Thursday, July 29, 2010

Little Getaway

We had a great weekend with friends and family!  Our trip started off by visiting our friends, Megan and Jeremy.  Megan and I were roommates at Ricks College our freshman year.  (And no, it was not BYU-I then, so I will write its proper name for the proper date.)  It's been 4 years since we've seen them. It's funny how Megan and I have had similar events happen in our lives--like missions and twins. Good thing no one has held Jeremy up by gunpoint (Right?) Lee and had a great time visiting them. They had to get up early the next morning and I hope they felt somewhat rested.  We didn't go to sleep till after 1 am....

We spent the night (well, we slept a couple of hours) at their house and then left at 4:30 Saturday morning.  We headed to Oklahoma for Katie's baptism, my brother Darrell's oldest daughter.  Darrell and Stacie and family are there while Darrell is going to school for his PhD at OSU.  We live fairly close to them and haven't visited them enough.  And Mike, thanks for the GREAT pictures!!! 
July 24 2010 Baptism for Katie Bartholomew, with Darrell

My dad and nephew Eric
July 24 2010 Baptism Grandpa B and Eric

The always lovely Stacie...Darrell's better half!
July 24 2010 Baptism Stacie Lisa


Haley helping.  Clark just saw this picture and asked: "Why didn't I get to help?"

Family time with Darrell and Stacie and everyone else!

July 24 2010 hanging out Alyssa

I am so glad you stayed longer Deborah!
July 24 2010 hanging out Deborah

Such squeezable cheeks Elden!!!
July 24 2010 hanging out Elden (3)

July 24 2010 hanging out Elden

July 24 2010 hanging out

July 24 2010 hanging out (2)

That afternoon we tagged along to the stake Pioneer Day pig pickin'.  YUM & FUN!
July 24 2010 Pioneer Day

July 24 2010 Pioneer Day slide

July 24 2010 Pioneer Day Slide (2)

July 24 2010 Pioneer Day slide (8)

July 24 2010 Pioneer Day Haley

July 24 2010 Pioneer Day Clark

July 24 2010 Pioneer Day (3)

July 24 2010 Pioneer Celebration Shanna Elden

July 24 2010 Pioneer Celebration Makenzie Elden Jessica


That night we celebrated Clark's birthday.  We thought it would be fun to do with so many cousins around.  Two of my sisters and their families were there--if you hadn't guessed from the pictures, along with my parents.  There were 29 of us! Clark requested a Lego cake.



I love this picture of Clark.  What a sweet, energetic and loving boy you are Clark!!!
July 24 2010 zParty! Clark

It was fun to be with Lena on her actual birthday.  Which of course we celebrated too!
July 24 2010 zParty! Lena

Katie, the girl of the day, got to join in the celebration with opening a belated birthday present.
July 24 2010 zParty! Katie

July 24 2010 zParty! Lee Elden

A few weeks ago we FINALLY made an FHE chart. Once a week we get together with our family for a special night which includes...well, the picture can tell all! (Mom, how much can I bill you for product placement?)
July 22 2010 FHE Chart

Last Monday for Family Home Evening we talked about pioneers and Lee shared a couple of stories about his great-great-grandpa Robertson. One little story was when they traveled from St. Louis to Utah they hooked the container of milk/cream to the wagon and by the end of the day with all the movement, it had turned into butter.
July 22 2010 Pioneer Day Wagons

Clark had a very fun 7th birthday.  And of course it was a Lego filled birthday.  He got Legos from us and then later that morning spent his birthday money from Grandparents Robertson/Bartholomew and Great-Grandma Lena on MORE Legos!  He was one happy little boy. Two of his friends came and played that afternoon. I took some pictures but accidentally deleted them.  I was not very happy!

Just the normal things have been going on...swimming, shopping with five kids, buying school supplies, family bike rides, finding a snake in our toilet.  You know, the same old, same old.  Now that it's the end of the week, enjoy the weekend! By the way, the bit about the snake and the toilet never happened.  Stuff like that never happens to us! And Mom B, Clark loves the flashlight!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For Cousin Nathan

I made rolls today, and the kids like to have their own dough blob along with a pile of flour.  Cal started playing with his dough and realized he wanted a rolling pin.  He quickly ran out of the room saying: "I need to get a steamroller!" 

