Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Elden had a really good day yesterday. He was off of the bili-lite and they had increased his feedings to 9 milliliters. He received another head ultrasound recently and his brain bleed looked the same. He will receive another ultrasound in two weeks. He also had a messy diaper yesterday all on his own which was great! (Without any laxative! He's been having troubles in that area lately.)

Today he is doing great too. His feedings are up to 12 milliliters now and he is still off the bili-lite. He gained some weight yesterday--he weighed in at 2 pounds 7 ounces. And today he weighs 2 pounds 9 ounces! Plus he had two more messy diapers all on his own! I am thankful that he is progressing! He did get kicked out of his "private" room. Oh well.

Sally, one of the nurses there, signed up to be one of Elden's primary nurses. The other primary nurse works nights, so I haven't met her yet. I really like Sally though so I was really happy when she told me that she was also signing up to care for him.

My sister sent me this link for free stuff for your birthday. Check it out!

Also, I must give more details on Clark and Cal's trip. Yes, my sister Lena is amazing! Well, all of my sisters and sisters-in-law are. So I am assuming all of you saw the picture with Clark and the leprechaun trap. I also wrote about the surprises they found on the morning of Saint Patrick's Day. Well, also that week, they went to some parks, one of them was a gun boat park. They went to someone's house who keeps bees and got to see and learn about that. They camped outside three nights in a row. A friend of Mike's came to their house one night with a really nice telescope and they saw some constellations and Saturn. The kids also had a swamp party--which I am not sure what that is. Plus the kids went fishing twice and of course it was great because Grandpa was with them! Lena had a fun-filled week for all of the kids. She and my mom also did some fun shopping together. The boys seemed to have a great time and I am sure that Shanna and Haley enjoyed seeing their brothers and grandma and grandpa.

I am going to hold Elden now! Enjoy your Wednesday evening!


Mari said...

Lena is amazing. I feel so lucky to live next to her. She has so many fun things for her kids to do and sometimes we get to tag along! Also, their is a family in our ward that has a party every year and they live in Campbell's swamp, so people just refer to it as the swamp. They have great food and an awesome yard for kids to enjoy!

CaraLee said...

I'm so glad to be able to keep up with what is going on. Pete and I are praying for you and put Eldon's name in the temple when we went last week.
I'm so glad you have your faith to rely on! We love you and know the Lord will bless you at this difficult time.

T said...

Oh Ruth I had no idea all of this was going on. I heard you were pregnant but then had all of our family's stuff going on that I missed everything. I know you were in the hospital for quite a while and obviously your son was born way early. I wish you guys the best.