Thursday, June 19, 2008


There are a couple of items I want to post on my blog. First, our names were read in church on Sunday and we were welcomed as new members in the ward. That hasn't happened for awhile! We were at our last ward and before that a branch for about 4 months each so maybe they figured they didn't have to? Anyway, it was nice. The Bishop made a comment about callings, so I wonder what will happen in that area. Sam's name was also read in on Sunday. I thought it was cute hearing: Shanna Mae and Haley Rae.

And I just have to say that my Tae Bo is paying off! Or I have bad luck with killing flies. The night before we left on our recent DC trip I was in the bathroom upstairs and there was a fly on the towel bar/rack thing. (What are they called anyway?) I do not like flies. They are tolerable outside (not really), and some occasionally wander into the house with people going in and out. But to have a fly in a bedroom, let alone upstairs and in the upstairs bathroom?! How did the little bugger find its way up there anyway?!

So, there is a fly on the towel rack, and I grab one of Lee's shirt out of the dirty clothes. I whack the fly as hard as I can and the bar busts off the wall. Oops! I didn't think I was that strong! (Well, you could say that the bar wasn't on the wall that well, but let's not think of that option.) The worse part: I didn't kill the fly--not with the shirt whacking. I did kill it about 1 minute later.

When I lived in Wisconsin there was a fly on a bedroom window. I used my trusty hand and whacked the fly. I think I killed it, but I also broke the window.

Sorry, can't think of any more fly stories. And hopefully there aren't any.
Thanks Lee for fixing the towel rack!!!

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