Monday, November 10, 2008

Hello Everyone,

We had a busy week last week. Because of Veteran's Day, Lee gets off today (Monday) and tomorrow! This morning I laid in bed for awhile because Lee was taking care of the kids. After the girls got up they both came and found me. It was so cute because they came up to the side of the bed and were smiling and laughing because they were so glad to see me. It was so sweet. There is a Veteran's Day parade in Waynesville tomorrow, so I think we'll go to that.

Some highlights of the week:

Girls well baby check-ups & immunizations (They did very well with the shots!)
Helped out with missionary zone conference lunch
Flu shots for the family--except for Lee, he received the spray in Texas
Lee and Clark helped at a Boy Scout service project
Normal shopping and cleaning!

There are probably a few things I am forgetting to mention, but we were busy last week.

The kids did pretty well in Sacrament meeting yesterday, for which we were grateful! My first lesson went pretty well. I'll be teaching this Sunday School class to new members and investigators every Sunday, so I hope it goes well. I will have one break this month as Stake Conference is in two weeks.

Saturday night Lee was looking on eBay motors for an idea in case our van broke down in the near future. While looking we found something interesting. Now, if you were to ask me what my favorite minivan was, I would say the Honda Odyssey. Here is one that is currently on eBay Motors: You can Buy It Now for $19,900. It has 39,460 miles and is a 2006.

But, wouldn't this be more fun???! You can But It Now on eBay Motors for $19,780. It has 18,060 miles and is a 2006. It's a Mercedes-Benz RClass. Yeah, I'd think I'd go for this one.

But we wouldn't be buying either of these for awhile. Our backup plan is a Chevy Caprice station wagon. Our van is working fine right now, but it's always good to have a backup plan, right?

Yesterday Lee did a little treasure hunt for the boys. We have lots of Halloween candy (over 10 pounds) that we are saving for a New Year's Day Pinata. So for their prize Lee got some of the Halloween candy out for the boys. Lee does a good job at pictures.

Clark finding his candy

Cal finding his

Clark and Cal...what handsome boys!

I was playing around with the babies on Saturday and Shanna was laughing, which isn't unusual, but I thought it would be a good time to get a picture of her smiling and one of her and Haley together.

Haley is still working on some food. Thanks for the sweatshirts Ruth W!

Friday night Cal was giving the girls rides in this laundry basket. It was very cute. The bad thing was that Cal would only do one girl at a time, so usually the one not in the basket would be crying.

Hope you all have a good week! I hope some of you get the day off tomorrow.

Now for a little about Proposition 8:

For my friends who are not of the same religion as I, please feel free to ask me any questions concerning the recent coverage of the protesting in California dealing with Proposition 8. I have seen some very un-true and quite nasty things about my church and beliefs. Just for the record, we are not polygamists! Lee has only one wife: me. I promise! Some of those people I saw protesting are way out of date with the times. Last time I knew, having more than one wife was illegal (and it still is.) And we don't force young girls into getting pregnant (actually our doctrine is that NO sexual relations should occur outside of marriage.)

Plus, we definitely don't hate gays and lesbians, we just don't agree with their actions. Just like I don't agree with a married man having an affair with another woman. It's wrong and against God's commandments. You know when you read about unnatural affection in the Bible? That is referring to gays and lesbians. Maybe a guy does have an attraction to another guy, but these feelings should not be acted upon. It would be adultery/fornication--just like a married man having an affair with another woman. I am so glad that Propostion 8 passed, which banned marriages of gays/lesbians in California. Marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

Something else I've seen is that this proposition infringes on their rights. As someone pointed out gays basically have all legal rights, just not the right to get married. All I have to say is that same sex marriage is WRONG. The same would be true of a parent that had a genetic inclination to be quick to anger and physically abuse his/her children. He/she should never be given the right to do so just because they are the child's parent. It's just WRONG!

Like I mentioned earlier, if you do have questions about my beliefs please ask. The media is often wrong--and on purpose too.

This is from

The Church does not condone abusive treatment of others and encourages its members to treat all people with respect. However, speaking out against practices with which the Church disagrees on moral grounds – including same-sex marriage – does not constitute abuse or the frequently misused term “hate speech.” We can express genuine love and friendship for the homosexual family member or friend without accepting the practice of homosexuality or any re-definition of marriage.

To read more:


Lois said...

I LOVED your Prop 8 commentary!! Good job!!!!!!! Very well written with really good examples!

Kelly said...

Great post Ruth (as always)! Your kids are so cute. Once again, I wish we lived closer.

David and Ruth Whitemarsh said...

No problem! I found the pants that go with both of those sweatshirts while I was packing. Do you want me to send them? Do you think they'll still fit the girls? Love ya! Ruth W.