Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another update:

They have been increasing Elden's feeds everyday. Yesterday he was up to 18 milliliters and then last night they upped him to 21 and now he is on 23 milliliters. He is off of his lipids and "baby gatorade" (aka TPN). He was receiving those two fluids through an IV. They are taking the IV out today, so that will be nice. The nurse is putting some sort of "booster" into my milk to fortify it more or something. He is on the bili-lite again.

When we go home I bet I'll have extra milk to bring home. I have quite a bit at the hospital that all the milk I pump at the House I just leave at the house. They have a freezer in the basement and a deep freezer on the 2nd floor. And if I have some milk in the freezer I can give Lee several opportunities to bond with his 5 children!

I have been feeling well. This has been my easiest recovery out of all of my pregnancies. One reason I think it's been easier is because I haven't had to take care of any kids, just myself. By the time I get home I'll be ready to take care of five kids.


MissouriMormonMama said...

I am so glad you are recovering well! It probably does make a difference just caring for yourself. I am glad Elden is eating more! That is super. And I had been wondering about the pumped milk, thinking, boy, she'll probably have a 6 month supply! ( : Have a great day!

Three Little Men and a Little Lady said...

Yaaa! So glad things are going so well!!

Mike said...

Elden is doing so great. I'm glad we're helping your recovery be so good.