Friday, November 14, 2008

We did it!!! We have now wiped away two of our student loans. We have two more left--well, two more companies to pay off. They are our biggest loans too. So far we have paid off 27% of our debt. Lee made the payments this afternoon. I guess they won't clear for a couple of days, but that's okay! We are on our way to financial freedom!

If the above doesn't make you happy, the pictures below should.

The girls like to hug each other, and Cal got in on the action too. (The red eye remover did something weird to Cal's eyes in the third picture.)

Photos from 11/13/08--Happy Birthday to Brita on that day!


Ashley said...

Good for you!!!!

Lois said...

YEA!!!! That's awesome!!! And - those pictures are SOOOO precious!!!!!! Wow - the girls are really getting big!

britt said...

Good job on the loans!!!

If I had a job I'd totally try and see if I could race you on getting out of debt.

Maby once I graduate I'll do it.

I loved the pics by the way!

Liz said...

I love the feeling of paying off debt. I just wish we could do it more quickly. :-) Your kids are super cute!!!

Nicole said...

Super exciting!! I wish we were in the repayment phase!

The Castleton Family said...

INSPIRING!!! ruth...way to go you two with knocking out two of your student loans...aahhhh...that just brings hope into our lives. every time i get that hope in our life logan's medical bills roll in! :0) knowing you got 27% of your loans in really does inspire are amazing! hope we can follow in your guys' footsteps!

CaraLee said...

Congrats!!!! I love the feeling of working on getting out of debt. Pete and I have a goal of being totally debt free (including mortgage) in 6-8 years!

Way to go!!