Sunday, June 29, 2008

Children are an heritage of the Lord
Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them

Psalm 127: 3 & 5

I have a few cute stories and updates about my children and thought I would share them. They are a joy to have!

A little over a week ago I asked Clark to guess who was coming over for dinner on Sunday. I was acting very excited and was hoping he would be able to guess right away. Clark happily guessed: "The missionaries?!" I thought that was awesome!

We started our month-long road trip about a week ago. On one of our stretches we passed some corn fields. Clark was amazed as we drove by and said: "That is a big garden!"

The other day Clark called Deb "Uncle Lois".

He is doing pretty well on saying Spanish words. It has helped that he hears Lee speaking to him and Clark in Spanish. A couple of times he has told me that something is "bonita" (aka cute). And just this afternoon he asked Thomas if he wanted to go downstairs with him and it was cute hearing Cal say: "Vamos!" (let's go).

A few days ago Sam was throwing Shanna up into the air while she was eating a graham cracker. Sam said while Shanna was airborne she took a bite of her graham cracker. That is very amazing!

She is in the mimicking stage. She will fold her arms (or partially) when we ask her, and it's so cute to see her wave her hand. She also likes to comb her hair--the little that she has. She also has four teeth coming in at once. Today Paul saw the girls snatching graham crackers from each other and taking turns eating them.

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