Monday, February 17, 2020

Valentine's Getaway

We hope you had a fun Valentine's Day!  I like doing little things for the kids.  Lee took some extra time and wrote thoughtful notes to each child.  Lee and I took off that morning and headed to the Nashville Temple.

We had a great session at the temple followed by lunch at Chipotle.  Lee bought us tickets for a birthday present to the Money & Marriage event in Franklin, TN that Rachel Cruze and Les Parrott hosted. This was the big weekend to redeem the birthday present!  We stayed at the Hampton Inn for a great price.  The hotel was practically brand new and so nice!  Our friend Melanie met up with our kids that evening and spent the night with them, leaving Saturday afternoon. 

I thought this cabinet was clever in hiding the mini-fridge and some wire baskets.

We were some of the first people at the event! Loved our seats.

You get a workbook at their events, which is fun.

They even gave out free cupcakes!

It was fun listening to Rachel and Les speak.  Les is hilarious as well.

The next morning we worked out, got ready for the day, grabbed some breakfast that we didn't eat buy saved for lunch and checked out.  We then went to Ramsey Solutions. Lee also got tickets for a live filming of the Rachel Cruze show.  We found out Friday night that they would serve breakfast at Ramsey Solutions before the show.  It was fun seeing the new building. They have a full service cafeteria there.  I wonder if the employees get to eat for free or?  

I got to walk through part of the building and see where people worked.  This big office has a glass wall so you can look into it.  It's where some of the Ramsey personalities work.  Sounds like Rachel and Christy Wright work there.

Before the show we got some food and walked around a little bit, but noticed that people were starting to line up for seats for the show.  We stood in line and started taking turns.  During the taping we weren't allowed to have water, food or chew gum. We also practiced clapping for 15 seconds.  Rachel had to redo things a couple of times.  She told a story about a dolphin and had to re-tell it a second time.  Soon there after she had to restart again and she basically said, "Do I have to tell the story about the dolphin again?  Please don't make me tell the dolphin story again, it's giving me anxiety."  It was kind of funny, though I'm sure not fun restarting multiple times!  And she did not have to re-tell it a third time.  I hope she got a nice bonus check for coming in on a Saturday!  The episode will air in May.  I'm looking forward to seeing it!

They asked some people if they would tell their story about getting out of debt.  I wanted to, but we ended up walking around some more, and then went home.  Oh and the day before I threw away my retainer at a gas station unknowingly.  Boo hoo!!!

We enjoyed walking through the display about Dave and Sharon's life together. The rise, the fall and the rise.

Their bankruptcy paper.

I love that he says this quote at the end of each of his radio shows.

We met Rachel for about 6 seconds.  It was still fun.

We drove back to Virginia, arriving home about 9:00pm.  Thankfully no car troubles!  It was a great but uneventful drive home.  Thanks for the awesome present Lee!

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Mississippi Take 2

I took a second trip to Mississippi to go back with my parents for Sarah Grace's baby blessing.  We had some fun before that second trip like cleaning the ward building and then right after staying for a game night.

Our friend Juanita submitted this article that I wrote about Cal receiving his Eagle award.  She added at the end (or someone did because I didn't) "He is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Lee (Ruth Robertson)."  It never occurred to me to state who his parents are.

My cousin and his family are great about celebrating grandparent's birthdays who have passed away.  We were late, but we celebrated my grandpa Anthon Reed Thompson's birthday.  Whenever we went to his house he had Hostess treats for us--we remember Ding Dongs--and A&W rootbeer.  We loved it.

I drove my parents down to Mississippi so they could attend the baby blessing.  I tried to get some of my kids to come, but they didn't want to.  I ended up driving their car.  On the way there we stopped in Jackson and picked up Jon, Lena's oldest.  He is at BYU-Idaho.  I surprised everyone by flying Jon home for the baby blessing, Kirsten's birthday and Ethan's ordination to a Priest.

