Sunday, November 16, 2008

A few weeks ago I took Cal and the girls to story time. It was for Cal, but he did not do well. I finally took him out for a little walk in the library and we came back later and did the craft. The lady that did the craft mentioned a craft activity every Thursday morning. This past Thursday I went to it with my neighbor and her twin girls; of course Cal, Shanna and Haley came too. Cal decorated a foam leaf and then they had snacks for the kids! And it was all free. I am going to wait a little while for story time with Cal, especially since the twins are normal 18-month year olds and they don't want to sit for a 1/2 hour. We read to Cal at home anyway--it's the craft stuff that I am not good at. So this will be great!

Yesterday we took a trip to St. Louis and I went to the temple. The picture below is where we bought gas. A little while later we saw fuel for $1.71! Here on base it is $1.85--not too bad either. I hope the prices keep dropping, because then (hopefully) it will take longer to go up.

After the Temple we went shopping at both of these stores. I bought some fabric for the girls' Christmas dresses...stay tuned on that one. I want to have them done December 6th, so they can start wearing them to church the 7th. I think I'll have them wear them every Sunday in December, and then again around Valentine's Day. Anyway, I just love that there is a Hobby Lobby and an Aldi joined together! What a match!

While I was at the temple (Lee forgot to get his recommend renewed) the kids played at a nearby park for a little bit. It was COLD yesterday. Mid 30's! Notice Clark is outside and Shanna and Cal are inside the van.

The girls and Cal did go out.

Miss Shanna

Miss Haley

Cal looks cold and desperate

Clark enjoying the photos being taken of him...reminds me of you, Stephanie!

A slip-n-slide isn't the best in almost freezing weather. I wonder if Clark liked it?

Clark looking chilly too.

Last night the girls took a long time to fall asleep. It didn't help that they both had a nap in the van around 5:30pm. I went in to check on them because they were still making noise and this is what I found!

Shanna (or Haley, but I think it was Shanna) pulled the cribs together and Shanna somehow crawled into Haley's crib! Crazy. They were having fun together! Shanna is also getting into things lately. A few days ago she got on a little chair and grabbed a jar of applesauce off of the counter. She walked over to me and dropped it. Of course it broke and made plenty of glass shards. It took awhile to clean up. Lee just informed me that Shanna crawled out of her crib after her nap today. NICE!

We are having a good Sunday. The kids were pretty good in Sacrament meeting. My class seemed to go okay. I won't do a lesson this next Sunday as it's Stake Conference. We will start getting ready for Thanksgiving. My brother Darrell, his wife Stacie and family are coming for Thanksgiving and we are excited to have them. They'll be the first to stay at the Robertson Resort. And it will be my first time EVER cooking a turkey. Though I am considering a ham...

Have a wonderful week!


Nostrebor said...

Clark did, by the way, love the "slip-n-side"! He kept doing it over and over and wanting an uninterested Cal to watch him. Haley did it once and decided that wet pants and cold wind were not as fun as Clark professed.

Gianetta said...

So cute! Hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Roger said...

I think its way funny that they figured out how to get in each others cribs.

When are you going to move them to little beds?

Mike said...

Little beds? Wait until they are potty trained for those!

CaraLee said...

They're all so cute and it looks like you're having a great time back there. Glad to hear you're getting settled there.

We got moved part way from Ely into a little apartment (temporary like when I met you in Ely) and after Thanksgiving we will have most of our stuff moved in to storage and we will bring a few things over here. When we find the house that we want we will move again (I'm getting too old for this).

I have a few new recipes on my blog, if you want to check it out.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Megan and Jeremy said...

I love ST. Louis! How far away is from you guys? You should go up in the arch sometime (unless you're claustrophobic like me!)
And I am so impressed with you guys to pay off two of your loans already-it's going to feel so good when it is all paid off :)

Jeff said...

Am I the only one who finds it funny that McDonald's Loves Subway?