Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last week all of my kids, (except Elden) were at Lena's. Lena, as always, went all out and had great activities for all the kids everyday. They seemed to all have a great time. Cal was excited to see his "babies"--Shanna and Haley.

Lee and I had a nice weekend together. I am sad that he can't stay with me, but I know the boys will be happy to have him around.

Elden is doing about the same, which is good. They did increase his feedings up to 6 milliliters of my milk. He is still under the bili-lite. This morning he received another head ultrasound so hopefully I will find out the results tomorrow about his brain bleed.

I just met my "neighbor" from antepartum. She had twins and one had basically stopped growing, so she had a c-section at 27 weeks. She delivered her boy/girl twins the same day as Elden's delivery, just a few hours earlier. Last night I met a lady that is here with her baby from Saint Robert.

Enjoy the pictures!

Clark and a leprechaun trap

The morning of Saint Patrick's Day they found that the leprechauns didn't get trapped, but instead turned their milk green and left other goodies!

Here is a group picture of the cousins together. I wonder if Lena's house feels "empty" now?

For FHE March 9 the lesson was on gardening and why we should plant gardens. For the treat Lena made pudding topped with crushed oreos and worms. The worms look so real! She used fondant to make the worms.

Even though Shanna's face is messy, and she has end-of-the-day hair, I thought this was such a CUTE picture of her! It's a very Dr. Suess-ish picture.

One day Kirsten opened up a tattoo parlor, as Lena put it, and colored on my girls. It made me laugh when I saw these pictures.

I think these two pictures of Haley are darling! Shanna really likes to dress up, but Haley doesn't. One day though Haley wanted a bandanna on her head. SOO CUTE! And that is typical of my girls, Haley dressing up like a farm girl and Shanna dressing up like a princess!


MissouriMormonMama said...

Cute pictures! What fun projects- I'm so impressed, just looking at all of those fun things makes me tired ( ; I'm glad Elden is holding his own!

Photo Crazy! said...

It looks like things are going pretty well concidering. I love reading the up-dates. Thanks

Christina said...

Such sweet pictures! And whomever they are staying with, wow, she has some cute ideas! I hope all is better with the brain bleeds. Anything having to do with the head made me so nervous! Of course, the whole body is important, but you know what I mean! You will be a trained NICU nurse by the time you get to take your sweet Elden home! Have a great day!

Megan and Jeremy said...

I loved all the pictures Ruth! Your girls are so beautiful!!! I loved the close ups of them and I can't believe how cute their hair looks in pig tails. I bet you can't wait to hold them and squeeze them again :)

ps your sister Lena sounds AMAZING!