Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Mother's Day 2020

I hope you ladies had a great Mother's Day!  Before I get to a brief Mother's Day recap, here are some happenings leading up to that day.

We've enjoyed playing games and a fun one is Code Names.

The girls enjoyed more birthday fun with packages from Uncle Daniel and Aunt Amy! They love getting packages from them.

The weather hasn't been super great, but a few nice days have managed to squeeze through!  And getting outside is the perfect remedy for all this staying at home!

On "May the 4th Be With You" a couple of my sisters did some fun food things for dinner that night.  I didn't do anything but loved what my sister Deb did.  I thought this was especially funny...a storm trooper stuck in some jello.  I mean carbonite.

I need to do something like this next year!  So fun!

The kids have been enjoying re-listening to Brandon Mull's different books and series: Candy Shop Wars, The Five Kingdoms, The Beyonders and Fablehaven.  I'm listening to Josi S Kilpack's culinary mysteries series.

Shanna received some pictures in the mail from her little friends.  I thought it was cute she put them up on her mirror.

Our neighbor had something stuck in an underground pipe and her yard and our yard were dug up to find the problem. Sadly there is a bunch of clay for our dirt here.  And it's a mess.  But we're glad her pipes aren't clogged anymore.

For Cinco de Mayo we had tacos and Shanna made a pinata.

I also gave her a hair cut.

Clark made himself a fun lunch.

Shanna broke the pinata herself, which was funny and we divided up the candy.

I love the random things our kids are coming up with during quarantine.  Another one was Haley and Elden seeing how many times they could walk around the couch.  They did this for at least 20 minutes.  It was pretty funny. 

Cal has gotten into the "Magic" card game and has been playing with his friends online showing his cards using the camera and also playing with Shanna, Haley and Elden.

Shanna and I made some caramel one night for a little date.  Of course there was A LOT leftover so I made some homemade "turtles" that don't look like turtles.

I laughed when I was reading this.  Lee and I are reading Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport.  I thought this part was funny about playing games with people.  "Playing games also provides permission for what we can call supercharged socializing--interactions with higher intensity levels than are common in polite society." This made me chuckle out loud.  This is totally my family--especially with Monopoly!!!

Finally---we are finding sanitizer and disinfectant wipes!!! Pretty much anything we find is for Lee's office.  We want to have a good supply there!  And today I went shopping and was able to buy more disinfectant wipes.  They use them all the time at Lee's office.  And even more now when they are constantly cleaning glasses when people are trying on frames.

This is so COVID-19... You know you have a good friend when they buy you hand sanitizer at the store!  Another one to add to Lee's supply for his office-sweet! Thanks Katherine!

Yum.  Homemade pizza. No other words needed!

My sister Deb told me her secret.  Though it's not a secret but I think it's a huge secret to awesome pizza.  Baking it at 500°.

We did a virtual game night with some friends on Friday.  We played code names.  We did this with our siblings and then the next weekend invited our friends to play with us over Zoom.  Lois gave us the idea of the cooling rack.  We put our phone on the rack so they could see the game "board".  And Lee used the cooling rack to cool our treat...chocolate chocolate chip cookies.

Shanna loves flips on the trampoline and doing all sorts of stuff in the house.

I had a nice Mother's Day.  Lee gave me lots of chocolate and a lovely card, as did Clark and Shanna.  Haley made the fun cake with raspberries and Lee had the kids fill out cute notes about what they thought of me being their mom.  The Bishop and his wife brought me the pretty flowers and note and we enjoyed a little porch visit with them. Lee also got me a gift card to McDonald's to get french fires.  I think french fries is basically my favorite food!

Loved how Lee wanted the kids to guess in grams how much I weighed.

My favorite part of the above notes is my job section.  I love that they could write that my job is being their mom.  And racking up the cash apparently according to Cal, haha. Lee made me a fun lunch and also did baked potatoes for dinner.  I just love potatoes!  We also did church at home and had our Come, Follow Me/Family Home Evening. We squeezed a walk in as well.

For dessert Monday night Shanna made a pumpkin roll!  On Monday we try to make it our family game and dessert night for family home evening.

I'm grateful for the mother's in my life!  I'm grateful for Lee's mom and raising such a great guy, and my mom for teaching me the gospel!  What a treasure.  I am blessed by these and many other wonderful women in my life. Choices do matter, and can impact generations!

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Happy 13th Birthday Shanna and Haley!

The big day came! Shanna and Haley turned 13, bringing our number of teenagers to four!  There are challenges at every age and those challenges get harder, but I love having teenagers. 

For the cakes Haley wanted a double chocolate torte with a picture of the Dungeon and Dragons emblem.

I bought some food markers but they didn't arrive till the afternoon of the girls' birthday.  I wanted Haley to draw it on her cake.  But she gave me the idea of creating a stencil. Then I used food coloring gel to color it in.

Shanna wanted a lime jello mold for her cake.  She even made it herself!

Lee made crepes and bacon for breakfast.  Haley wanted the crepes, Shanna the bacon.

Before the festivities that afternoon the kids did their Saturday jobs.

Happy Birthday girls!

They each put trick candles on their cakes.

Clark gave the girls a Lego set that had belonged to him.  They really liked that present.

They had fun opening cards from their Bartholomew and Robertson grandparents and then some mail that also came on their birthday.

The kids enjoyed trying out the food markers with leftover fondant.

The Peterson's stopped by and gave Shanna and Haley presents. They loved it.

One of the goodies from the Peterson's!

Shanna and Haley each got a card but this the one for Haley..

Haley did some art work along with Elden and Shanna by swinging a marker and flicking the ink on paper.  Here is one of the creations.  I really liked this one.

We had fun celebrating their birthday!  Here are a couple pictures from when they were younger.

Shanna and Haley on their 4th birthday.

Me about a week before they were born.

The girls on Mother's Day 2007.  They were blessed that day as family was already in town, in Missouri.

We love you Shanna!  We love you Haley!  We are so grateful you are both part of our family and that we can have this great adventure together!  Haley loves Pokemon, getting chased by dad, tickling people, making fudge, drawing dragons and playing games.  She rides her bike to school, plays the piano, and works hard at school.  Shanna loves to do flips on the trampoline, dance with dad, make jello, play games with siblings, rearrange her room and make little creations.  She plays the piano, works hard at school, loves watermelon, and has fun keeping in contact with her friend Cortlyn.