Friday, February 24, 2012

Another Step Forward

It's official.  Lee owns his practice! Lee presented the last payment check to Dr. Downey today.
Feb 24 2012 Lee (3)

Dr. Downey was very generous and allowed Lee to be in the old building rent-free/commitment-free for three months. Close to the middle of November, Lee signed an agreement to buy the practice over the course of three years.  We always wanted to finish buying the practice in one year, but really had no idea how and when that would happen. I got the thought stuck in my head that I wanted to finish buying the practice in March 2012; April at the latest. Even though I knew it wasn't a timeline that could be guaranteed, I still hoped for it.

Well, thanks to Lee's part-time side job, a lot of sacrificing (have you ever added water to your milk before?), some money from the IRS and a few earnings from the practice, we were able to complete the buying process in just 3 1/2 months!

Lee recently talked to Dr. Downey about the balance of the pay-off amount.  We wanted to know exactly what we owed before writing a huge check.  Well, we owed him $44 less than what we thought. To celebrate the big event, Lee and I are going to split the money and buy fun food items with it.  I know, I know, we are party animals! Today when Lee have him the final check Lee said: "This represents a lot of rice and beans." 

Heavenly Father has truly blessed us.  Now we'll be on to building the practice, integrating an EMR sometime and hopefully start saving for retirement and a house again!

Feb 24 2012 (3)

Feb 24 2012 (2)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Snow Day!

Sunday evening it started snowing and we all hoped that a snowday would come from it. Well it did!  Monday morning school was canceled and we were all excited about it!  Our kids didn't have President's Day off initially--so thank you snow!  After Lee's morning patient we all went over to the park (minus Lois, Jeff and Blake) and went sledding. Our first sledding of the winter...sadly, maybe our last. It's pretty funny that school was even cancelled...the snow was basically all melted by late afternoon!
Feb 20 2012 Snow Day (2)

Feb 20 2012 Snow Day

Feb 20 2012 Snow Day Ruth Elden

Feb 20 2012 Snow Day Cal

Feb 20 2012 Snow Day Reed Shanna

Feb 20 2012 Snow Day Elden Cal

Feb 20 2012 Snow Day Elden

Feb 20 2012 Snow Day Clark

Feb 20 2012 Snow Day (3)

Feb 20 2012 Snow Day (4)

Feb 20 2012 Snow Day Cal (2)

Cal was packing snow into a cup and I saw him dump it out.  I told him it looked like a little snowman.  So he went a made one.  Isn't it so cute?! He did the photography himself too.
Feb 20 2012 Snow Day Cal's snowman

Feb 20 2012 Snow Day Cal's snowman (2)

Feb 20 2012 Snow Day Cal's snowman (3)

After sledding and lunch, Lois and the girls and I went to The Valley Pantry.  I love going there!  The last of our guests for the weekend--Lois and co--left a little after 3.  It is always sad when the last of the visitors leave.

These pictures are for my friend Janae. I braided the girls' hair a few weeks ago the night before church. Then Sunday morning I unbraided it all.  It was very cute.  I don't have pictures of the end result, but this is a hairdo I often do on Haley.  One day I'll do a side braid on her hair.  I part the hair fairly low on the other side..if that makes sense.  So it doesn't look that great in this picture because I had fixed her hair the day before.
Feb 23 2012 Haley

Then I leave the braid in all night and the next day I take it out.  I just gather a little bit of hair in the front to keep it out of her face.  Usually her hair is more wavy, but I think you can get the idea.
Feb 23 2012 Haley (2)

Haley took some pictures is Shanna's ballerina that she created. I love how the ballerina has her arms out and a leg kicked up.  Very creative Shanna!
Feb 23 2012 Shanna'a lego ballerina

Haley also got a picture of Elden.
Feb 23 2012 Elden

The weather has been wonderful this week--very energizing!  Just what I need! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Holiday Weekend

We had an awesome holiday weekend.  My brother Sheldon is doing AIT and was able to get a four-day pass.  My parents picked him up and drove here to Virginia to visit us.  Daniel and Amy and Lois and Jeff and families also joined the festivities. 

