Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Darrell & Lois Bartholomew
Family Reunion Day 4

I need to finish up the great reunion that recently occurred! Sorry I have the days out of order. But for those of you familiar with my blog, that isn't anything new. Our last day was the most relaxing...well, except for Daniel and Amy. The morning started off by Deb, Lois and I going to a garage sale just down the street. We got some cute boys clothes that were in great shape! Each clothing article was $.50 each and socks were free. They even did sets for $.50!

Then we went to a family's home that is in the ward and the guys helped move a piano. Then we were off for Daniel and Amy's.

We had hotdogs/brats for lunch. Now, I am not a hotdog fan so anything that looks similar to a hotdog doesn't appeal to me. But, I went for it and tried the brat. It was good! We hung out at their house that day. A lot of us were burned from the beach, so staying inside all day was great. The big thing for the day was watching The Key to Time series of Dr. Who with Tom Baker and Mary Tamm.

For dinner Amy made yummy crock-pot lasagna. Daniel and Amy went to their adult session of Stake Conference. Elder Bednar was presiding. We watched a couple more things of Dr. Who and Sheldon lit some more fireworks. After everyone left, Lee and I stayed behind and watched their kids.

Thanks Daniel and Amy!

Rachel--Daniel and Amy's youngest

Clark, Anthon Bartholomew and Makenzie Bunker in Anthon's room

So, some of you may be wondering: "Who is Dr. Who?" Dr. Who is a BBC television series. When I was little we would watch it on PBS Saturday evenings. Now, some of my siblings may get mad at me, but I'm not a fan of the new Dr. Who shows. But the old ones? Those are great! While we were watching The Key to Time it was weird realizing how much Dr. Who I've seen!

You can check out the official site:
BBC's Dr. Who
Here is the Dr's Tardis--his time travel machine. By the way, it's HUGE inside and has a pool.

Here are the two main characters for The Key to Time
Mary as Romana

Tom Baker from as The Doctor

And, you can't forget K-9! Dr. Who's trusty dog

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