Friday, March 31, 2017

Welcome Spring!

Spring has sprung and we are enjoying the constant warmer temperatures.  We had a very mild winter, but the weather was all over the place temp wise. 

Shanna and Haley had a 4th grade music performance.  They did a recorder concert and then performed this number at the end which was really cute.
March 21 2017 (11)

March 21 2017 (13)

Clark during the concert.
March 21 2017 (8)

And Cal and Elden and friends had fun off to the side.
March 21 2017 (2)

One Saturday we took our kids to a local jump house since they were "cavity free".  The dental office we go to holds this every spring.  We've never gone, mainly because (sadly) not all of our kids were cavity free at one point or the other. After the kids had fun running out to this huge mound of dirt.
March 40217

For our pack meeting the end of March we went to a local police station.  The boys got to ask questions, put on hand-cuffs and sit in the police car.
March 22 2017 Bridgewater Police (2)

March 22 2017 Bridgewater Police (3)

March 22 2017 Bridgewater Police (5)

March 22 2017 Bridgewater Police (7)

March 22 2017 Bridgewater Police (8)

March 22 2017 Bridgewater Police

We did a quick trip to the temple in March.  We couldn't find a Saturday to go, so we slipped it in on a Friday night, picking Lee up early from work and heading out.  Lee went to the temple first while the kids and I went to a nearby park to eat dinner. Love having this butane stove!

March 24 2017 (3)

March 24 2017 (2)

March 24 2017

March 24 2017 (7)

March 24 2017 (8)

We had a nice, busy Saturday the end of March.  That morning Clark and Cal attended a music festival where they performed two memorized pieces to be critiqued by judges. They did a nice job.  Too bad that nervous jitters got in the way a bit.  Clark got a superior and an excellent, and Cal received two excellents.
March 25 2017

March 25 2017 (2)

Lee and Cal have been ticking away at Cal's cycling merit badge.  We did a five mile ride behind our local community center.  There are some fun little trails back there.
March 25 2017 (3)

March 25 2017 (5)

I scratched my leg on my bike peddle. It doesn't look so bad here, but later looked worse and bruised.
March 25 2017 (6)

After the bike ride the kids played outside and we went to our neighbors for a birthday party. Cal burned these names into this wood using a magnifying glass.
March 25 2017 (7)

Our neighbors live in the house we used to rent across the street.  I don't ever really think about that house and that we once lived there.  We do miss the front porch though and the porch swing.  Since living here we've definitely decided that when we move into a more permanent home we are going to have a large, covered back porch with a swing. 
March 25 2017 (8)

Can you see Cal's head peeking out?  He is over 3/4ths the way up this tree, on the right.
March 25 2017 (9)

March 25 2017 (10)

A lady at the party showed us how to rip off the bottom of the cupcake, smash it on top, making it a cupcake sandwich.  Genius!
March 25 2017 (11)

The two bushes up front that we cut back a couple years ago have been eye sores.  One started growing back, but the other didn't. 
March 25 2017 (12)

Our neighbors (who held the birthday party we had just been at) came over soon thereafter and pulled out the stumps for us!  The first one came out really easily.
March 25 2017 (13)

March 25 2017 (14)

The second one took a lot longer.  It was so nice of them!  Now we need to buy two smaller bushes to plant.
March 25 2017 (16)

Some clean-up after the bush-pulling was necessary.
March 25 2017 (17)

That same night Shanna, Haley and I went to the church for the general women's broadcast.  The stake and ward didn't have any activity planned beforehand, but I still wanted to do something.  I did not want to sit at home and watch the broadcast.  I mentioned the idea to several ladies about getting together beforehand, and maybe doing an ice cream potluck at the church.  My friend Brittany suggested having a Ben & Jerry's tasting party.  LOVED the idea!  I bought some mini tasting spoons off of Amazon for the occasion.
March 25 2017 (23)

We had lots of Ben & Jerry's to taste from, and a nice group of ladies to chat with.
March 25 2017 (18)

Shanna fell asleep during the broadcast. Last broadcast they only made it to the second song and fell asleep.
March 25 2017 (19)

I had a hard time getting Shanna up.  I noticed her cute notes!
March 25 2017 (20)

March 25 2017 (21)

March 25 2017 (22)

I really enjoyed the broadcast.  And I love even more that I get to go with my girls.  And for random photos....Haley made some "glasses".
March 26 2017 (2)

My brother Sheldon sent us this awesome game, Codenames.  We tried it out and love it!
March 26 2017 (3)

The very end of March we headed up to Maryland for a quick evening trip.  It was Reed's birthday and I thought it would be fun to go up and have dinner with them.  I pulled the kids out a little early from school, and we made it to their house right before 6pm.  We stayed till 8, then headed home.  I'm glad we went up.  It was fun being there for his 10th birthday.  Also, I was able to drop off boxes for Lois.  They will have to move sometime this summer and I started saving up copy paper boxes from our elementary school.  They are the perfect moving boxes.  One of the janitors has been helping me get some.
March 27 2017 (7)

March 27 2017 (8)

March 27 2017 (9)

Jeff did a great job on Reed's birthday cake.  Another Millennium Falcon!
March 27 2017 (6)

March 27 2017 (4)

March 27 2017 (5)

Clark's drone came that day.....he sold his other one and got a racing one.  He's been having fun tinkering with it and flying it.
March 27 2017 (12)

Sharp Shopper has been selling a lot of Larabars lately.  It's been fun trying them.
March 29 2017

Cal had his first track meet.  It was SUPER cold out.  He did shot put, 4x4 relay and the 1600 meter.  He placed 1st in the 4x4 and the 1600 meter.  He placed 3rd in shot put.
March 30 2017 Cal Track Meet (2)

March 30 2017 Cal Track Meet (3)

March 30 2017 Cal Track Meet (6)

March 30 2017 Cal Track Meet (8)

We had a fun evening at our friend's house, the Petersons, talking and playing games.
March 31 2017 (4)

Hope you are all having a lovely spring!  I love this time of year because SUMMER is coming!!!  I love, love, love summer.