About a month ago Sam and Shawna had their first baby...born on Friday the 13th!  He is such a cutie.  I can't wait to meet him in person!
Jan 25 2012 Mom William Bartholomew

Jan 25 2012 Dad William Bartholomew

The fun weekend started Friday night.  Shortly after Sheldon and my parents arrived we walked to Elkton Eyecare.  While Lee gave my parents eye exams the rest of us went to the playground with Sheldon.  He's quite the popular uncle! We had dinner and watched a movie and waited for people to come in.  Saturday morning everyone was here.  Lee left for work and all the moms came with me to a Relief Society activity that I was somewhat in charge of. After the activity we went to Sharp Shopper!  We had a great time shopping! We were not disappointed--there were some great deals!

Feb 18 2012 Lizzy

Feb 18 2012 Anthon

Feb 18 2012 Ila

Feb 18 2012 Reed, Cal, Haley, Clark Anthon Rachel

Later that afternoon we took a walk and I showed everyone my "dream" home just around the corner.  Okay, it's more like a "realistic" house that I want to buy someday.  I go back and forth between buying a starter home, buying a big house or building a house. 
Feb 18 2012 Ruth Elden Amy Ila Lois

This is the house that I like.  Right now it is for rent.  Lee and I went and saw it a few weeks ago.  There were 17 of in the yard.  I am sure the neighbor was wondering what was going on when he pulled up.  At least we were leaving when get got home.
Feb 18 2012

We did an impromptu photo shoot.

Feb 18 2012 Elden Dad MOm Reed

Feb 18 2012 Ruth Shanna Lizzy Daniel

Feb 18 2012 Elden Ruth Shanna Rachel Lizzy Daniel Ila

Feb 18 2012 Ruth Elden Reed Dad Shanna LIzzy Sheldon Lois Daniel Amy Ila

Daniel and Amy went on a bike ride.  I am showing Amy a little about my bike. I didn't even realize that Haley had taken this picture.
Feb 18 2012 Ruth

Feb 18 2012 Mom Rachel

Probably texting Sarah.
Feb 18 2012 Sheldon

Feb 18 2012 Cal Lizzy

Feb 18 2012 Lizzy (2)

Feb 18 2012 Rachel

Sheldon's birthday was on the 7th so we had a delayed birthday party.  Happy Birthday Sheldon!
Feb 18 2012 Sheldon (2)

Feb 18 2012 Sheldon (3)

Feb 18 2012 Elden

Feb 18 2012 Blake

Feb 18 2012 Haley

Cal playing Angry Birds with Dad.  Sheldon told me that Cal is actually really good at it, ha ha.
Feb 18 2012 Cal Dad

Probably more Angry Birds!
Feb 18 2012 Anthon Cal Clark Sheldon Haley

Daniel brought his new game Bang!.  It was very fun.  I am excited to play it again.  Thanks Daniel!
Feb 18 2012 Daniel Mom Dad

My dad was the Sheriff.
Feb 18 2012 Mom Dad

After Bang! we went to Elkton Eyecare and Lois and I helped my mom pick out some glasses.  She got some really cute Guess rimless glasses. It was so fun going there together.  We had some good laughs as well.

Sunday morning my Mom snapped a few pictures of the kids.
Feb 19 2012 Haley

Feb 19 2012 Shanna Haley Reed Clark

Feb 19 2012 Haley Shanna Clark Reed Cal

Feb 19 2012 Shanna Haley Reed Clark Cal

After church we ate and later went on google+ with some of my other family.  Lois brought some oh-so-divine truffles and shared them.  YUM!  Thanks for making them Lois!  It's always great being together with family.  Thank you everyone for coming!