Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fall Fun and Field Trips

Fall is start of many field trips.  I have gone on a field trip with all of the kids, except Clark, this year.  I signed up to be a chaperone for one of Clark's field trips, but I was not chosen.  Maybe another time!

Cal and I visited the New Market Battlefield in New Market.  Imagine that!  I enjoyed learning a little more about Virginia's history.

We walked over to the farm that was inconveniently located by the battlefield.
Oct 20 2015 New Market Battle Field (2)

Oct 20 2015 New Market Battle Field (3)

Oct 20 2015 New Market Battle Field (5)

We also went to a Visitor Center where the kids were taught a little history about the Civil War and participated in some activities like a scavenger hunt in the museum.  We enjoyed eating lunch outside too.  Love the fall weather here.  Glad I could go with you Cal!
Oct 20 2015 New Market Battle Field

This fall the Mia Maids (young women ages 14-15) met up at my friend's house for an activity.  We made lasagna and brownies for some church friends and delivered the food that night and the next day.  We all had a great time.  Thanks Katherine for opening your home!
Oct 21 2015 (2)

My younger kids tagged along too and had a great time!
Oct 21 2015 (3)

Another part of the Race for Education fundraiser was the lunch and limo ride.  The student from each grade to bring in the most labels and the most money enjoyed a limo ride and lunch with the principal.  I think they all enjoyed it!
Oct 21 2015 RFE Limo Ride

The school library holds a book fair in the fall.  I thought this book was funny merely because of the author.  I don't think I could ever buy a book by Danielle Steel.  Even if it is a kid's book!
Oct 21 2015

Shanna has been in gymnastics for a few months and loves it.  One afternoon before class ended I stopped by to see some of her fun moves!  We couldn't go in the room, but could see her through the glass windows.
Oct 22 2015 (2)

Oct 22 2015 (3)

I make copies for teachers at the elementary school.  I have spent many hours with this copier!  I inserted a new pack of staples one afternoon.  Very interesting that the staples start out flat! 
Oct 22 2015

A nearby resort does fall chair lift rides up the mountain.  The kids had school off one Friday, so Lee adjusted his schedule so we could all go in the morning together.  We loved it!  I think we'll go every year.  Some pictures aren't so great.
Oct 23 2015 (2)

Oct 23 2015 (3)

Oct 23 2015 (6)

Oct 23 2015 (9)

Oct 23 2015 (11)

Oct 23 2015 (13)

The girls rode together, and the boys rode together.  It worked great because all were in agreement!
Oct 23 2015 Massanutten Ski Lift Ride (2)

Oct 23 2015 Massanutten Ski Lift Ride (3)

So pretty!
Oct 23 2015 Massanutten Ski Lift Ride (4)

Oct 23 2015 Massanutten Ski Lift Ride (5)

Oct 23 2015 Massanutten Ski Lift Ride (6)

Once the chair lift reached its destination, we hiked up a little ways to a lookout.  What a fun view! A bit cloudy that day.
Oct 23 2015 Massanutten Ski Lift Ride (7)

Oct 23 2015 Massanutten Ski Lift Ride (8)

Oct 23 2015 Massanutten Ski Lift Ride (9)

Oct 23 2015 Massanutten Ski Lift Ride

If there is a piece of meat just hanging out in the freezer Clark likes to grill it up for lunch. In this case some fish was available--salmon.
Oct 23 2015 (16)

We had our fall festival at church.  A couple of friends and I put it together.  Thanks Sarah for all your help!  We did a snack "pot-luck", games and a trunk-or-treat.  It turned out nice!  I wish more people would have come.  The kids definitely scored on the candy.
Oct 23 2015 Trunkortreat

Something they enjoy doing with candy is making insect/animal creations.
Oct 24 2015

One school night we made a last minute trip to IKEA. It was kind of crazy, but worked!  We have been buying a few pieces of furniture there to help organize the kids' rooms better.  Now we need to organize their rooms! 
Oct 26 2015 (2)

The week of Halloween the kids have school "spirit" days.  One day was crazy hair day.  I made Haley's hair look cute and crazy, but she pulled it out before we left for school.  Shanna let me do her hair though.  She told me what she wanted--I think it turned out cute!
Oct 27 2015 Crazy Hair Day Shanna (2)

Oct 27 2015 Crazy Hair Day Shanna

Cal enjoyed a fun pack meeting one night.  They had a bunch of glow-in-the-dark sticks and whatnot and had a carnival. 
Oct 28 2015 (2)

Oct 28 2015 (3)

We have been in the midst of lots of house updates and fixes.  We suddenly went crazy! For October, my sister Lena said she was going to do a no-spend month and asked if I wanted to join in.  Lee and I definitely wanted to, but tweaked it quite a bit!  We did a "spend-less" month, which really was a spend-less-in-certain-categories-so-we-can-spend-more-on-other-stuff month.  We cut out clothing money (though I did buy a few things since it was cold and the kids needed pants, and I spent clothing money I had from a previous month), canceled Netflix, cut out our play money, (aka fun money, mad money, etc.), slashed the food budget, and the kids had to pack lunches all month.  We did save quite a bit of money doing this, and put that saved money towards house projects in October.   I must say we didn't stick to it hard core like we should have, and I went over on some categories, but we did stay in budget overall.  We started a big snowball of house projects.  I hope we can finish them off soon! We pay cash for everything (or of course use checks or a debit card, ha ha) and home improvements are no exception. Having the extra money enabled us to start these fun projects.  Some we've been meaning to do for awhile now.

