Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter Weekend

Friday before Easter Elden and I went to Haley's school to help with their egg hunt.  It was fun participating in her activity. Each child had to find seven eggs, each numbered individually, in numerical order.  Great idea!
March 29 2013 Elden

March 29 2013 Haley (2)

March 29 2013 Haley (3)

March 29 2013 Haley

Not a picture that I like of myself...oh well.  The night before Lee and I cut my hair.  Yep, just us!
March 29 2013 Haley Ruth Elden

Later that day we went to our friends' house to dye eggs.  Thanks for inviting us Chasity!  There were LOTS of eggs to dye and some of my kids did up to 12!  We enjoy doing things with them.
March 29 2013 Dying Easter Eggs, at the Clarks

March 29 2013 Dying Easter Eggs, at the Clarks (2)

March 29 2013 Dying Easter Eggs, at the Clarks (3)

March 29 2013 Dying Easter Eggs, at the Clarks (4)

March 29 2013 Dying Easter Eggs, at the Clarks (5)

Friday night we headed up to Lois'.  Darrell and family were there too.  Saturday we swapped going to the temple.  Lois and Jeff had a party for Reed too.  It was so fun being with some of my siblings, and celebrating Reed's birthday with those present.  Our friend Mary and her family were there too, which was so fun.
March 30 2013 Haley

March 30 2013 Haley Shanna

March 30 2013 Jessie Elden Reed Eric

March 30 2013 Lee Ruth

Lisa--the one holding her thumb up--is wearing a dress we gave her that I made for the girls.  It makes me happy that she likes wearing it!
March 30 2013 Lisa Shanna Jessie Katie

I just had to Chris.....
March 30 2013 Lisa Shanna Jessie Katie Chris Killion

The birthday boy! At a party store here in town there were TONS of original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party favors....discounted deeply too.  Reed had a ninja turtle party for his birthday and Lois was able to use some of those great retro finds.
March 30 2013 Haley Reed

March 30 2013 Reed

There were a few ninja poses that weekend!
March 30 2013 Reed (2)

March 30 2013 Ruth Clark

After the party I did a surprise Easter egg hunt.  I love Easter egg hunts.  We don't do the Easter Bunny and Easter baskets, but we do go to egg hunts.  Growing up, after Easter, my mom would buy discounted jelly beans, wrapping each one in aluminum foil.  We thought it was the greatest thing ever!  Obviously the beans were small and were able to be hidden in tricky places. Sometimes we would find wrapped jelly beans up to a year later! I really need to do this with my kids some year.  I remember putting the jelly beans in my jewelry box and thinking it was so great I had a handful of candy all to myself.  Though I totally should have done aluminum wrapped beans, instead I filled plastic eggs with jelly beans for the hunt, and we scattered some wrapped candy on the ground too. I thought I had a ton of plastic eggs, but ended up buying a few dozen more.  Come to find out, I completely missed a big bag of plastic eggs (in plain sight of course....it's not just you Lee!).  Now I have even more for next year, right?!
March 30 2013

March 30 2013 Shanna Cal

March 30 2013 Haley (2)

March 30 2013 Elden

Sadly Darrell's family took off that evening.  We stayed through Sunday night.  After a great Sunday at church (no pipes broke this time) there was a yummy lunch.  Mary and co came again...how lucky are we?  Two visits in one weekend!  They brought some YUMMY black cherry wishniak by Canada Dry. We enjoyed a great visit following a great dinner (and some delicious desserts, thank you Lois and Mary).

Yep, Elden caught on.
March 31 2013 Easter Blake Elden Cal

March 31 2013 Easter Elden Cal

March 31 2013 Easter Elden Cal Lee Shanna Blake

March 31 2013 Easter Clark Haley Reed

March 31 2013 Easter Ruth Lois Jeff Mary & Chris Killion

After church some photos were taken....I made these skirts for the girls that Friday.  I am planning on making them one skirt each with some cute floral fabric Lena gave me.  Those will have an overlay, so will take a little more time.  These skirts were pretty easy to do.  I cut out the fabric a few days before hand and was able to sew them in an afternoon. I added the white ribbon at the last minute to give the skirt a more finished look. 
March 31 2013 Easter Haley Shanna

March 31 2013 Easter Haley Shanna (2)

March 31 2013 Easter Haley Shanna (3)

Annual Easter Heit Photo Shoot
March 31 2013 Easter Heits

March 31 2013 Easter Heits (2)

It was a nice weekend, made even better by being with family and friends! I feel blessed to have the gospel and the knowledge that Christ has risen!  Because of Him we can be with our families forever, and all will receive the gift of resurrection.  


Unknown said...

Looks like it was a fun Easter! Cute skirts too! And I'm impressed with the haircut. It looks really cute! I would never let Eric at my hair with scissors haha.

Melissa S. said...

That one pic of Clark up at the top makes him look so so so old!!!!! Like ready to pass the sacrament!!!! crazy!
I can't imagine wrapping a ton of jelly beans in aluminum foil.......let alone clean UP the little wrappings of aluminum foil! ;) But my parents did something similar. In 3 main areas of the house (dining room, living room and music room) they would always hide 2-3 bags worth of jelly beans. We're talking SNEAKY places in china, light switches and any little holes. It was so fun. We would also find some randomly throughout the year too. I finally did that for my kids this year. They LOVED it. However, it would be nice to have a bigger area to hide them in!!! ;)

BWei said...

So impressed with the white dress and the cute skirts! And your hair looks great, too. I love the egg counting idea--makes hunting much more interesting and not just such a free-for-all. Can't wait to see your house paint pics, too--fun that we are doing this at the same time.

Mary Killion said...

haha I can't stop laughing at that picture Chris snuck into! What a fun weekend that was. I'm happy we all had such a great time :)