Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Happy Birthday today Amy!!!

Darrell and Stacie and their kids came and visited us for Thanksgiving. They arrived last night while Lee was at the ward football Turkey Bowl. We enjoyed having them here and are looking forward to seeing them right after Christmas too!

Yesterday, Lee was able to come home a little early as he basically had a half-day at work. He did have to go to a training in the afternoon, but it only lasted 45 minutes and I was thankful he was home a little more yesterday!. Thanksgiving preparation started on Wednesday. Though under the weather, I made 6 pies, a pumpkin dessert and prepped the veggies for Thanksgiving Day. Here are the first pies in the oven.

TODAY: Before the big feast we played outside and enjoyed the GORGEOUS weather! Darrell took some of the older kids on a walk through the woods behind our house and he found two bonsai trees that he took home with him. The kids also had fun playing hide-n-go seek all around the house and enjoyed a little "house" Lee set up in one of the storage rooms.

Katie and Clark

Haley and Jessica

The turkey was one of the first things done! I watched a video on Food Network by Alton Brown on how to do a perfect holiday turkey. It worked great! Though it wasn't perfect all-around for Lee, he did say that he had some yummy pieces. Doesn't it look great?? It was done in 2 1/2 hours and it's my first turkey I've ever done.

The feast begins!

Another view

After some more eating and talking and Lee cleaning up--you are the BEST Lee!--we went to a park on base.

Katie, Eric and Clark

Shanna, Joseph and Jessica

Eric and Haley. Eric had a blast playing with our cars and trucks.

My brother Darrell and Lisa

Katie and Clark

Cal, Jessica, Clark and Katie

Jessica and Shanna

After the park (we counted it as our "Thanksgiving Day Run"), we had PIE of course!

Darrell and Stacie left early this evening. We wish they could have stayed longer! I am glad they took some pie with them. I think I made too much. We got everything cleaned and kids in bed before 8. Clark helped us out by falling asleep during family scripture reading at 7.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, so I know I am over doing it on the whole gas price thing, but it's a $1.49 here on base.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We hope you did too!


sheldon bartholomew said...

gene has some nice sideburns

Melissa S. said...

I LOVE the paper plates! You're so funny. Don't think that I didn't seriously consider it too!
Your turkey DID (looks wise) turn out awesome! There's nothing better then having those darn things turn out. It's like you graduate into the mommy-Thanksgiving-provider realm now! :)

Kelly said...

Good job on the turkey! You're amazing for doing so many pies. Looks like it was a fun holiday for you guys.

Gloriela and Nacho said...

Your turkey looks great and those pies I wish i was there you got to post the recipies for the pies honestly they look so yummy that I feel like going to the bakery :) last christmas i made ham so my hubby´s family was here and the ham just took like 2 more hours so my mom n´law had to go home and bring the turkey she had made earlier, so good job!