Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our House

We did it!  We bought our very first house!

I am finally posting pictures of our house. If you read my blog you know this has been in the works for some time now--buying a house and all.  I didn't want to post pictures in case something fell through. I wasn't even sure if we would be able to get a loan at first because Lee has been self-employed for fewer than two years. Everything did go through and now we are in more debt than ever, ha ha. Here's hoping becoming a true home "owner" comes sooner than later. I am happy with the house though and am excited to fix it up. As most of you know, funny enough this house is right across the street from our old rental!  Moving was pretty easy!
101 Jackson Ave

101 Jackson Ave (4)

Nice shot, huh.
101 Jackson Ave (2)

This is house is a mirror image of the rental we were in.  Except for two rooms.  This is one of them.  It is a great family room!
101 Jackson Ave (5)

101 Jackson Ave (7)

101 Jackson Ave (8)

101 Jackson Ave (38)

Some staging...not our stuff.

101 Jackson Ave (9)

The beast of the oven will be leaving us soon.  The propane guy came and did a gas leak check and found a leak. He wasn't quite sure where it was though.  He capped off the propane line to the stove, and the leak stopped showing up.  So now we can't use it at all, which I am sure is a good thing. Hopefully the new stove will be up and running in about a week....or so.....
101 Jackson Ave (13)

101 Jackson Ave (15)

We have some plans for you, lovely kitchen.  And the green curtains are in the garbage pile.
101 Jackson Ave (14)

Here is the other bonus room: a sun room.  In our rental the washer and dryer were on the other end of our kitchen.  In this house they're in the sun room!  Right now it's serving as a storage type room.  We put our chest freezer in's nice not having it in our bedroom anymore!
101 Jackson Ave (12)

101 Jackson Ave (16)

101 Jackson Ave (17)

101 Jackson Ave (18)

101 Jackson Ave (19)

101 Jackson Ave (20)

101 Jackson Ave (22)

101 Jackson Ave (23)

Now on to upstairs....
The half bath is at the top of the stairs.
101 Jackson Ave (24)

101 Jackson Ave (26)

101 Jackson Ave (29)

101 Jackson Ave (35)

101 Jackson Ave (30)

101 Jackson Ave (30)

It was so gross cleaning the toilets for the first time. Mainly because my cleaning gloves had small holes in them and dirty water was leaking in. I bought new gloves soon thereafter! I did a heavy duty second cleaning on the downstairs toilet.  Yuck.
101 Jackson Ave (32)

And one more of the front of the house.  I think it's cute.  The yard is actually REALLY small and doesn't have a single tree! (Which is sad...I like trees.) One of our friends is actually giving us a tree as a house warming gift!  It's not my dream home or in the ideal location, but it will be a good house for us right now.  I love this quote from the recent general conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Elder Stanley Ellis said: Brothers and sisters, do we really think the critical factor in the salvation of our children is the neighborhood where we live? The apostles and prophets have often taught that what happens inside the home is far more important than what our children encounter outside. How we raise our children is more important than where we raise them. Love that quote! Check out the other great talks here:
101 Jackson Ave

Now for the renovations!  We have lots of work ahead of us. 


Andrew Bosley said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I think it's such a cute house! Enjoy making it your own!!!

Jenn Randall said...

RUTH!!! I don't have time to check blogs, or even write in my own, so this is news to me, but how EXCITING!!! All the pictures look so great...what a nice, open floor plan, and great space for your kids! I am thrilled you get to call it your own, and will be jealous when you get it paid off quick! We only have 2 years for our student loans, but who knows when we'll own a house. We DID pay cash for a 12 passenger van, which was very satisfying (well, it was nice to pay it up front, not nice to have to buy it!).
Anyway, CONGRATS and enjoy moving in and making it YOURS!!

Jenn Randall said...

(I just typed a long comment and the computer erased it!)
SO, CONGRATS!!! I haven't had time to follow any blogs so I had no idea! This is such great news...and so exciting to have it YOURS. I'll be excited to see how quickly you pay it off. We'll be done with loans in 2 years...then on to house. We paid cash for a 12 passenger van a few months ago...satisfying to pay up front, not great to HAVE to buy it.

Enjoy moving in and making it YOUR home! I'm so happy for've worked so hard for it!!

BWei said...

So so awesome! I love the stone and I can't wait to hear about your plans. Trees are nice, but I love how open and clean it looks.

Mary Killion said...

Congratulations Ruth and Lee! What an awesome day! You will have so much fun decorating, I'm sure. It looks so spacious and so bright in there--can't wait to visit ;)

shelly said...

Congratulations! So fun to have your own place for your cute family =)

Señora H-B said...

Congratulations! I love the new house. I'm so excited for you!

Melissa S. said...

I'm in love. I love your house. It has SO much potential but it's not even nasty gross now. So you can casually do it! That is so funny the chest freezer was in your bedroom. That is something we would pull (our whole food storage is in our's now). I love the new carpets and that fun "bar" area. The kids will like that. That oven is sooooo awesomely big and old. And scary. hahaha. I just LOVE the shape of the upstairs room. Kids LOVE those types of ceilings!!! CONGRATS. You'll have to send me an email of your financial details about that house. I would love to hear them!

Liz Starley said...

Your house looks great, congratulations! So happy for you!!!

Emilee said...

Congrats on the house. I love that quote from conference! It was very reassuring for me since we're moving (tomorrow!) to a state we've never even been to. The where may not be my first choice, but how I raise my kids is up to me. I'm definitely envious of the across the street move.