Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I had the "big" ultrasound today! Let me tell you, it is so weird going to my ultrasound in a wheel chair. Maybe it's because I feel just fine.

The baby is measuring right on track. His weight estimate is two pounds, seven ounces. And based on his measurements his due date showed up as May 27th, so a few days ahead of schedule. My due date is still May 31 though. (I don't know how to explain the whole due date thing very well, so I won't try.) And I think I've mentioned this before, but my doctor won't let me go over 34 weeks, so the "technical" due date I guess is April 19th. Though, that is a Sunday and if I have a scheduled c-section, they aren't going to do it on a Sunday. So before or the day after that date is what I am expecting.

Last week my water broke on Monday and when I had my ultrasound last Wednesday there was only 2 centimeters of fluid around the baby. Today there was a little over 4 centimeters of fluid around the baby! That was really good news. Before my baby broke he had 14 centimeters of fluid around him, so it's gone down a lot, but I am glad it has increased since last week. (10-20 centimeters of fluid around a baby is the normal range.) The baby boy also passed all of the little tests of movement and practice breathing.

And no change with the previa--which I was not surprised about. The ultrasoundographer didn't give me any pictures, because with such low fluid the pictures wouldn't turn out "cute" anyway.

So, if you want to keep reading I have a couple of funny stories compliments of Lee.

I. Right before Lee goes to bed he calls me. A couple of times, at the end the conversation, he's asked: "Are you going to bed soon? [pause] Oh yeah, you're already in bed!"

II. We were watching some show one time when Lee was visiting me at the hospital and a commercial came on for vitamins for men. The beginning of the commercial started out with someone saying "Should men take the same multivitamin as women?"
Lee immediately responded, "Yes! Women live longer than men, so of course!"

III. Okay, this story probably isn't funny at all, but it kind of is. During Lee's workday he has had some tricky encounters with a particular person. Since Cal has been home, he's been daddy's little shadow. (Okay, well, I am assuming he has and I think I am right.) Lee and I talked about Lee having lunch with Cal, as Cal is at a friend's house all this week. We decided that might be a bad idea--pick up Cal for lunch, and then drop him off again. It seemed like it would cause some tears and protests from Cal.

The other day Lee was driving home for lunch and he saw Cal outside playing. Luckily, Cal's back was turned and didn't see Lee drive past. Lee even looked up the street when he got home and didn't see Cal coming down, so he made it past just fine.

Then today another encounter happened.

Lee dropped off a book at the library during lunch and while he was heading to the van he noticed a van that looked like our friend's who is taking care of Cal. Just second later he saw the back of Cal's head! Lee quickly jumped in the van so Cal couldn't see him.

Clark and Cal have been doing really well going to friends' houses while I've been away, and we just don't want to upset Cal during the day. Maybe you think Lee is crazy to not say hi to his boy, but I think it is a wise thing that he is doing. And a little amusing. Cal is a tender-hearted boy, and Lee doesn't want to make Cal's day worse by saying "Hi Cal. Okay, I'll see you later. I can't take you with me right now."

My bishop stopped by this afternoon to say hi and that was nice. He was doing a seminar here in town. My Relief Society president's husband had a heart attack on Monday and he is here in town too, just at the other hospital, so the bishop was going to stop there too. And my bishop talked to the bishop here, so hopefully I will get the Sacrament on Sunday!


Roger said...

That's cool that cal can be home now. I think its smart to not lead him on if Lee sees him during the day. That's cool about the baby getting some fluid back. Hopefully that will continue.

Shannon @ Lifelong Impressions said...

Lee sounds smart to me! And you guys are the best judge on what is best for your kids since you know them best.
Glad to hear #5 has increased his levels! You are amazing.

Christina said...

Yah! I'm so happy things are going well for you! I love your posts!