Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Farewell 2019 + The Big FORTY!

The party continued up in Virginia.  We left the cabin and headed back home with some family.  Oh and I got a refund for the cleaning deposit at the cabin.  When I was sweeping the floor the first night there was a lot of animal hair on the floor.  I texted the owner letting him know that the cleaners weren't doing a good job.  Plus there were many scratches on bedroom doors from dogs, we are sure. It was nice getting the cleaning deposit back.

On Darrell's birthday, that evening we had Cal's court of honor.  He finished his Eagle Scout in July but we waited till the end of the year to have family with us.

I was surprised that Cal gave me the mentor pin.  I had no idea!  Clark gave his to Lee.

The Eagles Nest.

For refreshments we had Nesquick and Costco cookies.

We also celebrated Darrell's birthday that night.  I thought I had taken pictures of his little party, but I guess didn't.  I appreciate Len Aamodt's advice about the Eagle Court of Honor--keep it simple. Dennis Shaver was so helpful and I'm glad Dathan could come.  I was sad that no one else from the ward came but David Peterson and Dathan Young.  I was hoping some of my friends would come.  I guess they didn't realize that it's a family event or how amazing an accomplishment earning your Eagle is. Or forgot or didn't want to come.  But I wish more friends could have attended.

The big 40th birthday came for me!  Lee surprised me with these cute decorations.  I loved them!

I went on a run that day and we hung out at my house.  That afternoon we watched a Christmas movie and the dad's and boys went to a park.  For dinner we ate chili and had a little party for me. 

Some fun birthday goodies!  Lee also got me a laptop--my first personal one ever--and tickets to the Money & Marriage event and a live taping of the Rachel Cruze show. Crazy that I'm 40!  But so glad I get to have this time on earth.

New Year's Eve after lunch we went to a park then headed to the church to get ready for the New Year's Eve party. 

Haley bought this for Clark for Christmas.  It was fun that he got the plane built and started flying it.

I invited a lot of people to the church for a New Year's eve party.  Lee and I bought pizza for all of them.  I think I got 25 from Little Caesars.  Looking back, I wish we would have just had our family there.  But it was fun that others from the ward could come and hang out. We love playing "knock-out".  I even won once!

Nightly hangout with cousins!

After the church party we moved to our house and watch a movie and did the countdown for the New Year.  Wow.  2020 is here!  It's going to be a GREAT YEAR and NEW DECADE!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

What day is it? It's Christmas Day!

YAY!  Christmas Day is here!  I had fun putting out treats and goodies around the kitchen.  Deb brought many canisters of different flavored Stephen's hot cocoa which was so fun.

Traditional breakfast!  Egg nog and pumpkin pie! We got up about 7:00 or so?  Then had breakfast.

During our stay we had fun playing foosball and pool table. There was also a single arcade game and a theater room.

I didn't get many pictures of Christmas Day sadly.  Steph made stuffed blueberry french toast for brunch and Deb had nachos for dinner.  That afternoon Lee and I went running, others went on a hike.  Lee and I went swimming with our kids and enjoyed the hot tub as well.

Tired parents!

Hanging out with the family in the pool.  I loved that this house had an indoor pool--that is why we chose it. To backtrack, we met with our kids upstairs and talked about what we each did for Christmas.  We didn't give our kids any presents but gave them money to do some sort of service.  I think I wrote about them earlier, what they each did.  It wasn't as grandiose as I thought the experience of giving would be.  But it was neat because Clark told me how that he realized that he could have a great Christmas evening without receiving gifts from us. I loved that he told me that.  I didn't realize this till I was an adult!  Lee and I chose a couple of times to not give presents to each other because we didn't have the money.  Funny enough Lee and I have decided indefinitely to not give each other presents for Christmas.  I heard Rachel Cruze talk about how she and her husband decided to do that.  I thought it was a great idea. I feel blessed that we can buy what we need and want throughout the year.  We still do birthday presents.

People worked on a puzzle throughout our stay.  It was funny because Deb and Maggie worked on the last few pieces.  When they were done they were missing one.  Lee walked buy and stuck in in the puzzle.  He had been hanging on to it the whole time, waiting for them to put the puzzle together. We also watched A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart.

   Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!  It's always sad when the day comes to a close.  And we can't wait for it to come around again! I am sure that makes it more special.