Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fun taste of the summer ahead with a trip to Mississippi.  We usually make it down there about once a year and this was it!  Elden and I went first with my parents and we headed down to the Smoky Mountain area to visit my Uncle Steven and Aunt Susan who were serving a mission there.  We stopped at a visitor center and then went over to a mill.  Elden enjoyed missing some school. We had a fun trip with my parents.

This was the best word find ever.  We never did find "Chicken".

After a night's stay at the hotel, we finished our trip, arriving in Mississippi.  That evening we attended Jon's graduation.  His high school is huge!  They have their graduation at a convention center downtown. He was 13th in his class! The Valedictorian, Abby Wallace, goes to the same ward as the Erekson's.  She gave a great speech at graduation and then spoke again on Sunday.  Apparently she was more nervous about her Sunday talk!  Her sister Afton died a few years ago from cancer, about three days after high school graduation. Abby wasn't going to go to graduation because it was scheduled to be on the same day her sister passed away. But the school board changed the graduation date!  Pretty awesome of them!

We stopped at Sonic on the way home for some treats.  I can still tie a cherry stem into a knot in my mouth!  Lots of talent, I know. 

Friday we went to the Military Park and help put up a few flags for Memorial Day weekend.

Later we walked around the USS Cairo and the museum.

Lee and the other four kids arrived that night in time for Ethan's Eagle Scout Court of Honor!

Earlier that day I started prepping Rebecca's room for painting. 

On Saturday I mainly spent the day priming and painting.  Thanks to Lee we got the room done later that day as you'll see.  Except for the closets.

We took a break mid-day to get some donuts at Divine Donuts where Rebecca works.  YUMMY!

That evening was a get-together for Jon's graduation.  Very convenient and fun that there is a park across the street from Lena's house.

Getting closer!!!

Sunday morning muffins and messages!  We had breakfast, listened to a conference talk and read scriptures.

This is probably Saturday morning scriptures?

We drove around the Military Park a little bit after church. 

Sunday afternoon we had fun hanging out with Ethan and chatting.  Later he asked us if we would take him driving.  We went down to a big parking lot and he drove the Honda around and did a pretty good job on stick shift!

I spied this book in Rebecca's room. Looks so fun.

And just like that our trip came to a close.  Lee drove my parent's car, with Shanna along, and I drove the Honda with the rest of the kids.  We had a hard time with the air conditioning every now and then.  We had to roll down the windows a few times.  I'm thankful though for freeways and cars to get us across this country!  I love the freedom to travel.

Back in Elkton, we had a game of gaga at Cal's pit.

Not sure when this happened but at some point we stopped at the new ice cream parlor in town. We enjoyed it, but not sure if we'll go back.