Friday, May 13, 2011

I hope all you ladies had a nice Mother's Day.  We went to Oklahoma for the weekend.  My oldest brother Darrell blessed his baby on Sunday. It was great to be there and of course, too short. It would be so wonderful to live within an hour of all of my family!

Here are photos of what we've been up to lately...

Recently I made a double batch of french bread.  The yeast must have really liked the air that day.  This has NEVER happened to me.  I was quite surprised when I walked into the kitchen!
May 4 2011

We arrived at Darrell's Friday night.  Saturday the kids had a great time together.
May 7 2011 Jessica Bartholomew, Haley

May 7 2011 Clark (2)

May 7 2011 Jessica Bartholomew

May 7 2011, Elden at Bartholomew's, Stillwater OK

For lunch we made our own pizzas.  It's been awhile since I've done pizzas this way--it was yummy!
May 7 2011 Shanna

May 7 2011 Haley

May 7 2011 Haley

I went shopping that afternoon with all the girls and my mom...minus guess.  Yep!  Haley.  She wanted to stay with dad.  They had a Nerf gun fight in the backyard.  One stop on the shopping trip that was particularly fun was Bath & Body works.  We put on lots of lotion and glitter body spray and lip fun!

That night we went to a ward picnic out by some lake somewhere.
May 7 2011 Cal at park in OK

Wouldn't this be an awesome place for a family photo?
May 7 2011 Lee, Ruth Elden

Sorry took it.  I'm postin' it.
May 7 2011 Darrell

May 7 2011 Clark, Eric Bartholomew

May 7 2011 Lee Elden

May 7 2011 Shanna (2)

It was great to see my parents while we were there!
May 7 2011 Mom, Ruth Elden

May 7 2011 Cal (2)

The awesome mother Stacie and her new baby. 
May 7 2011 Ruth Stacie Kylie Bartholomew

Baby Kylie
May 7 2011 Ruth Kylie Bartholomew

My not-so-baby Elden
May 7 2011 Elden (4)

May 7 2011 kids at park in OK

May 7 2011 Cal in sand

May 7 2011 grandkids and grandpa Bartholomew

May 7 2011 Grandpa and Shanna

Saturday my cousin Grant and his family met us at the ward picnic.  I think the last time I saw all of them (well, Grand and Sandra) was a camping reunion in Utah many, many years ago.  It was before I was married, but I think I was in college.  It was fun to visit with them and be with their wonderful family.

Sunday pictures
May 8 2011 Dad, Lee, Darrell, Kylie and Grant Cooper

May 8 2011 Dad, LEe, Darrell, Kylie and Grant Cooper (2)

Doesn't Stacie look amazing!  Looking at her you would have NEVER guessed she just had a baby!
May 8 2011 Dad, Lee Darrell and Stacie and Kylie, Mom Grant

We went on a Sunday walk to a near-by lake.
May 8 2011 Clark again

May 8 2011 walk to lake

May 8 2011 walk to lake

May 8 2011 elden

Yep, a bit windy.
May 8 2011 Shanna

May 8 2011 Shanna Mae

May 8 2011 Elden again

May 8 2011 Haley

May 8 2011 Cal

May 8 2011 (5)

May 8 2011 bird

On Tuesday Cal's class had a little celebration by going to a park and eating ice cream Sundays.  Thanks Tara for watching my kids!  I had fun going and Lee even joined us for a little bit! I really should do more at school with the kids.  Right now it's cool when mom comes.  I am sure that will change!
May 10 2011 Hayden, Cal Gavin Walgate, Kindergarten Party

May 10 2011 Hayden and Cal

May 10 2011 Cal and Friends

May 10 2011 Cal with some of K class and turle Nina found

Someone brought a pinata...that is always fun! 
May 10 2011 Cal and pinata

On the way home from school the other day Clark saw a girl he knew and said (I am going to make up names): Hey Jenny, do you know that Matt wants to marry you?  I think that's weird that he wants to marry you.

At least we are dealing with boys first and not girls, right?!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

No Rules Pinewood Derby

This is awesome and hilarious.  My brother-in-law recently entered a No-Rules Pinewood Derby. He made quite the car that ran on a compressed air propulsion system.  Check out their blog for the details:  AND I love that the only rule was: no fire.  Here is a video of it that I snagged from their site.

Great job Mike!!!

Happy 4th Birthday Shanna and Haley!

On Monday Shanna and Haley celebrated their 4th birthday.  Happy Birthday girls!!!  I often was amazed when they were babies that I had TWO babies.  Now that they are older they are seeming less and less like twins and are just Shanna and Haley.

This was taken about a week and a 1/2 before they were born.  I never measured my waist...wish I would have.  My fundal height was 50 inches a couple days before they were born.
Ruth & Twins April 22 2007

Even as newborns they were very easy to tell apart. Shanna weighed 7 pounds 1 ounce, and Haley 7 pounds 6 ounces.
Shanna and Haley May 2 2007

Shanna is sucking on Haley's head...pretty funny.
Mom, Haley and Shanna May 8

They were blessed on Mother's Day, 2007
Haley and Shanna on May 13

Uncle Sheldon (at BYU-I all you single ladies) and the girls
13 May 2007 Sheldon with Shanna & Haley

My sister Lena, Kirsten, Mom, and us
Lena, Kirsten, Mom, Shanna, Ruth, Haley May 13 2007

Lee, my Dad and the girls
May 13 2007 Lee & Darrell Bartholomew with Haley & Shanna

May 13 2007 Lee with Shanna & Haley

I love this photo!
May 6 2007 Haley, Lee, Shanna, Cal & Clark

Sunday night we made their cakes.  My friend Jeni saved me and brought some marshmallows to church for the fondant.  We had some design and structural issues with Shanna's princess cake, but in the end it turned out fine.  Yet again, Lee and I had a late night with the cakes.  But the girls seemed to enjoy them!
May 2 2011 Happy Birthday Shanna Haley, 4th

May 2 2011 Shanna

May 2 2011 Haley cake

May 2 2011 Haley Elden

May 2 2011 Haley Elden

May 2 2011 Shanna 4

May 2 2011 Shanna Haley (2)

May 2 2011 Shanna (2)

May 2 2011 Shanna (3)

May 2 2011 Shanna (4)

May 2 2011 Haley Lee

The girls had a fun birthday.  My friend Leah got them each a princess baby doll, which was fun.  THANKS!
May 2 2011 Shanna Haley Clark