Monday, March 16, 2009

Here is a picture post. Enjoy it as there may be a famine till the weekend!

A little news, Elden's feedings of milk were increased one milliliter today! Tomorrow it may go up another milliliter. Right now his feedings are 2 milliliters of milk at a time. He is back under the light for his bilirubin.

March 15, 2009

March 14, 2009
I LOVE this picture. It was nice to get a picture of Elden without any tubes taped to his face. Though I am glad that he now has a feeding tube taped to his face. That is good!

March 13, 2009

March 10, 2009
I might have mentioned earlier that Clark had his first music program at school. He did a great job! He did very well at following cues and singing.

March 2, 2009
It snowed one weekend and the Monday following the boys enjoyed being outside. Clark finally got a snowman.


MissouriMormonMama said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Everytime I see your little guy my heart just melts! He is so sweet. And I love the pictures of Clark ( : Here's hoping you have a terrific week!

Lois said...

Thanks for the pictures. That's a big snowman. Our kids will be jealous.

Laura T said...

Such sweet pictures! Elden is so tiny! I love that you get to keep him so close to you as if he was still growing inside you. I think it is so important! He is a cutie! Laura:)


Thanks for updates. WOW! That little guy sure is flourishing. Heart-to-heart time with mommy and daddy and mom's milk is the best! I'm glad to hear his heart has healed. The pictures are great!

Ryan-n-Amanda said...

Precious. I love the picture without the tubes too. In my opinion, it is the hardest thing a parent can do seeing their child in the hospital with tubes. We did it with Brynne when she was 9 days old. You are still in our prayers.

Megan and Jeremy said...

He is so itty bitty! And so cute too. It must be so nice to be able to cuddle with him now.

Congrats to Clark for a great performance I'm sure :)

Britt said...

Ruth, congrats on #5! He's a sweet little guy and I'm glad you and Lee have seemingly survived the storm.It sounds like Elden is doing well and you are, too. I hope you continue to have a successful recovery and sleep filled nights. Rest up. You'll need it when he's big enough to really cry and really want a snack during the night. Loves!