Thursday, June 12, 2008

Germantown, Maryland &
Washington, District of Columbia Trip
Last week we visited Jeffrey and Lois Heit in Maryland. Jeff is doing an internship at the Government Accountability Office in DC for the summer. They are about 5 hours from Clayton, so we took the opportunity to visit them.
Our first full day there, Friday, we went to IKEA and the Lee and I took a trip to Walter Reed Medical Center. He was there for an active duty training two years ago. This is the hotel he stayed in for 6 weeks. While he was there the boys and I visited him twice.
We ate at this Taco Bell/KFC a few times while in DC in 2006
Walter Reed!
After visiting Walter Reed, we went to the commissary. There were a few things with great prices. Milk was $2.35 a gallon and a dozen, large eggs were $1.10.
The Washington, D.C. Temple, center, right above the overpass. The DC temple is my favorite temple I think. Nathan, you would love this temple. You can wander around a little.
That night we went to a park by Lois'.

Clark playing the bongos

The up & coming Heits!

After the park Sam, Lee and I did a session at the DC Temple. It was nice to go to the temple together. When we returned to the Heits', donuts were awaiting us. They were sooo yummy!

On Saturday we headed back into DC. We love the Metro for traveling around DC. Clark and Cal were very excited to go on the "train".

We first had lunch in the hot sun. Here we are feeding some pigeons, but the birds didn't want to be in the shot.
We then headed to National Archives.
The Declaration of Independence
They had it engraved on the elevator doors. It was cool!
The Constitution of the United States. It was awesome seeing the original document! It was amazing seeing George Washington's signature and also Benjamin Franklin's. The guard didn't seem to like people taking their time, so I couldn't figure out other signatures.
Right before leaving National Archives
Next stop: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
A statue from Easter Island...I want to go there someday

In front of the GAO--Government Accountability Office
This is the house that Lincoln Died in-the home of William Petersen
Lincoln was shot in the Ford Theater
Cute Reed at a DC Burger King
Hanging out at the Heits
On Sunday before church Sam and our family went to the DC Temple Visitors' Center. Clark was really excited to see the temple made out of Lego's. It is the Nauvoo Temple.

We had a great trip!!! Thanks Jeff, Lois and Reed!


J-Mom said...

Looks like fun!

britt said...

I just thought I'd let you know ruth, how HOT you look in your blue polo and kaki (sp?) shorts... WAY cute!!! I wish we were there to hang out with you... but we'll see you soon:) love U!