Sunday, November 2, 2008

While we were sleeping...
fuel dropped to $1.99! Well, I didn't notice it until on the way home from church. But I really thought I would never see fuel at $1.99! I hope it keeps DROPPING!

I have included MANY photos in this post, so enjoy!

Cal and Clark a week ago Sunday eating popsicles during family scripture reading.

For FHE we decorated sugar cookies. Sickness hit our family and Lee and Cal were sick that day. Cal feel asleep after dinner on the couch.

Here are the rest of us doing cookies.

The ward chili cook-off and trunk-or-treat was on Wednesday. Our neighbor Theresa was going to come with her kids. Well, one of Theresa's daughters got sick Wednesday and so did I. I was SO sick. What is great about Lee's job is if his family is sick, he can come home (if he can get away) and take care of us and not use up vacation days! He always comes home for lunch, and he was able to just stay home the rest of the day. Lee took Cal and Clark to the ward activity that night.

On Halloween after school we went to the USO's Halloween Party--here on base. Something we found out about the USO is that you can watch movies there and play ping pong for free! Plus they have a snack bar with cookies, popcorn, pop and bags of chips and the food is ALL free! Lee and I will be having some date nights there!

That night we all went trick-or-treating with two of our neighbors and their families. It was perfect weather and we got lots of candy! We are saving a bunch of it for Christmas for stockings, plus we are going to have a pinata. We are all feeling much better.

Today Lee and I received callings in the ward. Lee is the assistant Scout Master and I am the Gospel Principles teacher. I was not expecting that calling, as Lee was also surprised by his scouting call. We will also be helping out in nursery till January or until new nursery people are called. Today was Shanna and Haley's first official Sunday in nursery.

Happy November everyone! I hope you all had a fun Halloween and/or Nevada Day!


Nicole said...

Looks like you had a great Halloween, the kids look super cute! I can't believe gas was $1.99, we just filled up for $2.29 and were ecstatic about that!

Gianetta said...

Cute kids and costumes! Glad to hear that you are better, Ruth! We love your family! Thanks for the updates!

Liz said...

You make cute kids! I wish gas here would drop, we're still at 2.50ish. Hopefully soon. :-)

Lance and Ariel said...

yeah, i'm glad you found us! your blog looks great and i can't believe how fast your kids are growing up. Good to hear you guys are doing great!!

Kelly said...

Cute family! Love the Halloween costumes. I hope you're all feeling better!

Melissa S. said...

First of all, CANNOT believe it is 1.99 there! I think the LOWEST I've seen it here could be 2.45. That's a huge jump!
I think my favorite picture was Haylie's face after eating the cookie. She looked SOOOOO pleased with herself. Cute costumes, BTW!! I like the boy's names on back.