Monday, July 31, 2017

Clark turns 14!

And just like that Clark is 14!  Wow!  Every year Lois and Jeff get free tickets to Busch Gardens.  We've never been so decided to go with them this year.  We also decided to go on Clark's birthday.  It was super fun and the lines were just fine. 

My favorite ride, the Griffin.  SO FUN.  SO FREAKY.  SO WORTH IT!
July 27 2017 Clark 14th bday Busch Gardens (2)

One of the best parts was hanging out with cousins.  We weren't always with them, but for the majority of the day we were.  And we ate meals together too which was fun.
July 27 2017 Clark birthday Busch Gardens (3)

July 27 2017 Clark birthday Busch Gardens (5)

July 27 2017 Clark birthday Busch Gardens (6)

Busch Gardens has different "countries" that you visit.  So fun!
July 27 2017 Clark birthday Busch Gardens (7)

July 27 2017 Clark birthday Busch Gardens (8)

We were kind of mean and tricked Cal and Elden on going on the Verbolten.  It seems like a harmless ride looking at it while standing in line.  But it goes SUPER fast and then even drops at one point.  They weren't very happy about the ride.
July 27 2017 Clark birthday Busch Gardens (9)

July 27 2017 Clark birthday Busch Gardens (10)

Lois and Jeff had sweet parking. Literally right across from the main entrance.  For dinner Clark requested canned soup--like we have sometimes when we go to the temple.  I brought out trusty butane stove to heat up dinner. It was nice eating right by the entrance, then going back in for rides.  Maybe someday I'll feel like I can waste my money on food and snacks at a theme park.
July 27 2017 Clark birthday Busch Gardens (11)

July 27 2017 Clark birthday Busch Gardens (13)

July 27 2017 Clark birthday Busch Gardens

Very fun time at Busch Gardens!  We took Rhett home with us since Lois and Jeff were moving into a new rental that day.  The last ride of the evening Clark and I went over to the Griffin.  At the last moment Lee showed up. I asked him where the kids were and Rhett.  He said they were just by the entrance of the ride and said they would be fine.  Cal does babysit sometimes and is old enough to do so.  I did get a bit nervous as we were buckling up for the ride that is super scary....what happens if we die on this ride?  I was especially worried because we had Rhett with us and it was dark out.  But it all worked out and we didn't die and leave orphans at a park.  Little side story, ha ha.

We celebrate Clark's birthday on Friday.  He opened some presents that morning. 
July 28 2017 (5)

July 28 2017 (6)

July 28 2017 (7)

If I have these picture dates correct, Clark had football practice that afternoon on Friday and we went swimming.
July 28 2017 (2)

July 28 2017

His party that night.... We pretended it was Rhett's birthday as well and sang to him.
July 28 2017 (4)

The embarrassing photo of mom fixing a teenager's hair, ha ha.
July 28 2017 (9)

Happy birthday handsome boy!
July 28 2017 (11)

He wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  No problem!!!
July 28 2017 (12)

July 28 2017 (13)

A bad photo, but Clark received another drone for his birthday. He has fun building them.  Drones are way over my head....
July 29 2017 (3)

Quite the set-up with a mallet and a soldering gun! We hope you had a great birthday Clark!  It's been a terrific 14 years!
July 29 2017 (4)

We are going to Disney World in the near future and are wearing three matching shirts with other family members.  This is one of the matching shirts.  Fun, huh!  Two of us families are debt free, house included!
July 29 2017 (2)

Some love carrots Lee found.  Or they were just cut in the machine wrong.
July 29 2017

The end of summer also brought a court of honor for scouts.  Clark and Cal both received new ranks.  And Clark is almost done with his Eagle!
July 30 2017 Cal 1st Class, Clark Life

Lastly, we celebrated my friend's birthday. There is a new Olive Garden in Harrisonburg and it's been super busy ever since it opened.  I finally ate at that one for the first time.  It was fun going out for lunch.  And Olive Garden was able to split up my friend's lunch receipt so all of us paid for it.  Pretty cool!
July 31 2017

Hope your July was a terrific one!  Lots of fun partying around here for sure!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

July Fun!

Lena and Mike came to our house right after we left Stephanie's.  They stayed with us for week while Mike did some work up in DC and Rebecca was at EFY in Buena Vista.  I was busy helping Cal with some service hours for scouts, plus doing stuff with Clark for his Eagle so we didn't do a whole lot while they were here.  The kids also had swimming lessons and Clark had some football stuff.  It was pretty busy.  We did do some fun things here and there though!

Morning scripture reading.
July 16 2017 (4)

Cal completed 8 hours of service at the food pantry here in town. He quite enjoyed it!
July 17 2017

July 17 2017 (2)

Shanna and Kirsten went to Lee's office one afternoon while the Vera Bradley rep lady was there.  They enjoyed looking at the glasses. I suggested to them that they dress the same....Why not when you have double the clothes that look alike?
July 19 2017 (2)

July 19 2017

Makenzie was at EFY with Rebecca.  So Deb and Matt came down for a few days and to pick up Makenzie.  One afternoon we all went swimming then played at the community center rec room while the pool was closed because of lightening. They kicked us out....

Our library has awesome rewards for their summer reading program.  One of them is a free cone at Chick-fil-A.  We had fun getting one there.  We also got a free donut that day as well.

That evening the kids enjoyed the free mini-golf game courtesy of the library's Free Friday program during the summer. Thanks for the pictures, Mike!
20170721 MiniGolf-002

20170721 MiniGolf-016

20170721 MiniGolf-019

20170721 MiniGolf-022

20170721 MiniGolf-025

20170721 MiniGolf-033

20170721 MiniGolf-035

20170721 MiniGolf-042

20170721 MiniGolf-048

Mike, Lena and family had to leave Saturday morning to pick up Rebecca and head home.  It was fun having you guys here!  Deb and Matt came back after getting Makenzie and stayed for a couple more days.  We took them on the Bear Fence hike at Shenandoah National Park.
July 22 2017 Bear Fence (2)

July 22 2017 Bear Fence (3)

July 22 2017 Bear Fence (4)

July 22 2017 Bear Fence (5)

July 22 2017 Bear Fence

July 22 2017

Cal, Thomas, Elden and Hyrum all worked on some scout stuff while they were here as well.  It was really cute. 
July 23 2017 (13)

Hyrum and Elden working on their Totin' chip. Elden really wants a pocket knife.
July 23 2017 (14)

We had many desserts while with family!  But who am I kidding.  Lee and I do desserts all the time....too often really.....
July 23 2017 (15)

I had a gift card to a local restaurant so Deb, Matt, Lee and I went there for desserts.  It was weird because I gave everyone a limit on what they could spend, but it came out well! Thanks for coming Bunkers!!!


In July Lee also ate his last piece of Christmas candy.  Good thing too because Halloween is right around the corner!
July 23 2017

One afternoon we went out to Sherando Lake with some friends.  I've never been there before and definitely want to go back!
July 25 2017 Sherando Lake (2)

July 25 2017 Sherando Lake (3)

July 25 2017 Sherando Lake

July 25 2017 Sherando Lake (4)

Cal finished another merit badge.  This one was Citizenship in the Community.  He had to give a presentation for it. Sounds like it went well as he finished the merit badge!
July 25 2017 Sherando Lake (5)

Lee enjoyed some yummy garden goods on a lunch sandwich.
July 25 2017

My friend Jenny invited us over to her pool again.  We love going there to swim.  Thanks Jenny!
July 26 2017

Not much of July leftover after all of these fun adventures!  Happy Summer everyone!