Thursday, June 26, 2008

This morning/early afternoon we went to the park. It was gorgeous out! I didn't enjoy the mosquito's--I am used to them coming out mainly at night. But the weather was nice and cool, but perfect for t-shirts. On our way home it started sprinkling about 50 feet or so from Deb's driveway. We are going to the library later this afternoon and tonight, if it's not raining we're going to Parkersburg. That's where a tornado swept through about a month ago.

Britt, we're so glad you're home!

Haley and Shanna really like this baby stroller. I think I know what Santa will be getting them for Christmas this year!

A future mommy!

Clark enjoyed the park. There are three play areas at the park.

Cal, Makenzie, Clark, Thomas

Haley was asleep for most of the time at the park

Shanna swinging. It sure is hard to get a picture of her smiling at the camera!

Shanna baby...coming down the chimney tonight

Cutie Cal

The horses again

Yum! Shanna enjoying some natural vegetation

Busy baby

Makenzie and Clark. Last night Clark and I were having a little chat and Clark said that Deb's place was cool and he wanted to live here. He really likes their many toys and having Makenzie and Paul to play with. Plus, a backyard with swings, a slide, bikes and other toys. He's in heaven! Thanks for the fish crackers Sam!

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