward Pioneer Day Activity (11)

July 19 2014 Ward Pioneer Day Activity (10)

July 19 2014 Ward Pioneer Day Activity (9)

You'd think watermelon would be easy to get down your throat, but it's not!  I gagged once too.  Glad I kept it in my mouth.
July 19 2014 Ward Pioneer Day Activity (8)

July 19 2014 Ward Pioneer Day Activity (7)

July 19 2014 Ward Pioneer Day Activity (6)

July 19 2014 Ward Pioneer Day Activity (5)

Annnnnnd...I won!
July 19 2014 Ward Pioneer Day Activity (4)

July 19 2014 Ward Pioneer Day Activity (3)

Good job Jarom.  We had a rematch later that evening with just one piece and he totally beat me.
July 19 2014 Ward Pioneer Day Activity (2)

There was also tug-of-war.
July 19 2014 Ward Pioneer Day Activity (12)

And a "pie" walk, instead of a cake walk.  I brought two pumpkin pies for that.
July 19 2014 Ward Pioneer Day Activity (13)

July 19 2014 Ward Pioneer Day Activity (14)

July 19 2014 Ward Pioneer Day Activity (15)

Before the activity we went swimming.  It was sprinkling out, but the pool was still open. Hardly anyone was there.  My kids quite liked it and all of them got in the water.  I did not.
July 19 2014 Westover Pool

July 19 2014 Westover Pool (2)

July 19 2014 Westover Pool (3)

July 19 2014 Westover Pool (4)

July 19 2014 Westover Pool (5)

July 19 2014 Westover Pool (7)

And another funny picture.  We do need to do more for Pioneer day, that is for sure.  Hopefully next year! 
July 25 2014 Clark

July 25 2014 Clark (2)