Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all having a nice Thursday. Thought I would make some random updates.

Saturday I finished cutting out the fabric for the girls' Christmas dresses. The fabric is really pretty and looks better in "real" life. All I have left to do on the dresses: gather the skirt, attach the skirt to the bodice, put in the zippers, and hem the dresses! I want to have them done by Saturday night and so far I think I am making good progress.

Sunday Lee and Shanna took a little nap together. Can you tell that Lee isn't sleeping at the moment?

Monday, I think it was, Cal went on a picture taking spree. He took this picture from a book cover. Lee and I thought he did a good job centering it!

Tuesday we went to the "Holly Jolly Holiday Express" here on base. They had Santa, lots of booths, live entertainment and the lighting of a big Christmas tree. It was SO cold that we didn't stay very long. Shanna likes licking her zipper on her coat.

Wednesday we picked up our free, live Christmas Tree! Thanks to FedEx and St. Joe Christmas Tree Farm in Fort Wayne, Indiana! FedEx gives them out to various bases to active duty members and families as a "Thank You" for serving our country. We also got a bag of ornaments. Our tree is patiently waiting in one of our storage rooms to be decorated and to be put in a tree stand. I need to get one first.

Some other girl updates for you: On Sunday Shanna had started eating her lunch before Haley was even at the table. After Lee put Haley in her high chair, the girls started waving at each other. SO FUN!

I've mentioned before that if Shanna can, she will pull the two port-a-cribs together and climb into Haley's. Well, yesterday Shanna figured out how to climb out of her own during nap time. She kept climbing out. After about 4 times of putting her in her crib, I just closed the doors to their room. I heard Shanna playing for the longest time. When I went in their room to get them about one and a half hours later, Haley was still awake with a lot of toys in her crib and Shanna was asleep on the floor.

For some boy updates, Clark is the "Mustang of the Week"! I guess you could also call him the student of the week. About Cal...he enjoys being at home and still sneaks food out of the fridge. Today I took him (and the girls) to a craft activity they have every week here on base at a community center. He made a Santa ornament. My friend Kelly came with her twin girls. Hope you all are having a good week! The weekend is almost here!


Roger said...

i like the random pictures that your kids take. They are so funny.

Sonia B said...

Your twins sure seem to have a special bond. Aren't nap times so fun when they can escape? I've resorted to a crib matress in front of a movie to even attempt to get a nap for Kristine.

Way to go on the dresses. I bet they'll be adorable.

Megan and Jeremy said...

That is awesome you get a free REAL tree! I still don't think I've forgiven my Mom for switching from real to fake when I was a teenager :) There is something about a real tree, smells yummy.
I am impressed you are making dresses for your girls-can't wait to see pictures of them wearing them!

And yes we should definitely plan a central/south american trip in 10/15 years (kid-free of course!)

Kelly said...

I love the twin stories! They seem to have so much fun together.