Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Spring is here and I am loving it! This winter was very mild (thankfully) but it was still cold!  This rental house is not well insulated and often we would bundle up at night.  I am looking forward to being WARM for a while.  We've had some fantastic weather lately.  Today is no exception.

March 14 2012 Shanna Haley Elden

Cal built this!
March 17 2012 Cal

March 17 2012 Elden

The Jenga, Uno Stacko building.
March 17 2012 Clark

Last Monday we went to the park for FHE.  I was sure there was a little grill of some sorts to roast marshmallows in. I couldn't find a grill, but at one of the pavilions at the park I found this! We had a testimony meeting, followed by s'mores.
March 19 2012 park, Lee Haley Shanna

March 19 2012 Cal Ruth

March 19 2012 Clark Lee Elden

March 19 2012 Lee Cal

Tuesday was the March Relief Society Activity.  The Relief Society's birthday is March 17, 1842...if I remember correctly, so every March it seems Relief Societies around the world celebrate its birthday. My friend Megan made this awesome cake.  It was POURING rain when we arrived at the church.  I got wet just running about 10 feet!  Still 46 ladies came to the activity!  YAY!  It was a great night. I am already working on April's activity....
March 20 2012 RS party cake by Megan Hunsaker

Haley doing a little worksheet.
March 22 2012 Haley

Elden enjoying a book.
March 22 2012 Elden

On Saturday someone from Elkton was baptized.  He invited everyone over for a BBQ at his house afterwards.  Guess he was/is dating a member from a nearby town and she and her family are all active in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A lot of her family came up.  He lives in a very pretty spot.
March 24 2012 John Boucher

March 24 2012 John Boucher (2)

March 24 2012 John Boucher (3)

They aren't the Rockies or the Sierra Nevadas, but I love the mountains here.  More so than the mountains out West! Well, a lot more.
March 24 2012 John Boucher (4)

March 24 2012 John Boucher (5)

I babysit these two cuties last week too.  I forgot about the work involved with twin babies! At one point I was on the couch with both of them asleep in my arms--a position that is tricky to be in.  A wise mother said: "Well, you just stay there and sleep with them!"  If only!  Well, I was stuck on the couch and was trying to get Shanna to come help push me off.  I managed to wiggle off and lay them down for their nap. My hat goes off to moms who take care of babies...singletons or multiples!

The biggest thing going on around here is this.....
Okay, if you haven't guessed, that is Elden's last diaper.  Yes, tacky picture, but it's our last diaper! 
March 26 2012 Cal Elden Shanna

I don't like potty-training; though, I can't help but be excited that this is our LAST time going through this.  I've potty-trained all my kids the same way and so far it's worked.  Time will tell how it goes with Elden.  Once my kids are almost three I cut them off "cold" from diapers. I've never used pull-ups on them. Nothing wrong with pull-ups for sure.  I personally know some kids that just have weak bladders and need pull-ups.  They eventually grow out of it.  Anyway, then I spend about a week with them, following them around TRYING to get them to use the toilet.  With the older boys it was torture, but after a week, maybe a week and a 1/2 for Cal, the boys were good to go.  (It was hard with Cal because there were two toddlers and two babies to take care of...not so fun!) Hardly no accidents after that either, with the boys.  The girls were like walking time bombs.  Lee took a week off to help me which was a life saver.  He took one girl, I took the other.  After a week they were pretty good too, but had more accidents...maybe three or four a week for a little while.  We have had some success with Elden, which is good.  The end of the first day I washed 15 pairs of underwear.  Yesterday there were only 4.  Each time I potty-train a kid I am so grateful that my older kids are self-sufficient in that area!  I just need to not stress too much.  I mean, how many 6th graders do you know that aren't toilet trained?!
March 27 2012 Elden Haley Shanna

March 27 2012 Elden Haley Shanna (2)

Today the kids set up an alfresco lunch for their stuffed animals. 
March 28 2012 Elden Shanna Haley

March 28 2012 Shanna Haley Elden

Lee didn't get a picture, but later the kids then sat down and had pancakes for their lunch.  It was really cute.
March 28 2012 animal lunch

We are excited about General Conference coming up and then Easter.  I bought some containers today to make little Conference kits for the kids.  You can watch live streaming via Spring break is this coming week and I am excited about that. No special plans--just going to enjoy a break from the schedule.  Oh, and I joined the local book club group at the library.  Very fun!  I had to leave early for the first meeting, but I already blocked Lee's schedule for the upcoming one. Also, I found out yesterday that the Shenandoah Pharmacy is closed on Sunday.  How awesome! I am now a customer! Enjoy General Conference everyone!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Elden's 3rd Birthday

Yes, it happened!  My little baby turned three!  Guess I should stop calling Elden, "Baby Elden".  I still find myself calling him that!

