Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Kit Returns Home

February wrap-up time!  I saw this paper that Elden wrote while I was doing copies for a teacher at school. 
Feb 22 2018

Shanna's doll is named Kit.  One of the cousin's wrecked Kit's eye and I finally sent her in to the doll hospital.  She came back with a new eye, a cute hospital gown, wrist band, socks and a fun hair style!
Feb 24 2018 (2)

February is play month here.  We usually go to the Harrisonburg High School play and our high school play.  Harrisonburg did a great job on Cinderella.  We went with our friends Michael and Brittany.  We took our kids to My Fair Lady.  It was fun to see it with them and we want to show them the movie.  We went out to eat beforehand as well, which was a treat.  We don't go out to eat with our family very often.
Feb 24 2018 (3)

The front of the program and the back.  Nice ad Lee!
Feb 24 2018 (4)

Shanna had a fun date with Lee at a Thai ice cream place called J-Petal.  She loved it.
Feb 24 2018 (5)

Lee bought a crepe for himself.
Feb 24 2018 (6)

Games are available to play as well, which they took advantage of.
Feb 24 2018 (8)

And a miracle happened.  A year later I finally finished a book containing the first year of my blog.  Sadly it's only 6 months worth that first year.  I'll see how long it takes me to do 2008.  Ugh.... I made a copy for each kid, and for ourselves.
Feb 24 2018

Doing a birthday sign!
Feb 26 2018 (2)

The new vision therapy entrance sign!!! 
Feb 28 2018 (2)

Feb 28 2018 (3)

Feb 28 2018 (4)

Lee starting setting up the vision therapy office!  Micheal Weiler was getting rid of some old office furniture so Lee purchased a few items for a great price...thanks guys!  It's good to have some seating in the front area and will work well for now.
Feb 24 2018 (9)

I helped with painting a chalk board.
Feb 26 2018

Feb 27 2018

Shanna is the only one that likes to participate in fun spirit days like crazy hair day.  This was her creation. 
Feb 28 2018

Friday, February 23, 2018

Scouts, Skates & Dates

We had a couple of scout activities in February.  Cal and Clark have been working hard on advancements and the work is paying off!  Cal needs to do three hours of conservation related service hours.  He spent some time picking up garbage along a sidewalk near our house.  He is going to do some river clean-up as well. 
Feb 16 2018

One blustery Saturday we took a cold hike so Cal and Clark could do part of their cooking merit badge.  We saw the shape of actual snowflakes on that hike.  Wow, it was so cool!  Can you see it?
Feb 17 2018 (2)

Feb 17 2018 (3)

Feb 17 2018 (5)

Feb 17 2018 (8)

We were surprised that other people were on the trail as well.  I laughed when some people walked by and there happened to be a cucumber sitting on a cutting board on the side of the trail.  Very random and funny.
Feb 17 2018 (9)

Feb 17 2018

Feb 17 2018 (13)

Lee and I had a fun retirement date one night.  I LOVE these nachos at Hank's BBQ.  I brought a retirement questionnaire and we each filled out the questions and then read our answers.  I really liked it.  Click here to download your own free retirement dream date file from Chris Hogan to do with your spouse or accountability partner.  So fun!
Feb 17 2018 (14)

Feb 17 2018 (11)

Feb 17 2018 (12)

I got this cute note in the mail from my nephew Thomas.
Feb 17 2018 (10)

Our kids don't like to sleep by themselves.  Haley, Elden and Shanna all in one bed.
Feb 19 2018

Every February we do a ward activity at Funky's Skate Center.  It's always super fun.
Feb 20 2018 (2)

Elden and Cal brought their friend Michael.
Feb 20 2018 (3)

Feb 20 2018 (5)

Feb 20 2018 (7)

Feb 20 2018 (16)

Feb 20 2018 (18)

Feb 20 2018

Elden had his Blue & Gold Banquet!
Feb 22 2018 (3)

Feb 22 2018 (2)

He received his Wolf badge.
Feb 22 2018 (5)

Feb 22 2018 (6)

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day & Beyond!

Another Valentine's has come and gone, and it was another fun day.  I personally like Valentine's Day. 

The weekend before Clark attended District Band.  I had to snap some pictures of him.
Feb 3 2018 (2)

Feb 3 2018 (8)

Feb 3 2018 (3)

Feb 3 2018

Feb 3 2018 (9)

That morning for Elden's Faith in God he planned a date with Lee and wanted Cal to go as well.  They went on a hike and did the Home Depot kid workshop.
Feb 3 2018 (4)

Feb 3 2018 (5)

Feb 3 2018 (7)

Clark likes bringing home different instruments from high school.  This is a flugelhorn.  He also likes to go outside and play them on the porch for the whole neighborhood.
Feb 5 2018 (2)

We sent some things to my brother Sheldon for his birthday and this is the note Elden wrote.  So sweet.
Feb 5 2018 (3)

Grilled chicken in the winter is always yummy!
Feb 5 2018 (4)

We've recently been on a renewed Harry Potter kick.  I saw this in the back of one of the books.  It was printed in Harrisonburg!!! Isn't that sooo cool?!
Feb 5 2018

Our kids do dates with Lee and sometimes me about once a month.  In February Cal wanted cookie dough for his treat and to play a Star Wars game. Elden had a different game that night and also had the cookie dough.  It's fun to make with egg powder and eat it raw!
Feb 8 2018

So I ordered a Michael Kors bag off of the internet.  The price seemed too good to be true.  It was.  The bag was a complete knock-off.  Totally obvious.  I was worried about getting my money back, but did!
Feb 9 2018 (2)

Feb 9 2018 (3)

To Valentine's Day!  Lee got me these beautiful flowers.  They came a few days before Valentine's Day so I enjoyed them for many days.
Feb 9 2018 (4)

Clark often receives fun handouts from Seminary.  This is one of them...
Feb 9 2018

Right before Valentine's Day we went to Lois' for a visit.
Feb 10 2018 (2)

Luke is so cute!
Feb 10 2018 (3)

Saturday night Clark read us a poem he had to write for Advanced Geometry.  It was pretty funny.
Feb 10 2018

Sunday morning before church the kids made some cute Valentine boxes with the idea that they would write kind notes to people in their family and leave them in the box.
Feb 11 2018 (2)

Feb 11 2018 (3)

Feb 11 2018 (4)

Feb 11 2018 (5)

Feb 11 2018 (6)

Feb 11 2018 (7)

We headed to Darrell's for a surprise visit! Haley's clementine is cute!
Feb 11 2018 (8)

Surprise!  We celebrated Stacie's birthday with her and told Joseph happy birthday as well.
Feb 11 2018 (9)

And we got to see Serena again! Clark loves the babies.  It's so cute!
Feb 11 2018 (10)

Feb 11 2018 (11)

Feb 11 2018 (12)

I love getting gifts from the kids.  Very sweet and cute!
Feb 13 2018 (2)

Feb 13 2018 (3)

Oh, one night I was on my way over to a Relief Society activity and brought soup with me to eat on the way.  I knocked my elbow wrong, and spilled soup everywhere.  Ugh.  Such a mess.
Feb 13 2018

Lee leaves Valentine's for the kids every year.  My dad used to do the same and it's fun that Lee does it as well for our kids.
Feb 14 2018 (2)

Valentine's morning we had a fun breakfast.  I enjoyed setting up some festive decorations.
FEb 14 2018

A teacher gave me a yummy cookie and I asked her for the recipe.  She told me she got it off of the back of this bag and then gave me one!  So kind of her. 
Feb 15 2018

Hope you had a fun Valentine's Day!