Lena seeing Jon for the first time--total surprise!  I loved it! I texted Jon when I was at Lena's house helping with the kids when Sarah Grace was born asking him if he'd like to surprise everyone and come for the baby blessing.  He said he would.  I was worried about him catching the 5am bus, making sure he had everything to make his flight like boarding passes and such, but I just stood back and let him do his thing.  I offered to check him in online 24 hours prior, but he said he would be fine.  So I just hoped he would get where he needed to be.  And he was at the airport, ready for us to pick him up! Right before we picked him up we stopped at a gas station.  When we left I was supposed to turn left, but instead went right.  My dad told me I was going the wrong way. That's when I told them that I was picking up Jon at the airport.  It was fun surprising everyone.

First stop was to a baby shower Lena's ward did for Sarah Grace.  Jon got to see his sister and surprise his other sisters.  Mike dropped off Rebecca to the shower after she was done with work.  He walked in and saw Jon thinking, he looks like Jon. But of course it can't be him because he's at school.  Then he realized it was him!

Lena, my mom, and all of Lena's girls!!!

Meanwhile, back home, we were invited to our friend's house for their son's birthday party--Gavin.  They had a lot of fun that evening.

Saturday morning we had Kirsten's birthday party--her birthday was that day.  She requested a donut cake I am guessing?  I thought it was cute how they did gifts to the birthday person--youngest to oldest.  Even Jon brought her a gift from BYU-I. So thoughtful!  

Mike's parents came over from Texas for the big weekend as well.  They are really fun to talk to.  After the morning birthday party we headed to the skating rink for some fun. 

Clark had band event on Saturday. Lee and the kids attended that.  I hear it went really well.

Clark has some new goggles as well for his drone. Or maybe it's the receiver that is new?

When we were in Florida we saw these awesome programs at the ward we went to.  And now they are the ones we are using!  I love them! 

Sunday school in Mississippi. My parents, Mike, Jon, Lena, Louise and Jon.  Oh and testimony meeting was amazing! The Spirit was so strong.  My mom, Mike and Jon all bore powerful testimonies.  It was wonderful.

Sweet Sarah Grace.  She cried all through her blessing.

After church Ethan was ordained to a Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood.

The Terrific Ten!

Sunday after lunch, Lena and Mike took Jon to the airport with Karl and Sarah Grace.  I took some kids to the military park for a walk.  I think we walked over 4 miles.  Keith and Lillie had bikes with them.  It was such a gorgeous day!!!

We walked down to a house and garden area where Jon did his Eagle Scout project.

Kid shenanigans Sunday night at home. 

My parents and I had a great trip and we arrived home Monday night about 7:00pm.  We ate some dinner and I took off to go skiing a little bit with everyone because it was so warm out.  Haley was home sick and I think had a mild case of the flu.  She missed a few days of school.  Clark and Shanna didn't feel super great as well, but it seemed that they just had a bad cold for a little bit.  Thankfully no one else got sick and as of right now we are all healthy!  The flu has been horrible this year, I think.  And then we found out about the Coronavirus originating in China and spreading like fire through the world.  Pretty scary! I hope they come up with some great solutions to help minimize the spread of this virus or a type of cure or medicinal help.  I think this is hurting their country financially as well.  Travel is being banned to China and I am sure it's been difficult on the manufacturing end as well.

Cal built this cute house.  And of course I found these random photos on my phone. 

I sent off some Valentine goodies to missionaries and college students!

More skiing fun!

This particular day we met up with David, Christian and Liam Peterson.

Lee sent me this and said there was a hostage at our house, haha.

Cal and Elden went with Lee one Saturday to help move some furniture from Gael Scott's house to her daughter Pamela's house. Gael was a member of our ward and suddenly died two weeks ago.  She was sitting on her couch and her heart failed her in literally seconds. Her husband Gary died about a year and a half ago. Gael had just emailed me on a Tuesday.  I told her about an upcoming activity and how I wanted to come and see her. She sent me a movie of a children's choir singing "I Could Only Imagine". So interesting as two days later she left earth to meet her Savior. As I mentioned Elden and Cal helped Pamela and she gave them a Subway gift card.  They had fun using it.

Shanna and Haley went to a Sunday School party held by their 2019 Sunday school teacher--Sylvia Aamodt. She had sugar cookies to decorate, they made their own pizzas, visited and watched a movie.

Shanna put this thread in her hair a little while ago and decided to remove it.

And I thought someone had scratched this on to the ping pong table top. but it was just dental floss thankfully!