Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day!

After Lee's pancake breakfast, cleaning the bathrooms and getting everyone ready, we went to a Veteran's Day Parade in Waynesville, Missouri. It was a nice little parade. We are enjoying Lee's break.

Shanna and flag

All the kids before the parade

The popcorn bag is basically empty, but this is the candy we got at the parade! We brought some of the kids' Halloween candy for a treat because we didn't know if they would throw candy at this parade or not. But we didn't use the Halloween stash at all. (More for that New Year's pinata, right?!) We made out quite well today.

An attempted photo of Lee and I by Clark

A little better one by Clark

A hot pink Camero...nice...too bad it doesn't hold 6 people!

Cal and Clark...some guy gave us three of these flags which was really fun!

Clark searching for some candy

Cal soaking in all of the wonderful, big emergency vehicles

Clark and Cal again

Cal enjoying it all

A big army truck...we see a lot of these around base

We are almost done with our Christmas shopping, thanks to Lee today. Well, it was really quite easy since our kids are getting pretty much the same type of Christmas they did last year. But it is very nice to have it almost all done! Last night for Family Home Evening I read a story called Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving. (Well, I actually paraphrased it, but showed them the pictures from the book as I went along.) Then we played a matching game from the Friend. The pictures used for matching were of a house, the scriptures, food, family, etc. And when my boys got a match I asked them why they were thankful for that particular thing--like why they are thankful for a house. We then had hot chocolate and family scripture reading.

Happy Veteran's Day! Enjoy the rest of the week!


Lois said...

Sweet blog update! Wow - you really did get a lot of candy at the parade! And it's good candy too! Pretty much the best parade ever!!! I bet it's SOOO nice having Lee home so much!!

Ashley said...

What do you mean "the same type of Christmas as last year"?