Monday, December 31, 2018

One more year to Forty!

Another year gone, another birthday down!  Darrell turned 45 and I turned 39!  One more year till forty! We went up to Pennsylvania on Darrell's birthday and hung out with his family that day.  In the afternoon we went to the church and the kids, Darrell and Lee played outside as a wedding reception was all set up in the cultural hall. That evening we adults went out to eat at a Chinese buffet.
Dec 29 2018 (2)

Dec 29 2018 (3)

Dec 29 2018 (6)

The staff brought me and Darrell a birthday treat!
Dec 29 2018 (4)

Another party at home!  Happy Birthday Darrell!
Dec 29 2018 (5)

My birthday fell on a Sunday.  We stayed in PA for church.  I loved being able to hear Kylie's talk in Primary!
Dec 30 2018 (2)

Dec 30 2018 (3)

After church we headed to Grandma's for dinner.  Lee and I brought chili, salad and rolls for everyone.
Dec 30 2018 (21)

I love having the exact amount of candles on my cake/brownies!
Dec 30 2018 (5)

Dec 30 2018 (7)

Dec 30 2018 (8)

Dec 30 2018 (6)

Shanna got me a balloon and a container to put my lip gloss.
Dec 30 2018 (10)

Jessica gifted me some fun fuzzy socks.
Dec 30 2018 (11)

Haley bought cute mini Martinellis for me!
Dec 30 2018 (14)

Dec 30 2018 (16)

Lee gave be a box of chocolates, I mean money!
Dec 30 2018 (19)

He also made a chocolate cheesecake for me and the adults.  YUM!
Dec 30 2018 (20)

The kids performed a play in Grandpa and Grandma's basement for us.  So cute.  Even had choreographed dancing!
Dec 30 2018 (26)

I enjoyed my birthday.  Thanks everyone!  The party continued on to New Year's Eve!  The girls (and Lee) did a Hallmark movie party at my mom's.  We had yummy treats and watched two Hallmark movies.  I think we need to do this every year!
Dec 31 2018

Then the party moved to Darrell's!  We had treats, watched movies, and played Monopoly. Joseph won Monopoly this year.
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Dec 31 2018 (3)

Dec 31 2018 (4)

Saturday, December 29, 2018

'Twas the Day After Christmas....

It was the day after Christmas and all through the one was home, not even a mouse!  I went to bed fairly early Christmas day and headed out with the kids on the 26th to go see the Bartholomews in North Carolina.  We loved seeing Daniel & Amy and their kids.  I especially wanted to see Ila and Lizzy who were home for Christmas break.

We had fun hanging out, playing games and visiting.  During the afternoon we went to the North Carolina Museum of Art...just their walking trails. We had a nice walk and went out to the bridge that goes over the freeway. 
Dec 26 2018 (3)

I completed the invitation given by President Nelson to read the Book of Mormon by the end of the year.  I finished up that day.  YAY!  I definitely learned even more and enjoyed feeling the spirit while I read.
Dec 26 2018 (2)

On the walk by the museum.
Dec 26 2018 (4)

Dec 26 2018 (5)

Dec 26 2018 (6)

Dec 26 2018 (7)

Daniel rented a scooter for a few minutes.
Dec 26 2018 (8)

Dec 26 2018 (11)

After dinner I visited more with Amy and Lizzy and it was time to go home.  While I was there Amy gave me a birthday present!  So sweet!  I LOVE Lip Smackers and Dove Chocolate.
Dec 26 2018

Dec 26 2018 (10)

Thursday morning Clark and Cal came with me to help with a soup kitchen.  Our ward provided lunch to anyone who came in.  I was grateful for all the sisters that pitched in with food, money and help!
Dec 27 2018

Thursday evening of Christmas week we met up with the Petersons again at Ruby's Arcade.  We used the money my mom gifted us for Christmas for here.  After dinner and some pool, we did duck pin bowling.
Dec 27 2018 (2)

Dec 27 2018 (3)

Dec 27 2018 (4)

Dec 27 2018 (5)

Dec 27 2018 (7)

Some night skiing!!!

Dec 28 2018 (2)

Dec 28 2018 (3)

Dec 28 2018

Dec 28 2018 (8)

Dec 28 2018 (4)

A lot of snow has melted at the ski place we go.  We saw lots of deer one night.  Cal was going on some ski ramps when a bunch of deer ran right in front of it.  That really scared him.
Dec 28 2018 (5)

Elden wanted to make a pumpkin roll over Christmas.  We made the pumpkin cake part one night.  He got distracted so I just froze the pumpkin roll. 
Dec 28 2018 (6)

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

It's Christmas!!!

