Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday June 27

Sturgis Falls Festival

This weekend is Sturgis Falls. It's the name of the town celebration for Cedar Falls. Cedar Falls was once named Sturgis Falls. We started off the festivities by visiting The Victorian House museum. We then crossed the street and went to the booths. There was supposed to be a kids booth with crafts and lego building. There was no kid area. We did see the legos right outside of the tent. No one was around, so we pulled the legos into the tent and the kids started playing. Some other kids came too. While they were playing with legos I walked around the booths to see if anything was free. I saw lots of yummy food, but the only free stuff was some water and Gatorade at the hospital's tent. But walking around paid off. Free entertainment was happening at the band shell and the announcers/emcees mentioned free tickets to the carnival rides. I went up a little while later and asked about the tickets. Guess what?! I got 10 of them! Each ticket was good for one free ride. It was perfect because there are 5 kids that are the age to go on those rides, so we figured 2 rides each.

Clark got lucky and got to go on four. One ride the guy let a lot of us on for free, and Cal didn't want to go on any of the other ones. Matt had an extra ticket that Thomas didn't use, so Lee got to go on a pretty fun ride. Deb and Matt also got two funnel cakes. That is the first time I have ever seen one! They are yummy! I also got to play a game and the guy said if I won he would give me a prize. Too bad though, I lost. Another lucky thing was Deb suggested that we go before dinner because we had a really late lunch. It was a great idea because it started raining when we were loading up to go home.

The fun rides

Cal was going to go on this ride. Thomas didn't like it and started crying. Then Cal started crying. They didn't even make it the whole way around. The guy turned it off and gave us our tickets back.

Clark and Lee on the Crazy Bus

We got to go on bumper cars for free. Lee and Cal went in and used one of the tickets. I think the guy let us on because bumper cars arent fun with just one car moving!

Haley waiting while the cars were bumping

After lunch we went downtown for a kiddie parade. There was even a costume contest. We walked a few blocks and at the end the kids got a cookie and a Capri Sun. They really enjoyed that. Cal borrowed Makenzie's stroller. Look what Cal is pushing!

Clark really liked this "reindeer"

Clark loved this ride!

The kiddie parade. We even had a cop escort!

Clark and Ruth

At The Victorian Museum they had a great model train display with two of the trains running. The kids loved it.

Lee enjoying a fun pin ball machine at the Bunkers


Clark, Ruth, Haley

I took some pictures upstairs at the museum in the kids' rooms. It would have been really hard to have twins over 100 years ago!

These are toys--the little dresser and mirror, and iron stove. Look at the chair to the left to gauge the size.

Here is a little toy bed.

Clark again

Train village



Guess who?!

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