Thursday, July 5, 2012

Reed & Blake's Vacation

Reed and Blake had a fun vacation at our house last week.  Lois was out of town to help Stephanie. Blake and Reed decided it was time to go on vacation while mom was away.  We had a good time.  I thought Reed would get sick of us.  Thankfully he LOVED being here for eight days and was sad to leave. Here are pictures of our adventures....


I LOVE the local library's summer reading program. Our librarian even let me sign up Reed and Blake! For the second "prize" the kids received free ice cream cone coupons for Dairy Queen.  There is one conveniently located in town and of course we had to bike over.



The whole crew (Lee as cameraman)...a nice long line! We had two kids in each bike trailer. 

Sunday morning photo shoot.

These pictures are so cute!  Too bad the silly cracker box is in the picture!

Guess Elden didn't want to sit on top of Clark like everyone else!

Clark's latest robot Lego creation. The picture doesn't do it justice. (I need to work on my photography skills because I don't have any!)

Shanna LOVED mothering Blake.  One morning these two were the only ones in the room and Shanna was "reading" Blake a book.  So sweet!
While the boys were on vacation we basically stayed in town. With seven kids and only a seven passenger van, we did a lot of walking/biking/scootering.  We enjoyed the park, the library and of course our own yard.  Can't wait till you come again next year Reed and Blake!