A train cake was in order for the big day. 
March 11 2012

March 11 2012 (2)

Sunday morning (Elden's birthday) we snapped a few pictures before church.
March  11 2012 Elden

March 11 2012 Clark Elden Shanna

March 11 2012 Cal Elden Shanna

March 11 2012 Cal Elden

The crew with Reed!  He's practically a sibling!
March 11 2012 Shanna Cal Reed Elden Haley Clark

March 11 2012 Shanna Cal Haley Elden Clark

March 11 2012 Shanna Cal Haley Elden Ruth Clark

March 11 2012 Elden Cal

March 11 2012 Elden Cal (2)

March 11 2012 Cal Elden Lee Haley

Aside from the bad exposure, I thought this picture was SO sweet and cute! They could be boy/girl twins!
March 11 2012 Shanna Reed

Don't pay too much attention to the detail Nathan, but I am sure you already noticed my mistake of mis-placing the coal.  Lee told me it didn't belong where I put it haha...  Guess the coal was too heavy...
March 11 2012 (3)

March 11 2012 Elden (2)

March 11 2012 Cal Lee Elden

See all the "presents" behind Elden?  The kids had a blast running all over finding toys and wrapping them.  It was really cute. He did get a few gifts from us, Blake and Reed.
March 11 2012 Elden Clark

March 11 2012 Haley Elden Reed

He enjoyed his cards from his Grandparents...Thank you!
March 11 2012 Elden Reed

March 11 2012 Elden Reed (2)

March 11 2012 Elden Reed (3)

March 11 2012 Elden Reed Clark

March 11 2012 (5)

We had a fun, family weekend with Lois and Jeff.  I love that they can come to share these special events with us!  And of course Lois spoiled us and made truffles again.  Oh so good!!!! Thanks for coming Heits!

If you so desire, a sneak peek of Elden's little journey.

Elden's birth day.  Not the happiest day in my life.  But it was nice knowing that he was born and I would someday leave my hospital bed.
Picture 77

Lee and Elden on birth day
Picture 84

March 13 2009 Elden

Picture 107

March 26 2009 Elden

Mar 29 2009 Elden and inches

Mar 29 2009 Elden and bottle again

Picture 93

A visit from Grandpa!

Elden's LAST day in the hospital! YAY!  It was such a liberating day. I went up to the antepartum unit to show Elden to one of my favorite nurses.  She saw me almost everyday for five weeks before he was born.

This picture has nothing to do with Elden, but this is all the milk I pumped that I had to throw away. (There was more stored elsewhere too.)  Since I had a transfusion the milk bank wouldn't take it.  One funny story....Lee and I drove to Memphis to pick up Shanna and Haley after a two-month stay with Lena.  I left Elden in the hospital, didn't have a choice obviously, for a week.  I wanted to get the girls adjusted to being back home before a new baby came home.  (It took the girls about 24 hours or so to warm up to me!) But anyway, I left a lot of breast milk at the hospital for Elden.  When I got back the nurses were feeding him formula-which is totally fine; but hadn't I left A TON of milk for him?  They said it was all gone, which I thought was weird.  Sure enough, the nurses hadn't checked the other freezer and lots of my milk was still in their.  I am sure you aren't busting up laughing, but it was amusing to me, he he.

With lots of love, prayers, blessings and a little physical therapy, he did just great!
April 19 2010 Elden (5)


June 28 2010

Aug 7 2010 Elden

He still loves to sleep....
June 22 2011 Elden sleeping

He still loves vehicles....
May 10 2010 Elden (3) - Copy

He still loves to snuggle....
May 28 2011 Nathan and Elden

And can you believe it?  Elden is starting toilet training on Sunday.  AH!  Fifth time around and I am still kind of nervous and am dreading it too!  But, I am very excited about this fact: last time potty-training.  Now that makes me happy!  Happy birthday Elden!