Sunday, November 23, 2008

I just did a "word verification" for leaving a comment on someone else's blog. It was a good one:
gedgre. I am all about higher education and great job to those people out there who got a GED and then go on to take the GRE for graduate school!

So why not one more random thought...I read some get-out-of-debt articles my mom sent me. One person wrote how is good to pay off your house as soon as you can. I totally agree! Then the person basically wrote that having a paid for house is good because it can be borrowed against in case of an emergency. I totally disagree!

There are some things people do or say that I don't agree with, but I can see where they are coming from and understand their point of view. I cannot understand borrowing against one's home. Paid for or not! I would rather rack up the bills on a credit card. Why on earth would I borrow money against my home for an emergency just to increase the risk of loosing my home? And why would I borrow on it when I've already paid for it?! I would go sell pizzas or work at Micky D's! And WHY WHY WHY would I borrow money against my home to remodel it or ESPECIALLY TO GO ON A VACATION??? I do not understand...

I do have some pictures to post and some updates about our happenings, but I've been catching up on blogs and now it's time for bed. Good night! Don't let the frogs whistle!


Roger said...

I'm actually borrowing against Wymount Terrace to fund our Christmas trip to your place. I convinced the bank that I own the whole complex. So I got about 1.4 million. I’m not going to use that much but I figured I should get as much as I could to cover incidentals that I might encounter during the trip. In the mean time I’m investing the residual in a money market account and using the interest to recoup my expenses and then I’ll pay all the money back before the first payment is even due.

This is one of those situations where it’s ok to borrow against your residence.

britt said...

I especially like the ENRON VENTURE CAPITALISM

This has little to do with your post, however :)