One such project was to change out the old fan with a fun light fixture about the dining room table.  We love it! We had to fix the ceiling a little so the light is covered for the project...but you get the idea, right?
Oct 29 2015 (3)

Lee also installed new faux wood blinds in all the bedrooms.  YAY!  I LOVE them.  So much better than the cheapy mini-blinds or shredded roller shades.
Oct 29 2015 (2)

Lee also replaced another old, 80s brass/wood fan in the family room, with a new updated one.  Nice!
Oct 29 2015 (7)

For the last part of this blog, one more field trip.  Elden and I went to the Heritage Crossroads Farm.  (If I remember the name right...) The kids went to a different station every 15 minutes.  They learned about life "long-ago".  The stations included old fashioned games, homemade ice cream, cooking over a fire, wood working, a blacksmith shop, visiting a school house, learning about washing and ironing clothes, making cattle feed, etc. 
Oct 29 2015 Heritage Farm 1st grade field trip Elden (2)

Oct 29 2015 Heritage Farm 1st grade field trip Elden (4)

Oct 29 2015 Heritage Farm 1st grade field trip Elden (13)

Oct 29 2015 Heritage Farm 1st grade field trip Elden (16)

Oct 29 2015 Heritage Farm 1st grade field trip Elden (18)

Oct 29 2015 Heritage Farm 1st grade field trip Elden (19)

Oct 29 2015 Heritage Farm 1st grade field trip Elden (25)

Oct 29 2015 Heritage Farm 1st grade field trip Elden (31)

We enjoyed the field trip.  Maybe it's just me, but field trips sure wear me out!  I am grateful I can attend almost all of them!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Golf Balls & Plastic Bags

The big fundraiser came to a close with lots of fun activities the week of the race.  One of them was pie-a-teacher.  Kids who brought in a certain number of labels could throw a paper plate piled with whipped topping on a teacher.  The kids quite enjoyed it!
Oct 5 2015 (9)

Oct 5 2015 (10)

I took pictures of the race down at the park, but I think they are on my other phone....that I broke. Yes, I am on my third phone this year!  The last phone I broke, it slipped out of my hands and fell on the floor.  I didn't think anything was wrong because the screen didn't crack.  But it never would turn on again.  Ugh. 

Cal did an extra credit project for school by making a volcano.  Lee and Cal made homemade playdough one night.
Oct 5 2015 (11)

Oct 5 2015 (12)

The second weekend in October I headed up to a Boden sample sale just outside of Philadelphia.  Again, no pictures because of my broken phone!  I had a really fun time with Lois, Stephanie and our friend Audrey, and Lois' friend Melissa.  Lee had the kids at home and drove up later to meet me at the temple.

Let's just say Saturday was a fiasco at home.  Besides kids no getting along and no staying on task with jobs and such, a child decided to show his siblings how to hit a golf ball the proper way.  Well, he sure hit it hard!  It went straight to Lee's van window and shattered it! Thankfully it didn't go across the street to the neighbors vehicles! The van sported a great garbage bag look for a few days. 
Oct 14 2015

On the way to DC Lee and the kids stopped at a park for lunch.
Oct 10 2015 Luray (2)

Oct 10 2015 Luray (3)

Oct 10 2015 Luray (4)

Oct 10 2015 Luray (5)

Oct 10 2015 Luray (6)

Oct 10 2015 Luray (7)

Clark wasn't feeling too great so I am guessing that's why he isn't in any pictures.
Oct 10 2015 Luray

After switching at the temple we decided to go to IKEA.  We bought several things there to help organize our kids' rooms better.

The next day, Shanna, Clark and Cal were sick so we all stayed home--except for Lee. 
oct 11 2015 (2)

Oct 11 2015

Remember the homemade playdough?  Cal tested out his volcano at home before bringing it to school.
Oct 13 2015

Clark participated in a scout fundraiser.  There was dinner and an auction.  Clark auctioned off two plates of chocolate chip cookies-that he made-, 2 hours of raking leaves, and a Lego creation. 
Oct 16 2015 Scout Auction

And just because, Lee enjoying a little lunch of cucumber and hummus.
Oct 16 2015

One Saturday in October Lee took Clark on a bike ride.  So pretty! Oh, and look, a new window!
Oct 17 2015 (3)

Oct 17 2015 (2)

Oct 17 2015 (3)

Oct 17 2015 (4)

That same day we also cleaned out the shed.  It was horrible!  We got rid of a ton of stuff!  Here is an in-progress picture. I love the technique shared on  She says to empty out an entire space, and the fill it back up with what you really want and need in there. And we did just that!  I am sure other places have shared the same concept.....
Oct 17 2015

This nice pile is what we got rid of.  Feels so nice to declutter.  Even a shed.
Oct 17 2015 (5)

Should have taken before pictures, but here are the afters.
Oct 17 2015 (7)

Oct 17 2015 (8)

After bike riding and shed cleaning, we headed to the town's Autumn days for a few minutes.  It was cold and windy so we didn't stay long.  I bought pumpkins for everyone to carve for Halloween.
Oct 17 2015 (4)

That same Saturday night Clark went to his first stake activity!  Seems like he had a great time.  He especially loved the food the Bishop bought him from Taco Bell on the way home. 

I thought this flyer was funny....
Oct 16 2015 (3)