Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We didn't do a whole lot this past weekend. It worked out that Lee had Saturday off, which is a rare treat for us! He did the lovely task of helping the kids do their "jobs".  That afternoon while Cal was at a friend's house we went to a local car show and parade.  There were some great cars there.


I wouldn't mind owning this white car someday!

Nathan, you should buy one of these someday!  

This is for you Andy!

We were at the very beginning of the parade so people threw our kids lots of candy.  It would be fun to have Lee be involved in this parade next year.  
Saturday night Haley had a fever.  She has strep throat again...out of the blue...just like last time.  In December Lee and I became slightly uncomfortable, as if we were going to be sick. Our throats felt a little scratchy, our heads hurt a little.  But then after two days we were completely fine.  Then a couple days later Haley got a fever and sore throat.  No one else got sick--thankfully.  Same thing happened again.  A few days ago Lee and I weren't necessarily sick, but we weren't feeling 100%. But a couple days later we both felt fine.  And of course, a few days later Haley got a fever.  I wonder if she is a carrier for strep and her immune system was weakened just right that the strep flared.  Just a guess.  She started on medicine this afternoon so we're good to go...and praying that none of the other kids get sick, just like last time.

Memorial Day a couple of our friends invited us over for the afternoon and evening.  We of course didn't go because of Haley.  It was so sweet of them to think of us and I appreciate their kindness.  We just hung out at home.  Lee did some yard stuff and I tackled a HUGE pile of mending that I'd been putting off for weeks. Our bedroom is finally back to "normal". It never will be a normal bedroom till we move into a bigger house, but it functions really well at present. For a regular bedroom, it holds quite a bit!

I want to start doing something on Memorial Day--go to a Memorial Day Service or go to DC--something!  My cousin Chris has been posting on his blog about our great-grandfather and his involvement in the military. Though he didn't die while in service, and it has nothing to do with Memorial Day, it's been so fun and interesting to read about lately. Here is a great post Chris did at his blog Hotel Geek.

 But the big thing that did happen yesterday: my parents entered the MTC!  They just started their 18-month mission. They will be in the Missionary Training Center for a few days and then head to Texas.  My parents both served Spanish speaking missions when they were young, but never went to the MTC.  "Back then" it was the language training center (right Mom?) up in Salt Lake City.  And they didn't wear name tags either.  This time around they get to go to the MTC and wear name tags!  I love that my sister dropped off our parents at the MTC. What a cool experience.  Thanks for sharing Steph!  She said that when my parents arrived there was a welcoming committee of other young missionaries who carried my parents luggage to their room for them.  Isn't that so sweet?  I am sure they were asked to do it, but it's still cool.  We are so proud of you Dad and Mom!  Already they ran into a friend from Minnesota, Haley Bennett, my dad's cousin, and someone else...can't remember.  I am excited for when Lee and I go on missions!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

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12 Patients!

Last Friday Lee met a goal he's had ever since we moved here...to see 10 patients in a day.  There is a Pizza Hut here is town and Clark had asked a few times to eat there.  We rarely go out to eat and the last time we went out to eat as a family was in 2010! We came up with the goal that once dad saw 10 patients in one day we would go out to eat and get pizza.  But I switched the place and got the kids excited about the local pizza place.  Friday afternoon I told the boys that dad met his goal.  It was so cute because Clark and Cal gave me BIG hugs--they were so excited!

Saturday morning the kids do "jobs" that they get paid for. Lately Shanna has been wanting to scrub out the toilet for me.  I don't mind one bit!

That evening we went out to eat at Ciro's! 
And we took a ridiculous amount of pictures, as always.

I haven't been shopping for clothes for myself in over a year...unless you count a few finds at the local thrift store.  Musselmans applesauce had a promotion going where if you sent in so many UPC codes, they would send you a gift card.  My kids love applesauce and that happened to be the brand that I bought.  I was able to get a few Old Navy gift cards.  Several days ago I was at Old Navy and checked out the girls' section...which yes, I do that from time to time!  Well, they had t-shirts there for $4 each!  I tried one on and it fit great.  Plus I got 10% off on top of that.  Anyway...this brown shirt is my "girl" Old Navy find.  

Lee took this. I had to include it!  It reminds me of your orange picture Lee.  

We all really like San Pellegrino Limonata around here. The kids loved having their very own bottle.  Of course they had fun doing "cheers" over and over. 

Lee's ad on the placemats at Ciro's.
For eating out so rarely, the kids were great.  We were stuffed when we left and headed over to the park afterwards.  It was a fun evening.  Great job Dr. Robertson!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Girls' Night

One morning Haley came out asking about the "shorts" she put on.  She said, see they fit!  What is funny is that the "shorts" are PANTS for a 3-6 month-old baby! I recently went through my twin clothes and sold some at a store and the girls set aside some that they wanted to dress their stuffed animals in.

On to girls' weekend.  Recently our stake and Lois' ward held their Fathers and Sons Campout to commemorate the restoration of the Priesthood. They were both the same weekend.  We decided to do a combo trip of attending the temple and having the guys go to the Fathers and Sons with Lois' ward. And of course, that meant a girls' night was in the works!!!  On the way back from the DC Temple our van turned 150,000 miles!

That night during the campout we went out and did a little shopping.  First we picked up Mary who spent the evening with us.  Thanks for joining us Mary!  It was so fun!  Next we stopped at the Container Store.  What a fun store!  I had never been there before and loved it.    

After that we headed to IKEA. Another store I enjoy going to!

Blake was the lone boy that evening.  He had a fun time I think though...especially when Shanna and Haley kept giving him Swedish Fish!

After our night out shopping (I only bought two different things, ha ha) we ate some delicious strawberry pie.  We watched a couple of shows and pulled out some amazing homemade chocolate mint mousse that Lois also made.  Oh so good!  We went to bed at 12:30.  I woke up at 3:30am, got the girls down to the van and drove to the campsite to pick up Lee and the boys.  Lee had to work at Walmart that morning at 9am, and I wanted to make sure he was on time.  They stayed at the Antietam Battlefield campground in Virginia.  I turned the wrong way on a certain street, which took me straight to the battlefield.  It was kind of creepy being by myself at 4:30 in the morning with all these battle monuments all over.  I was very thankful for cell phones AND cell phone reception that morning.  Lee called me and told me how to get to the campground. We arrived home at 7am--perfect timing.  We were able to unpack practically everything before Lee left for work.  It was  fun trip to DC!

The guys had a great time at the campout.  Lee took Elden this year which I was over-excited about!  

They all played that night, ate, and roasted marshmallows.  The ward did a neat presentation with real locks and keys.  A few boys had to figure out which key would open which lock.  It was all tied back into the keys of the Priesthood.  They also talked to the boys about how they can do hard things.  I have thought about that lately as I recently started running again.  I prefer running on a treadmill, but I can't buy one right now and I don't want to fork over the $20 for a month's membership at the local community center.  I have been walking/riding bike around town the past several months, but not really exercising consistently.  Anyway, I have been thinking that--I can do hard things--when I have been running as of late.

The boys had a great time--they even got to sleep in a tent! Lee was planning on having them just sleep in the van since he had to leave early to go back to work.  Anyway, it worked out that they could share a tent with Jeff and Reed. Thank Heits for another great weekend!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012


One night the boys wanted to do a dance photo shoot I guess. 
 I thought the pictures were pretty fun, and funny.

Clark was hugging Elden one day while they were watching a movie or something.
I thought it was so cute.
One day the girls were painting nails and Cal jumped in and helped them.  What a sweet big brother.

I have wonderful boys.