Sunday, March 1, 2009

27 Weeks!

Another week down , though not without excitement. I think most of you may know that my water broke early Monday morning. That was very scary, plus I had to get another saline lock in. At least the nurse got it in on the first try! The baby is up to an 80% survival rate now. Things are going well for the baby considering the low fluid that is surrounding him. My first goal here at the hospital is to make it to 28 weeks. Just one week left to reach that one! I just hope I am not writing you all tomorrow saying that I had an early morning c-section!!!

Yesterday Lee left about 4am to pick up Cal. On his way down it was snowing and the roads were slushy, so it slowed him down a little. He met Darrell and Cal in Tulsa. When Clark saw Cal he ran up and gave him a BIG hug. Then Cal saw Lee and ran to him saying "Daddy!" and gave Lee a hug. When they all got here I asked Clark if he missed Cal and he said: "Yes because I thought I wouldn't see him again." After picking up Cal, Lee headed up to the hospital. There was a major accident ahead of Lee that REALLY slowed him down. At least he wasn't involved in the accident!

It was great seeing everyone one last night. Cal seemed very happy to be with us. When he came in my room and started looking around he saw a photo frame with individual pictures of the kids and one of Lee and I. He saw Shanna and Haley and said: "There are my babies!" And this morning when he woke up, he saw me and said: "Good morning mommy!" He said the same to Lee too. Very cute.

Yesterday morning my nurse took my saline lock out. She wasn't sure what the doctors wanted, but it had been 5 days and needed to be changed. She was nice and took it out before I had a shower. Last night though, they decided to put it back in. My day nurse tried the back of each hand--with a little poking around each time--to no avail. My night nurse tried a little later and poked me successfully. I dislike the saline locks sooo very much! Plus once they are in me they are uncomfortable for a few days.

Lee and I watched Witness for the Prosecution last night. We highly recommend it. It was very good--not fast paced, but had a great story line! It was released in 1957.

Sunday went pretty well today. Lee had permission to give me the sacrament today, which he did and it was very nice. It was the first time that I've had it since being in the hospital. Lee and the boys just went to Sacrament meeting here in town.

Normally when we visit a different ward we stay for all of the meetings. But mainly for Cal's sake, they just went to Sacrament. Cal enjoys primary, but I know in our ward anyway, he always has a hard time at first saying bye to Lee. His teachers are great, a wife and husband, and they get Cal and comfort him. He is always all smiles when we pick him up afterwards. I don't know how he did with primary at Darrell and Stacie's, though it sounded like it went fine. Since Lee just barely picked up Cal, I am sure Cal does not want to be left alone again and I just couldn't bear the thought of him crying while Lee left him with strangers in an unfamiliar primary. But, incidentally, our regular ward only had Sacrament meeting today too because of the weather! So, I definitely didn't feel bad about it. Plus they got to spend more time with me at the hospital. So now you all know all of my excuses regarding Lee and the boys attending just one meeting today!

Well, our movie for cutting up our credit cards premiered tonight at the Erekson Home. I am going to send it off to Dave Ramsey before I post it on YouTube or Facebook, or wherever I post it. I hope that it is aired on the Fox Business Network during Dave's evening show! I'll let you know!

I am still not bored and am way behind actually in reading some great books. And I have been enjoying the magazines that friends and family have given me.

I have been listening to conference talks on Sundays. Lee and I try to listen to the previous conference before the new one begins. Today I listened to a talk by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin entitled "Come What May, and Love It". I enjoyed it very much. Here is a link: "Come What May, and Love It" or,5232,23-1-947-9,00.html. Along with all of you, I am sure, Lee and I have had some crazy things happen to us. Lee and I have never specifically sat down and said, when hard times come, we are going to be happy and try our best to work through the situation. I have noticed though, that amidst the "adventures of life", for the most part, our attitude during that trial/adventure has been that whatever happens, happens. And we should try and make the best of the situation and press forward. I guess we are "go with the flow" type of people. Anyway, this article meant a lot to me.

We really appreciate all of you who have been and are fasting, praying and thinking of us. It really means a lot to us. THANK YOU!

Okay, so now I'm done. On with the pictures! Have a great week! More updates coming this week...

Clark and Cal enjoying the hospital tape

Cal eating an apple slice

Clark has been drawing maps lately

Lee and I--glad to be together

I took some pictures from Mike & Lena's blog of the girls. They are from the month of February. Lena told me last night that BOTH of my girls LOVE green beans. So funny! Last night after people were done eating the girls hunted down the green beans left on the table.

Lena has been successful with fixing Shanna's hair. Now Shanna loves to get pigtails everyday I think! Lena says she has to keep an eye on Shanna because Shanna will stick the little plastic bands up her nose.

Shanna loves to dress up too...Haley--you can see her shoulder on the right of the photo, does not. Nor does Haley like to have her hair fixed much either!

Haley, Kirsten, Shanna

Miss Haley


Megan and Jeremy said...

I love that picture of you and Lee. You both look exactly the same as the first year at Ricks when you met!

Shanna looks so grown up with her pigtails :)

Lois said...

Awesome update!! Glad to hear that you aren't bored! You sure look cute in that picture of you and Lee!!!

Mari said...

I have been praying and fasting for you. I love your optimism and it has helped me through the tough month we have been having. Your family is such an inspiration to me.

Melissa S. said...

OOOOOH, pigtails are my absolute favorite on little girls!!!!! :) Shanna looks so big. I bet it breaks your heart to see some of the pictures!
I'm glad to hear the baby is still in though and glad to see the percentages go up!

Nicole said...

I'm glad to hear that things are going okay... we're keeping our fingers crossed that you will be able to make it at least one more week! I'm sure it was so great to see Cal again... sounds like he was happy to be back with his family. Love all the pictures, thanks for sharing.

Sarah and Todd said...

You are such a cute pregnant lady! Even on bedrest! I loved the debt reduction clip too. I was going to recommend a movie and a book if you ever need more tips (or haven't read or seen them already). The movie is "The Ultimate Gift". I THINK you can get it at Deseret Book if you haven't seen it yet. But it's one of my very favorites. And then the book is called, "Laddie". It was written in the 1800's and is considered a classic, but not many people have heard of it. It's a book about the dealings of a very admirable family from their 8 year old daughter's perspective. It teaches in so many beautiful or subtle ways how to be great parents and raise a family. It starts slow but most people that read it say by the end of the story that it is one of their very favorite books of all time. It should be at any library. And it sounds like you're able to go through books/movies more than most with the time on your hands. So keep the suggestions coming for me! I love a great book or good clean movie.

Shannon @ Lifelong Impressions said...

Can I just say how weird it is not to see the girls in matching outfits? :-) I'm sooooo glad to see you are still hanging in there!!!! Those boys look like they are having a fabulously inventive time. Soon enough you guys will all be able to be together again each day. Hears to keeping little mister in there cooking a while longer. Have they changed your delivery date with the PROM (premature rupture of membrane)? If you posted it, I missed it.