Christmas 2018 was a success.  But really, how could it not be?! The kids woke up early and usual, but because we went to bed late as usual, we didn't get up till 7:00ish... We enjoyed pumpkin pie and egg nog for breakfast as usual. 
Dec 25 2018 (2)

Dec 25 2018 (3)

The line-up!  Not much to see this year as the stockings were just filled with goodies.  But they still went in one at a time.  Elden was first this year.
Dec 25 2018 (4)

Dec 25 2018 (5)

Dec 25 2018 (6)

Dec 25 2018 (7)

Dec 25 2018 (8)

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Dec 25 2018 (14)

Dec 25 2018 (11)

Dec 25 2018 (12)

Dec 25 2018 (13)

Dec 25 2018 (16)

We put little cereal boxes in each stocking.  One of Lee's favorites!
Dec 25 2018 (17)

Dec 25 2018 (18)

Dec 25 2018 (19)

First Lee opened the service box.  He read what we each had done for service to each other during December.
Dec 25 2018 (20)

Then present time!  Cal saved up LOTS of money and bought Lee a fun Lego car set and a 5 pound bag of gummy worms. Cal also found a cracked iPhone in a ditch near our house.  Clark charged it up and they gave it to Lee.  Too funny.  It works, but of course is locked.
Dec 25 2018 (21)

The gift time!  The kids got each other gifts as well.  Haley made this awesome card for Cal as well. She bought him an awesome Star Wars Lego set.
Dec 25 2018 (22)

Dec 25 2018 (23)

Clark bought Haley two Pokemon boxes.  He spent more on her than we did on our present to Haley!
Dec 25 2018 (24)

Dec 25 2018 (25)

Shanna's gift from us was an iPod shuffle.
Dec 25 2018 (26)

Clark received a synthesizer from us.  Sadly he knew about it before Christmas.  There was some damage on the package so Lee took some pictures of the box and sent it to the seller just to check.  Clark for some reason saw the photos.  RATS!  But he was a still a happy camper on Christmas!
Dec 25 2018 (27)

Dec 25 2018 (28)

It was a Lego year and Cal got a VW camper van from us.
Dec 25 2018 (29)

Dec 25 2018 (36)

Dec 25 2018 (30)

Shanna gifted Clark her pocket operator synth, some batteries and some treats.
Dec 25 2018 (31)

Cal gave Elden a Lego set as well...a Star Wars ship.
Dec 25 2018 (32)

Elden gave Shanna some walkie talkies.
Dec 25 2018 (33)

A family gift!  Some dried bugs, ha ha.
Dec 25 2018 (34)

Haley received a Mech dragon from us.
Dec 25 2018 (35)

Elden recieved this Lego City from us.

Dec 25 2018 (37)

Lee's brother Paul and sister-in-law Cindy gave us this ice cream maker!  So sweet of them!
Dec 25 2018 (39)

Here is the phone Cal gifted Lee, ha ha.
Dec 25 2018 (40)

Dec 25 2018 (41)

Clark jamming on the synth.
Dec 25 2018 (38)

Lego building time!
Dec 25 2018 (42)

Dec 25 2018 (43)

Dec 25 2018 (44)

I had to get this light kit for the VW camper van.
Dec 25 2018 (45)

We got a decent family took a couple of tries.  Thanks to Brooklyn, Shanna's friend.
Dec 25 2018 (46)

We went on an outing to bring some gifts to our friends, then over to the nursing home.
Dec 25 2018 (47)

Normally we do not go out in PJs, but on Christmas day and we were all matching...I thought it would be fine.
Dec 25 2018 (48)

A the nursing home we saw three people, said hi and gave them little Christmas gifts. It was sad to leave and think about how lonely they must be.
Dec 25 2018 (49)

Dec 25 2018 (50)

Dec 25 2018 (51)

Dec 25 2018 (52)

Dec 25 2018 (53)

The kids went home and Lee and I went and visited two more neighbors.  That night we had BBQ nachos, watched movies, played a game and went to bed.  It's so sad when Christmas ended! But it was a lovely day!  Merry Christmas everyone!