Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sheldon's Graduation
Day 2 of the Reunion

We started the morning by going fishing. It actually was a fishing contest. No one caught any fish, but you could say that Makenzie won. I think she got the most bites on her line. At least we fed the fish. Not everyone came, and we weren't even there very long.

Cal, Deborah, Makenzie

If there is dirt or an ant hill, Cal and/or Clark will find it! This one is pretty obvious though.

Cal, Clark, Deborah

Lee's SnowCones in Clayton. We need to frequent their business. And I know you won't believe it, but the other street that the cop car is on is Robertson Avenue.

The afternoon before Sheldon's graduation we went to Clemmens Educational State Forest. I need to check another camera to see if there are pictures of this event. We went on a two mile walk through the forest and found the "talking trees". Despite the hot weather, it was very pleasant. With all the trees, it made for a nice walk.

Cal and Clark at a fork in the road

Shanna and Haley--another stroller picture. They might wonder when they're older why they have a plethora of stroller pictures.

They found an egg shell

On the tower Thomas, Makenzie, Clark and Cal

Steph and Shanna

Shanna and Sam

After our walk, we enjoyed yummy BBQ sandwiches, along with other food.

The next activity: Sheldon's graduation. Sheldon's high school is a mile and a half away. Once you're out of my parent's subdivision, you turn right and it's a straight shot to the school. We left about 5:15-5:20 to go to the graduation, which started at 6:00 pm. We didn't get to the school till about 5:50! I left right after I saw Sheldon walk, and I was glad I did. Daniel and Lois and Reed came home with me. Enjoy the pictures!

Sheldon's grand entrance during the processional

Sheldon awaiting for the ceremonies to begin

Sheldon receiving his diploma cover

The 2008 Graduate!

The last child of 10 to graduate--Sheldon with proud parents!

Sheldon requested an ice cream cake for his graduation. It was yummy. My mom got it from DQ...I used to work there in high school. I've made ice cream cakes before too!

That night we celebrated with fireworks, courtesy of Sheldon

Steph, Clark and Sheldon

For the past 2 1/2 weeks, Sheldon has had Lee on a vigorous running schedule. To test the benefits of Sheldon's training, Sheldon and Lee did a two mile race that same night. Lee won! Watch out Army!

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