Tuesday, August 7, 2012

School is a comin'

School is just around the corner (2 weeks away!) and I can't believe it.  Yesterday we stopped by the school to let the office know that I wanted to have Shanna and Haley in separate classes.  I am glad I did because the awesome secretary there, Tina, gave me all of the kids' paperwork!  At this school they have a "Fee Day" where you come in to fill out paperwork, pay fees associated with different grades, get the student handbooks, and find out who your child's teacher is. I just finished filling out the paperwork for my FOUR kids going to school this fall.  My hand started to hurt at the end! Shanna and Haley also have their kindergarten physicals all done.

Last week was tax-free weekend.  I saw an ad for school supplies for sale at a local pharmacy (I love that they're closed on Sunday!).  I knew I had to buy a lot and wanted to get it done, so I did it the day before the tax free day, ha ha. Their backpacks are now stuffed and ready to go.  All we have left to do is basically buy some socks and underwear, exchange some clothing, and get the girls some gym shoes. Being in the school yesterday made this coming school year feel real.


Aug 7 2012

This summer has been too short and I am sad my girls are heading off to school! 
Good thing there are two weeks left to play!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

4th of July

We had a nice 4th of July.  We hope you all did too! Our friends invited everyone from the ward to come to their home on the 3rd for a bbq and potluck dinner.  Don't you love their coffee table?  It's a chess board!  I love that Clark and his friend (who has been his swimming buddy at the pool all summer) know how to play.  


Some pretty views.  I love the views driving home from Harrisonburg...it's so gorgeous out here! 

About 9:30 or so we headed to the driveway to watch the fireworks from Massanutten.  Right before that the kids roasted marshmallows.

There are two wards and a Spanish branch here and every July 4th we meet for a combined breakfast and program.  The other ward was in-charge of the breakfast this year.  The program was great!  I loved it--very patriotic.  Clark participated in the flag ceremony. Each of the scouts shared an interesting fact about the flag.  One I thought was interesting was that the flag's stripes were going to be vertical, not horizontal like they are now. The breakfast was YUMMY and we had a great time visiting with friends while the kids played at the park and with water balloons.

Sadie and Haley.  Sadie babysits for us occasionally and she is awesome!

I thought it was sweet that Shanna was doing this.

Our attempt with wearing some patriotic colors...

Since Lee had they day off and we were already in Harrisonburg I went shopping when he hung out with the kids...in the van...He does this from time to time for me!

Thanks Lee!

After shopping, I think we hung out at home for the rest of the day.  Can't remember.  I love the 4th.  We live in a wonderful country.  I am looking forward to the elections this Fall.  Whichever candidates you are rooting for in the upcoming elections, go out and vote! God Bless America!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Darrell comes to visit

Darrell, my oldest brother, came to visit with his family a few days after Reed and Blake went home. Darrell recently received his PhD in market research and will start teaching at a university this fall.  They live just a few hours from us now and I am excited to see them more often! Since they were on their way to their new house, Boomer the dog tagged along.  Elden LOVED Boomer.  Poor kid...he'll never get an animal while residing in this house.  It was fun having a visit from Boommer.

The kids gave him a bath...Boomer is so kind to kids...even when they torture the poor dog..

Darrell's baby...she's so cute!

More dog love!

It might not look big, but I got this HUGE thing of ice cream at Sharp Shopper for $7.99!  Breyer's Cookies & Creme....YUM!

A big storm came through here the end of June, leaving thousands (if not millions) without power along the Eastern States.  We were lucky and had power the whole time. For FHE we went to a lady's house near us.  He dad goes to our church and she needed help with a big tree the fell in her yard--well, half of it anyway.  Darrell had his chainsaw with him so we went to help.  We didn't get all of the wood removed, but we made a little dent.

We had a great time Darrell and Stacie and family!  We're excited to see you soon!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pharmacy Grand Opening

I am so far behind with my blog I just keep putting it off!  Things are settling down a little bit, so maybe I'll be caught up before school starts...we'll see.

Before our month of vacation started we walked over to the new pharmacy in town on a Saturday--they were having a grand opening.  It was nice and hot that day!  There were a few fun activities...


A radio station did a remote at the "grand opening" and Clark and Elden won gift certificates!