Saturday, June 29, 2019

Summer, I love you!

We didn't start slow with summer but jumped right in!  Technically when I'm writing this summer is sadly over.  And it was a crazy, busy, stressful one! I'm glad we carved out time to do lots of fun activities.  One of the first ones was renting a boat again at Smith Mountain Lake.  I think we'll be doing this every summer for a long time.  We love it!  This time we went with just our family, which was really fun.  We like hanging out with our kids!

We camped at the state park.  There is a marina there, so super convenient to camp, then pick up the boat.

Recently we started buying blueberry muffin mix and making them into pancakes.

Enjoy the boat pictures!

I haven't been water skiing in years.  I think since I was a senior in high school?  Clark said something like, "Mom it's okay if you don't get up".

Guess who got up on their FIRST try.  ME!  Yep, me!

I think this is Cal.  I think he got up on his first try, but I can't remember.  I do remember that he didn't enjoy it.

Lee got up as well....I think this is him?

Clark also was able to get up.  He and Lee kept trying and did it!

It was a gorgeous day at the lake!

We stopped at Chick-Fil-A on the way home which is always yummy! The next day was Father's Day. I got the women together to bring pie for Father's Day.  Not many guys came after church to the RS room to pick some up, so the kids got to eat some as well.  I love this picture of Elden!  What we should all look like after a great day at church!

We headed up to PA after church.  We were going to make dinner for my dad, but plans morphed and we ended up at Darrell's house. The balloon my dad bought my mom for Mother's Day was still afloat! 

Happy Father's Day Dad, Lee and Darrell!

For a family FHE activity we cleaned out the debris under our friend's driveway bridge.  I wish I would have taken a beforehand picture.  It was packed full of twigs, branches, a few dead animals, etc.  Very gross! But here is the after!

They enjoyed finding the different creatures!

I think later that night they found a toad.  Or a frog.

Lee's Father's Day present came!  A bike stand....he now finally has one!

Towards the end of June Shanna and Haley went to their first young women's camp!  I drove them down with a few other girls.  They were so excited.  They signed in upon arrival and received a schedule and a tshirt.

The youth leaders used these rocks for a cute welcome to the cabin.

The awesome camp cabins!  Just what you would think you would have. Well, I thought so anyway!  Old, a bit creaky and perfect!

They had an awesome time at camp!  They made new friends and loved all the activities and such.  They are ready for next year.

During young women's camp we headed up to Maryland one day to hang out.  Very fun!

We saw a couple of rainbows this summer!

Cal with his Ookki Nokki shirt and button!

Clark received his first hair cut at a salon.  I didn't mind cutting his hair but he did and by the end we were both unhappy.  This lady is $8 and SUPER fast.  Win win for both of us!

We served at the food bank one morning.

Lee always captures pretty photos on his rides.

Lee also changed out the front door knob and added a dead bolt.  YAY!  Looks so much better!

One of Lee's kid patients brought this to him.  SO sweet!

Time for new gloves!

Ahh summer.  Maybe someday we can slow down more.  But we'll take moments here and there.