Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Darrell & Lois Bartholomew Family Reunion: Day 1

The first day of the reunion was "Raleigh Day". After lunch at Daniel's, we went to the Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh. It is a great museum, and it's also free!

Running from the bees

Gathering in the tree

We enjoyed the butterfly room

Lois and Reed by the big beetle

Me and Cal by the beetle--I thought it was funny that Lois and I had a similar picture

Another shot from the butterfly room

There is a great discovery room at the museum. Reed and the girls enjoyed crawling around and taking a break from the stroller.

I hope they'll continue to be great friends...

A butterfly momentarily landing on Ila's hand

Thomas & Cal checking out a display of...I can't remember

One of the butterflies

Lois and Reed in the Discovery Room

Shanna really like the toy birds

Haley enjoys being out of the stroller!

They had costumes in the Discovery Room that kids can use and Clark picked out this bug outfit--he actually wanted to hide and not show me, but he consented to a picture

A family photo at Pullen Park minus Lee (and Sheldon and Steph and everyone else!!!) and I can't see Clark. We went to the park after the museum.

At Pullen Park they have kid rides. One of them was a carousel, the other a boat ride. There was also a train ride. Unfortunately, the train ride was broken.

The boat ride. The kids loved ringing the bells.

I thought this picture was funny--Reed in the foreground, Shanna in the background.

Haley loved the swing ride!

The girls waiting for the carousel ride to be over.

A view of the entrance to Pullen Park with Lee posing as a model

The boat ride again

Shanna didn't like the swings

Cal didn't want to sit on an animal on the carousel ride

We did get him on and even got a great picture of our cutie Cal!

After the museum and the park we headed back to Daniel and Amy's for pizza and a pie eating contest.

The infamous pie-eating contest!

I think I may have done a little too good of job teaching Clark to be clean and neat...

Will Cal be the messy one?

The winner of the older-age-group contest. Deb and I came in close second.

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