Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break

Spring break this year followed Easter.  We got home Sunday night from Lois' and Monday morning at 10:27ish I was on the road with the kids headed to Raleigh.  My kids were very helpful that morning, which was awesome.  My kids have had lots of days off here at home the past little while, and I didn't want to be at home all week for spring break.  Thankfully my brother Daniel is just four hours from me (and that included a 5 minute pullover on the side of the road for a quick bathroom break).   We arrived at 2:30 and unloaded the van.  Everyday we were there we went around a mile and a half loop in their neighborhood, which we did Monday too.  I love that there are so many sidewalks.  I managed to get Clark, Cal, and Shanna's bikes in the back of the van along with three scooters. 

Monday night after pizza, we joined them for Family Home Evening.
April 1 2013 Haley Anthon Rachel Lizzy Clark Amy Cal Elden Shanna

April 1 2013 Shanna

Tuesday morning I went with Daniel and Amy to a nearby gym and went running.  We hung out that day, went on another loop with the bikes and scooters, enjoyed Ila's amazing chocolate chip cookies, painted toe nails, visited and explored a little in the woods. Later that afternoon we went shopping.  I had Lizzy and Anthon with me, along with my kids.  We stopped at Ross and bought Cal a new bike helmet.  We then wandered World Market for a little bit, then headed over to McDonald's for a treat.  I bought 4 hot fudge sundaes and split them between all of us, plus some french fries.  I love french fries!  I was disappointed because there was a TV in the playroom at McDonald's.  We rarely go to McDonald's anyway, and I surely didn't bring my kids there to watch something.  Oh well. 

Wednesday Lizzy and I went around the loop twice in the morning.  I was going to go a third time, but Shanna was not feeling good and was crying when I got back (and was crying when I left).  Later almost all of us went to a park, did the loop again with the kids, explored more in the woods and I took a nap.  All three days my kids enjoyed lots of time with the Wii and other game systems.  We don't own any and right now aren't planning on buying any in the future.  They had ample playtime on the gaming systems, which was a treat for them.  I tried to get them outside a little bit, and they complied.
April 3 2013 Cal

April 3 2013 Elden Cal

April 3 2013 Haley & Shanna

April 3 2013 Lizzy Clark at park

I thought this was so sweet.  I was in my van reading because Elden had fallen asleep in his car seat on our way back from the park.  Across the yard Rachel and Anthon where hanging out under a tree, just chatting and enjoying the day.  I zoomed in for a few shots. 
April 3 2013 Rachel & Anthon

Part of the loop!  This might have to become a tradition every time we visit!
April 3 2013 Raleigh Bike Ride

It was great being with Daniel and Amy and family.  I love visiting them. We're hoping to go down when their pool is open!  Thanks for hosting us!

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