Tuesday, April 29, 2014

March Madness & Wrap-Up

I didn't feel like we did a whole lot in March, but we did keep busy as always.  We had more snow!  One night we all went sledding, not sure which night it was but the kids had a good time.  Lee and I stood around getting cold.  I need to buy myself some snowpants and a good winter ski coat.
March 16 2014 (3)

One night Shanna was singing while doing dishes.  It was really cute.
March 18 2014 (2)

I also went on a field trip with the girls.  We went to the local children's museum and the field trip was about money.  I admit, I am looking forward to this fall when Elden is in school and I don't have to figure out a babysitter for him for field trips! Thanks Brittany for watching him!
March 19 2014 (2)

March 19 2014 (4)

March 19 2014 (5)

March 19 2014 (6)

For our monthly temple trip Shanna packed her suitcase.  Pretty funny.  We were only up in Maryland/D.C. area for a day, but she likes planning and preparing for things!   I love the necklaces...
March 22 2014 (2)

And yep, it snowed again!  And no, this isn't the same picture.  Well, of the scenery it is.  Notice something different in the two?
March 25 2014

For a date night one time we played Rummikub and had a treat.  We watched a show too.
March 27 2014 (3)

Lee bought a rocket a while back.  The boys were excited to launch it off one Saturday.  I took my friend to the temple that morning and we were back around 2pm. It was fun seeing the rocket go off.  Shanna and Haley were at a birthday party, so they missed it.  But the next weekend-which was General Conference--Lee launched it off again.  That night I attended the General Women's Broadcast.  It was so good! 
March 29 2014 (2)

March 29 2014 (3)

The night before the rocket launch we had a chili cook-off at our ward, and a young women sleepover culminating a month-long Book of Mormon read-a-thon. That was my main focus for March-reading the Book of Mormon in one month.  I have read it many times, but I don't think I've ever read the whole thing in one month.  I hope the young women enjoyed and learned from the challenge too. It's amazing how much history and knowledge is packed into that book!  I love the Book of Mormon and know it is a true book from God, that testifies of Christ--in addition to the Bible. If you would like a free copy you can get one here