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Fun

We had a great weekend.  Things started off right on Thursday when Clark lost one of his teeth accidentally by trying to pry some Legos apart--with his teeth of course.  He had another loose tooth and figured he might as well bite on another Lego and have the other tooth come out. It worked!  And of course, being the parents we are, we let Clark pick out two treats since two teeth came out. He asked if we could put money under his pillow, and then he could wake up and see that the toothfairy came. He decided to get the treat instead.

Friday we went swimming (minus Lee), then went to a birthday party (with Lee).  A couple of weeks ago I saw a message from my sister in my email to look under my chair.  I thought it was very strange, and felt silly, but I went ahead and looked under my chair.  There was a note under my chair from my wonderful husband asking me on a date!  It was very sweet and creative.  Thanks Lee! 

We went miniature golfing on base.
July 16 2010 Lee

July 16 2010 Lee and Ruth mini golf

We headed off base for a treat afterwards. While we were at DQ I took a picture of the DQ sign.  A guy in his vehicle saw me taking the picture.  A few minutes later while we were eating our blizzards, he came out and offered to take our picture. Basically he thought it was funny that we wanted a picture at DQ (that was my interpretation). We told him that it was a treat for us to be there alone because we had 5 kids.  Anyway, he was surprised and Lee and I got a nice chuckle. By the way I worked at Dairy Queen in high school.  I haven't been to DQ in years!
July 16 2010 DQ

The next morning we took a family bike ride to the PX for a car show. We brought our own popsicles. YUM!
July 17 2010 Clark Cal Lee Shanna Haley

July 17 2010 Elden

A car that Cal liked
July 17 2010 Cal

July 17 2010 Cal Haley Shanna

Cal was so amazed that he could see the engine.  It was so funny!
July 17 2010 Cal (2)

A new generation of car critics!
July 17 2010 Clark Shanna Haley Cal

A car Clark liked.
July 17 2010 Clark

And one Lee liked.
July 17 2010 Lee (2)

A family favorite! An original Shelby Cobra.  So sweet.....
July 17 2010 Shelby Cobra (3)

We rode on over to the USO and had a snack and played a little. 
July 17 2010 Shanna Haley USO

A nice nap after a long bike ride.
July 17 2010 z Shanna sleeping

This is a busted toy shopping cart that Elden LOVES to push around.
July 17 2010 z Elden toy

July 17 2010 z Elden toy (2)

We had a nice Sabbath today filled with the normal things.  Enjoy the week everyone!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

June Catch Up

Now that I am caught up on May, I will catch up for June too.  Even though Lois was moving into her condo WHILE my kids were there (we helped them move from their apartment to their condo right before we went to Nicaragua) she didn't mind that we stayed a couple more days before we headed home. 

One of the last days in Nicaragua I saw some Kinder eggs at the check out at La Colonia.  We bought one for each of the kids (sorry Elden, you missed out again).  The point of purchase worked on us Matt! 
June 13 2010 Clark Haley Reed Cal Shanna Kinder Eggs

Look familiar Sheldon?  Well, somewhat.  The wording isn't in Italian.
June 13 2010 Kinder Eggs

Opening the eggs.  There were small toys in them from a Madagascar movie.
June 13 2010 Cal

June 13 2010 Shanna and egg

Our last day (boo hoo) at Lois', the guys put together Cal's birthday toys.  What do you think he got?  Legos of course! 
June 14 2010 Clark Cal Lee

The others playing with leftover fondant.
June 14 2010 Shanna Reed

June 14 2010 Shanna Reed (2)

June 14 2010 Haley

The next weekend my dad was here for Father's Day.  Here are Shanna and my dad a few days before Father's Day.
June 17 2010 Darrell Bartholomew Shanna

Happy Father's Day Dad!  You're a GREAT dad and it was wonderful having you here!
June 17 2010

One night it was Cal's turn to wipe off the table and chairs.  He was doing such a great job with the chairs that I had to get a picture.
June 17 2010 Cal cleaning

On the 24th we had our first official emergency room visit.  Cal ran into the kitchen doorway and split his eyebrow open. The cut necessarily wasn't too bad, but it gapped open and I figured it would need stitches.  It was quite convenient actually--timing wise.  Lee had just finished work.  He came home and took Cal in.  It is all healed and Cal has a cool scar.  The night he came home, he and Clark were admiring the stitches in front of the bathroom mirror.  Hopefully we can last another 7 years without any emergency room visits!

I am glad Cal had a smile on his face at the end of the day...dirty faced and stitched!
June 24 2010 (2)

Hope June was a great month for everyone!