Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I know I've been posting gas prices a lot, but it's SO fun to see them drop and drop and drop! Last night on base it was $1.69. On our way to Rolla for our little excursion on Saturday I saw a sign for a truck stop where fuel was $1.49! WOW! It would be very fun if it got down to $0.99 a gallon, or at least below $1.30. I just hope they stay low till after the holidays. I don't want them to go back up, but I don't mind if they do start to raise in January. I wish I had a tank so I could buy and store a year supply of fuel right now!


Lois said...

Buying a year supply of gasoline isn't the best thing to do because gasoline can go stale. It would also be extremely dangerous to store lots of fuel.

The Letterman's said...

depressing that it's a reflection of our slumping economy (but is nice for the pocket book)