Sunday, October 28, 2018

King's Dominion

We had a fun literacy night at the middle school.  The author of Oragami Yoda, Tom Angelberger, spoke.  He was a fun presenter.  After the kids got to do different activities. They really like the 3D pens.
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We worked on a craft ourselves....matching t-shirts for our crew for our upcoming King's Dominion trip!  I surprised the Heits with matching t-shirts for them as well.
Oct 25 2018 (3)

We weren't going to go to King's Dominion this year.  But we had decided to rent a boat and go out on the lake with the Heits.  Turns out it didn't really work for them so we canceled.  We used that money towards a day at King's Dominion instead. It was cold.  It was wet.  But we still had a fun time.  Though not sure I want to do that again anytime soon. Especially after I stepped in a puddle of water.
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It rained alllllll day.
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And the best ride ever, the Griffin.
Oct 26 2018 (21)

We took to drying out our socks in the restroom.
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Oct 26 2018

The next night was our ward's fall festival.  Because of the rain it was held at the church. 
Oct 27 2018 (5)

Getting the creepy contacts inserted.
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Monday, October 22, 2018

Fall, Fall, Fall in the leaves changing colors, came very late this year.  The first weekend in November was the peak time.  Lots of fun activities in the fall. Though I'm always sad summer is over. 

We received an early Christmas present from my brother Instant Pot!  It's been fun using it.  Now I can get rid of my old pressure cooker!  
Oct 8 2018 (3)

The first thing I made was Mexican Quinoa.  Though I burned it...ugh.  It finally cooked though.
Oct 8 2018 (2)

Haley had her date with Lee...LIFE!
Oct 9 2018 (2)

They made a huge cookie for their treat.
Oct 9 2018

We had fun going up to Maryland for Luke's first birthday.  What a super cutie.

Shanna loves doing twists and turns...
Oct 11 2018 (9)

We had a good time with our temple trip!
Oct 13 2018 (2)

Oct 13 2018

Happy Birthday Luke!
Oct 14 2018 (2)

Oct 14 2018

I finally did something with the ugly bottom of the sink.
Oct 17 2018 (5)

I painted it!  I should have done this a long time ago!  Wow, it looks sooo much better.
Oct 17 2018 (2)

Anthon and Rachel visited us a second time when their parents went to Rome.  Anthon came to the food bank with me one morning.
Oct 19 2018 (3)

The fall also brought lots of marching band!  We love seeing Clark perform.
Oct 19 2018 (4)

After YEARS....I finally framed my kids' baby photos. They are hanging in our hallway.
Oct 19 2018

One morning we did a little hike up on Massanutten.
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I often go running several times a week and I run by this lady's house each time.  I saw she had a pile of wood out front and thought of a great idea...having my kids go and stack her wood.  Lee took them over and they asked if she would hire them to do the job.  I told Lee if she couldn't hire them that we should just do it for service.  She did hire them and they got in a good hour of work stacking wood.


We all went down to our town's autumn days.  A soda booth hooked up their hose line to Lee's water at the office.  They wanted to somehow write down the different meter numbers so Lee could get reimbursed.  Lee asked if they would just give him free sodas and they said yes.  The kids loved that.
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That same night we went with our friends to an early downtown trick-or-treating.
Oct 20 2018 (6)

Lee took the older kids to a stake game night. Fun times!