Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Around the House

I've posted a project or two, but here are some more Lee has been working on.  The end of March the couch broke...too much rough housing on it. Ugh. Thankfully Lee repaired it!

Shanna often helps Lee with projects which is cute.

Cal and Elden had fun going through Cal's pennies.

March 14, 2012....a little art by Shanna. 

I mentioned the challenge about getting rid of stuff in the month of April and I definitely had the desire to go through all the little spaces!  I got rid of a ton of stuff!

Another bike ride with a gorgeous view!

This old picture popped up on my friend Terri's Facebook feed-something Elden drew when he was 3 or 4.  So cute!

Shanna made some glasses for an art project.

Another cute card from the Primary Penpals.

Shanna and Haley have been doing a little baking and they like to make cinnamon rolls and breadsticks.

There have been lots of Lego creation sessions too!  Cal built a gun that shoots Legos!

I bought more Easter eggs.  I have two IKEA bags that I would like to fill up.  I'm thinking next Easter about buying about 10 dozen more. 

Lee fixed our "basement" door, and even replaced the broken glass.

Shanna and Haley gave me their birthday lists.  I love how telling their lists are of their personalities.  Shanna's is on the left, Haley's on the right.  Can you tell who is the nerd and who is the free spirit?

More bike rides!

Cal putting my head on Shanna's body, ha ha.

Shanna helped me get rid of things by going through her American Girl doll stuff!

Shanna made a meringue pie.

Clark headed off to his first day of work at Food Lion!  I'm so excited he got the job!

We got to listen in while my nephew Jon opened his mission call.  He'll be going to Canada Winnipeg mission this fall!  So excited for him!

Clark all official with his name badge!

Shanna created a hair tie with some fake flowers she got at a swap meet.

Cal and Elden received some letters from Eric!

Shanna has been making all sorts of treats!  She made a fruit jello mold one day.

It's interesting see the different names on indexing.  Darrell calls Clark "Clarkins".  It was funny to see Clarkin as a name. 

I showed Elden how to wipe down the stove. The kids take turns washing dishes each night and afterwards I want them to wipe down the counters, stove, microwave and then lastly the sink.

I did our first Relief Society zoom meeting the last Sunday of April.  I found out that my friend Katherine was looking for yeast at some stores but couldn't find any.  I decided to bring her some and we all went on a family Sunday drive.  We hadn't been in the Suburban for a long time together!

We dropped off the yeast and a late birthday present to Graham. It was fun saying hello to all of them.  Esme was sleeping.  It was sad that we couldn't really visit!

Elden having some sock fun. 

Shanna too!

The kids have been listening to books, trading and playing with Pokemon cards and playing Magic. 

Since the quarantine began I wanted to have us all eat lunch together everyday.  Well that didn't happen, but we have eaten a few times together for lunch! 

Forest Tree.....Really???

Shanna and I did a big shopping trip the very end of April but for May.  I went shopping for two weeks along with getting a little food storage.  The car was FULL! I think I will go shopping once a week starting the middle of May.

Shanna and I had a date that night.  We made homemade caramel and played a game.

During April there have been a few trips to the dump and dropping off other donations as well.  It's been great getting some little projects done around the house. I did another challenge in April to get rid of stuff. This challenge, of getting rid of as many items according to what date of the month it is, has been a good one.  I seriously didn't think I could get rid of that many items!  But I did!  Thankfully my kids got rid of stuff as well.  By the end of April it was over 460 items that left my house.  NICE!  I've done this challenge 4 times now and purges many other times.  It's easy to accumulate stuff so quickly!  I find it interesting that the more I've gotten rid of, the fewer things I want to buy, and the more content I am.  I love the book, The More of Less by Joshua Becker.  It's so good!  I don't feel as jealous or comparing myself as much to other people. Funny how that happens by truly purging and getting rid of all the junk and excess.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Easter 2020

We had a quiet Easter during COVID-19.  Usually we are with a lot of family for a fun weekend of church worship, a Sunday feast, and a fun Saturday egg hunt.  We still did those things, but just our family.  Which thankfully is great because we have a great time with each other!

Sad seeing our playgrounds quarantined as well.

The gaga pit Cal did for his Eagle project was blocked off as well...though the plastic fencing is falling off.

We did a fun bike ride in Massanutten.  Lee took us to a little pond that I've never been to before.

Shanna set up egg dying for us!

We did an "art" show one night with the cousins and my parents.

Cal showed off his Nesquik collection that needs to be recycled. Hmm...

On Saturday we did an egg hunt at Lee's office.  I'm glad we did!  It was more fun with the little different areas that at home. 

Our pretty, crazy looking apple tree.  And our sad lawn.  Lee has been working on it a lot.  Someday it will look terrific!

We only filled about half of our eggs because it was just our kids.  I like doing egg hunts where the kids can just grab what they want with no restrictions.  Everyone gets lots of eggs and the fastest people do get more.

Another weird/fun activity....vacuum sealing my kids.  Well, I didn't do that-my kids were having fun with each other.

I finally got the play room cleaned!  It's been cleaned before of course.  But lately it had been overrun with winter gear and stuff.  I want to replace the rug, but that won't' happen anytime soon.

Lee took some of the kids on different bike rides as well. 

Easter Sunday was beautiful out.

The kids did a little artwork outside.

I had fun doing a fancy table.  Though I didn't plan out a centerpiece.

Earlier that morning Cal helped Elden tie his tie.

I took pictures of Cal's conference notes to send to his seminary teaching in case he needs to do any make-up work.  It was fun seeing Cal's Ookie Nookie frogs.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter.  We participated in the world wide fast that President Nelson asked us to join in on during Good Friday about COVID-19.  We are so grateful during this uncertain time that we have our Savior, Jesus Christ, to rely on, no matter what.