Tuesday, April 2, 2013


This picture was taken a few weeks ago and I remembered I never posted it like I had intended.  One night the girls and I stopped at Kroger to buy a few things.  They have mini shopping carts there, which my kids love pushing around--even Clark! Amazingly I had my camera on hand to snap a picture.  Normally I don't go to the grocery store with my camera.  It's fun doing things with my girls.  I must say, Shanna is quite the shopper.  Haley likes shopping with me, but Shanna seems to love it!  She'll talk about things she wants to buy, and other items she thinks so and so would like, and will want to look at different sections in a store.  So cute.
Mar 8 2013 Shanna Haley Kroger

Tomorrow is the house appraisal...finally...and I need to call and talk to the loan lady about a closing date.  Sadly the closing date in the contract of March 30th has obviously come and gone.  It needs to be soon.  I am getting anxious about moving.  We have to be out of the rental in about two weeks.....

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